Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

4 years
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  • Fee:Starting NPR 490,000

Some electrical engineers focus on the study of electronic devices and circuits that are the basic building blocks of complex electronic systems. Others study power and the generation, transmission, and utilization of electrical energy. A large group of electrical engineers studies the application of these complex systems to other areas, including medicine, biology, geology, and ecology. Still another control, telecommunications, wireless communications, and signal processing



In case of Letter Grading System, students should have secured minimum "C" Grade in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12. 


The students who have a minimum score of 45% in I. Sc. or 10+2 (physical group or biological group with two paper mathematics) or diploma in engineering or an equivalent course recognized by TU can appear in the entrance examination conducted by Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering.

The students who have passed the entrance examination conducted by IOE are eligible for admission in IOE constituent campuses and affiliated colleges on merit basis.

Curricular Structure




Engineering Mathematics I


Computer Programming


Engineering Drawing I


Engineering Physics


Applied Mechanics


Basic Electrical Engineering



Engineering Mathematics II


Engineering Drawing II


Basic Electronics Engineering


Engineering Chemistry


Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer


Workshop Technology



Engineering Mathematics III


Object Oriented Programming


Electric Circuit Theory


Electrical Engineering Material


Electronics Devices and Circuit


Digital Logic





Electrical Machine I


Numerical Method


Applied Mathematics


Instrumentation I


Power System Analysis I







Communication English


Probability and Statistics


Control System


Instrumentation II


Power System Analysis II


Electrical Machine Design


Electrical Machine II



Engineering Economics


Digital Control System


Signal Analysis


Switchgear and Protection


Antenna & Propagation


Industrial Distribution and Illumination


Hydro Power



Project Management


Organization and Management


Technology Environment and Society


Power Electronics


Utilization of Electrical Energy


Power Plant Equipment


Elective I


Project (Part A)



Engineering Professional Practice


High Voltage Engineering


Power Plant Design


Transmission and Distribution Design


Elective II


Elective III


Project (Part B)