Service Pricing

Quotes for different promotion services

Running 1-3 programs
Rs. 45,000
Running 4-7 programs
Rs. 50,000
Running 8-15 programs
Rs. 55,000

Public Institution Discount
Rs. 10,000

Premium Admissions

Term: Monthly

Unlimited Programs
Rs. 60,000

Banner Display

Term: Monthly

All amounts in above cells are in thousands of Nepali Rupees.
Additional discounts are available on bundle services. Bundle services are subscriptions of multiple services for multiple months.
  • On an annual contract of bundle services, 10% discount on quarterly installment paid in advance.
  • On a quarterly contract of bundle services, 5% discount on payment in advance.
  • All prices are in Nepali Rupees and are exclusive of VAT.
For more information, please feel free to contact one of our team members from Client Success Unit.
Dibas Khatiwada
9801887000 / 9801887004