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The Pulchowk Campus is the constituent campus of the TU Institute of Engineering, located in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. It is QAA Accreditated by University Grant Commission (UGC) Nepal on 6 March 2020, and the accreditation will be valid until 5 March 2025

OFFERED PROGRAMS - Tribhuvan University

Fee: NPR 490,000
Fee: Starting NPR 318,880
Fee: Starting NPR 605,600
Fee: Starting NPR 605,600

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The programs offered in IOE Pulchowk campus and their seats (full paying and Scholarships) are as follows. 10% seats are reserved for female applicants.

SN Program & Seats Scholarships seats (Female) Full Paying seats (Female)
1 Bachelor in Civil Engineering-192 108 (11) 84 (8)
2 Bachelor in Architecture-48 24 (2) 24 (2)
3 Bachelor in Electrical Engineering-48 24 (3) 24 (3)
4 Bachelor in Electronics & communication Engineering-48 24 (3) 24 (3)
5 Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering-48 24 (2) 24 (2)
6 Bachelor in Computer Engineering-96 36 60
  • Tribhuvan University
  • QAA Certified by UGC
  • Established 2029 BS
  • constituent Institution
  • 01-5524749
  • sysadmin@ioe.edu.np

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Institute of Engineering Pulchowk Campus is an constituent campus of Tribhuvan University. Under Institute of Engineering there are four constituent campuses and ten private colleges. Pulchowk Campus is the central campus of the Institute of Engineering. It is established in 1972 (2029 B.S) as one of the constituent campus of the Institute of Engineering and is situated at the heart of the Lalitpur city at Pulchowk.

Currently, Pulchowk Campus offers bachelors courses, master’s courses and Ph. D. programs in different areas of engineering.  It caters Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (48 Seats ), Architecture Engineering (48 Seats ),Computer Engineering  (96 Seats ), Civil (144 Seats), Electronics, Communication and Information (48 Seats ),  &  48 Seats in a Electrical Engineering.

This campus is well equipped with necessary laboratories with great strength of faculties and staffs, separate buildings for academic and administrative purposes has become the center of excellence of engineering education in Nepal.

Pulchowk Campus has unique and globally recognized image in the engineering field. Pulchowk campus is not only offering B.E. programs but also conducting M.Sc. in engineering on various disciplines as well as Ph.D. programs also. Every year IOE conducts an entrance examination for Bachelor of Engineering B.E. and M.Sc. programs. Eligible students from all over the world, aspiring to study engineering appear for this exam and only the students in merit basis get the chance to study in Pulchowk Campus.

Over the past few years the toughest competition in entrance exam is among the students to get enroll into Pulchowk Campus. Students studying in the Pulchowk Campus are considered to be very competitive. Engineers, who have studied there, are performing well in their respective areas as well as their performance in further study is also outstanding.

Message from the Dean

Shashidhar Ram Joshi

The Institute of Engineering(IOE), founded in 1930  (1987/11/19BS) as Nepal’s first technical school and reformed to present shape in 1972,  is producing outstanding engineering technicians and engineers for more than 80 years. The tradition of excellence in the IOE is further intensifying in the course of time. IOE is also becoming  more and more responsive to the ever-changing needs of the students and the  engineering profession.   The Institute is experiencing a period of significant growth. The voyage of IOE departing from producing middle- and high-level technicians is continuing to running Bachelor-, Master- and Ph.D. programs by now. The alumni are spreading across all continents engaged in the  engineering profession of wider disciplines. IOE is running its programs through its five constituent and ten affiliated campuses in the country.   The Institute of Engineering is enormously benefited by the wide range of perspectives and talents brought in by the students, faculty, and staff from a variety of backgrounds. IOE offers an impressive range of  Academic resources. Students in IOE mean more than simply preparing for a career.  IOE strives to produce brains that can contribute to the growth of Nepal in all senses. IOE involves students not only in the acquisition of a formal qualification valued in society but also in the excitement of investigation,  the pursuit of ideas, and the satisfaction that comes from applying knowledge.  Beyond purely academic pursuits, Institute offers a wide range of social,  cultural, and recreation activities with the hope that students take a little time from their studies to enjoy some of these befits as well.  IOE envisioned becoming the center of excellence, both as a think tank-premier national center of engineering education capable of addressing national engineering issues and as a regional hub-south Asian center for research, innovation, and dissemination of engineering knowledge.  This is possible only by setting a mission of quality engineering education in the frontier engineering areas relevant primarily to the nation thereby enhancing the national development process. It is true  that quality is achieved only with creating excellence in; work, work  environment, human resources, etc. Besides, the creation of financial sustainability and uplifting institute at the international level are other areas to attain the quality.   The faculties, staffs and students are important  stakeholders apart from infrastructures to achieve quality. The faculty is; a  scholar, an effective teacher, an experienced professional, and a positive role model. The staffs are the true aide for the effective delivery.  The students are the ultimate receiver and reflect quality on their competency and capability. It is therefore important for students to exhibit; good study habits, cooperative attitude, attentive and hardworking habits, logical and rational thinking, and open-mindedness. IOE is  committed to develop conducive environment for all the stakeholders to fulfill  their respective roles.   As the Dean, I express my commitment to the highest quality in the Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. programs and promise that these programs are built on a foundation of excellence and innovation. I am constantly reminded that no corner of the world is untouched by our alumni. Meeting with these successful alumni reminds me that it is up to us all—faculty and staff—to continue the tradition of preparing successful graduates.  Our students are not only future alumni,  but they will take the knowledge and vision of excellence gained from here to manifest as their own, which will have a unique impact on society. The work we do today and tomorrow will have very long-term benefits that will truly change the world.

Prof. Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi