Central Department of Biotechnology | Tribhuvan University

Kirtipur, Kathmandu


Central Department of Biotechnology is the youngest department of Tribhuvan University (TU).TU is the premier university in Nepal, which provides courses in diverse disciplines at various levels. Considering the need of the time the courses of biotechnology has been started at master’s level under the Institute of Science and Technology of TU. The M. Sc. Program is designed to provide advanced level training in biotechnology to students who have completed Bachelor level in biological as well as the biochemical sciences. The aim of this program is to produce high level manpower in the field of biotechnology needed in the country and at the international level.

The course is designed to produce high level knowledgeable and skilled manpower capable of carrying out independent advanced research in biotechnology as well as competent manpower to ably perform related jobs in industry and academics.

Salient Features

  • Green House
  • Lab


    • Plant Tissue Culture
    • Food Technology
    • Bioinformatics
    • Biochemistry, Immunology and Microbiology
    • Genetic Engineering and Cell Biology
    • Animal Cell/Tissue Culture
    • Sterilization Unit
    • Bio-Process
  • Library



1. Central Department of Biotechnology Scholarship

One full and two partial scholarships will be provided to academically outstanding students. A full scholarship will cover a semester fee only. A partial scholarship will be not more than 50% of a semester fee. Scholarship will be decided in each semester according to the academic performance of the student in the previous semester final examination. If the full scholarship is received by a male candidate, one partial scholarship will be reserved for a female candidate.

2. Drs. Rekha and Sreerama Scholarship

Award one partial scholarship of Rs.10,000 to a poor student every semester and this scholarship may be granted at the beginning of every semester. The selection criteria could be that (i) the student passes all subjects every semester and receives an overall first division, (ii) the student must have attended public schools at the level of SLC, +2 and B.Sc. Rural background of the students and students that may have studied in Nepali medium at SLC level could be additional factors. If additional criteria could be found to identify poor students would be much appreciated.

3. Dr. L. Sreerama Schoarship

Award one partial scholarship of Rs.10,000 to one of the top ten performing students each year. Such a student should not have received another scholarship that year.

4. Dr.G.K.Rekha Scholarship

Award one partial scholarship of Rs.10,000 to one of the top ten performing female students each year. Such a female student should not have received another scholarship that year.

Gold Medal

Prof. Dr. Sreerama and Prof. Dr. G.K Rekha have established a fund to award Gold Medal (Drs. Rekha and Lakshmaiah Sreerama Gold Medal) to the student securing top position each year. The medal will be awarded to the topper during convocation ceremony organized by Tribhuvan University.