PhD in Engineering

PhD in Engineering

3 years

Under academic authorization of Tribhuvan University (TU), all the Departments of the

Institute of Engineering (IOE) may offer study and research program leading to the award of

the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

The award of the Ph.D. degree is in recognition of high achievement in independent research and application of knowledge and is made on the basis of

(i) a satisfactory performance of a candidate in prescribed course work/s,

(ii) acceptance/publication of at least one original research paper of the Ph.D. works for publication in journal of standard acceptable to DRC (DRC will prepare list of such journals and get approval from IERC prior to implementing this rules and regulation),

(iii) submission of a satisfactory dissertation,

(iv) a successful viva voce/defense of the dissertation, and The dissertation shall be the report of research work and shall be characterized by either discovery of new facts or a new interpretation of known facts and theory or an independent design and development or development of a new instrument or technology.



The minimum qualification required of students seeking admission to Ph.D. program of study

is a Master’s degree or equivalent in the related field from TU or other institutions of higher

education recognized by TU. Doctoral study is normally of three years duration of full time

enrollment. The candidate has to be full time residence of minimum of two years in the

campus. A working candidate must submit leave acceptance letter from respective authority

for study period. In special cases, if the candidate fulfils all the requirements IERC may

allow the defense before it. The maximum duration of PhD study is normally of six years. In

exceptional cases with genuine reason from the recommendation of DRC, IERC may extend

the maximum duration for another one year.