List of Colleges which are awarded with QAA certificate by UGC, Nepal

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The University Grants Commission (UGC) Nepal has launched the Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) program, as an important aspect of reform in higher education in Nepal.

According to UGC, Accreditation aims to provide quality assurance that the academic aims and objectives of the institution are known to be honestly pursued and effectively achieved by mobilizing the resources currently available, and that the institution has demonstrated capabilities to ensure effectiveness of the educational programme(s), over the validity period of accreditation.

So far UGC has awarded QAA Certificates to only to 21 Colleges which list is given here:

Rank (21)

1Siddhartha Gautam Buddha CampusSiddhartha Gautam Buddha Campus-
1Triyuga Janata Multiple CampusTriyuga Janata Multiple Campus-
1Prithvi Narayan CampusPrithvi Narayan Campus-
1Central Department of Botany Tribhuvan UniversityCentral Department of Botany Tribhuvan University-
1Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus IlamMahendra Ratna Multiple Campus Ilam-
1Siddhanath Multiple CampusSiddhanath Multiple Campus-
1Kathmandu University School of EngineeringKathmandu University School of Engineering-
1Kathmandu University School of ScienceKathmandu University School of Science-
1Sukuna Multiple CampusSukuna Multiple Campus1491
1Sindhuli Multiple CampusSindhuli Multiple Campus690
1Damak Multiple CampusDamak Multiple Campus1642
1Janapriya Multiple CampusJanapriya Multiple Campus2706
1Kailali Multiple CampusKailali Multiple Campus5381
1Makwanpur Multiple CampusMakwanpur Multiple Campus3048
1Shaheed Smriti  Multiple CampusShaheed Smriti Multiple Campus1158
1Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Multiple CampusAadikavi Bhanubhakta Multiple Campus1084
1Tikapur Multiple CampusTikapur Multiple Campus1916
1Lumbini Banijya CampusLumbini Banijya Campus3848
1College of  Biomedical Engineering and Applied SciencesCollege of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Sciences-
1Madhyabindu Multiple CampusMadhyabindu Multiple Campus-
1Balkumari CollegeBalkumari College-