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Salient Features

Advanced Infrastructure

ACEM boasts advanced infrastructure, featuring well-equipped laboratories, a two-story library, spacious classrooms, and a playground.

Research and Innovation Unit (RIU)

The in-house RIU at ACEM serves to bridge the gap between industry and academia. It plays a pivotal role in advancing academic activities, connecting real-life scenarios to national and international research. RIU encourages students to engage in research at varying scales, from small projects to larger endeavors in the future. The unit follows a cycle of inspiration, interaction, influence, and iteration to bring about sustainable change.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab

Recently established, the AI Lab at ACEM has a dual objective. It aims to provide comprehensive training and workshops on AI and related topics for both students and faculty across various departments. Additionally, the lab fosters a culture of research engagement, encouraging student participation in research grants and seminars.

Student-led Clubs

ACEM hosts various student-led clubs that provide platforms for talent showcasing and contribute to students' all-round development. The clubs focus on linking academic knowledge with practical exposure, fostering a better understanding of students' abilities, aptitudes, and career aspirations. Active clubs include the Advanced Robotics Club (ARC), Civil Engineering Students Society (CESS), Advanced Electrical Engineering Society (AEES), and Project Association for Computer and Electronics (PACE).

Industry Partnership

ACEM maintains strong ties with various industries in Nepal, spanning IT, construction, hydropower, and robotics and automation. These partnerships, including collaborations with ERMC, World Link Communications, e-Sewa, Leapfrog, and others, aim to bring industry insights to the classroom and facilitate student placement through placement fairs and counseling.

Journal of Advanced College of Engineering and Management (jacem)

Jacem is a peer-reviewed journal that caters to professionals, academics, and research organizations in applied sciences and engineering. Volume-8 has already been published, covering a wide scope of disciplines in applied science and engineering.

Conferences and Events

ACEM organizes conferences and events throughout the year, including the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) conference, Technorion Nepal, and various other technical competitions. These events provide platforms for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, academicians, industry professionals, and students to discuss emerging technologies and showcase their talents.

Technorion Nepal

Organized by the Advanced Robotics Club, Technorion Nepal is an annual event that features technical competitions, with top-performing teams earning direct entry to Techfest Grand Finale at IIT Bombay. This event aims to enhance scientific thinking and technical skills among participants.


ACEM publishes an annual newsletter covering significant college activities, events, conferences, and student achievements. The newsletter also includes academic and creative articles contributed by students.


ACEM annually publishes a college brochure or prospectus that provides information about the college, offered courses, and available facilities.

Admission Guidelines

For these programs:

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering 
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering

The eligibility requirement for students is minimum "C" Grade in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12. 

For Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA):

The eligibility is minimum D+ grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with CGPA 2.0 or more.


The Advanced College of Engineering and Management (ACEM) stands as a prominent engineering institution in Nepal, renowned for producing technically proficient graduates who excel in engineering, science, technology, and academia. Since its establishment in 2000 AD, ACEM has been unwavering in its commitment to fostering skilled graduates, not only within the specified curriculum but also nurturing creative thinking, problem-solving prowess, comprehensive design skills, information acquisition abilities, and adaptability to a globalized society.

Affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU), ACEM offers Bachelor's programs in Civil Engineering (BCE), Computer Engineering (BCT), Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering (BEI), Electrical Engineering (BEL), and Computer Application (BCA). The institution boasts a team of highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty and staff whose mission is to enhance students' overall development. This accomplished team stays abreast of current academic and industry trends, contributing significantly to academia through quality teaching, patent publications, seminars, conferences, and inviting faculties from renowned institutions for guest lectures.

ACEM prioritizes hands-on experience and experiential learning for its students, providing opportunities such as internships, industry visits, projects, expert sessions, workshops, case studies, advanced labs, and virtual classroom sessions as needed. To elevate research activities, ACEM has established an international standard Research and Innovation Unit (RIU), focusing on involving students in national and international research projects, cultivating valuable skills in research and soft skills.

Additionally, ACEM has recently inaugurated an independent Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab. This dedicated unit aims to offer comprehensive training and workshops on AI and related topics, benefiting both students and faculty from diverse departments.


To produce professionally competent, technically sound, proactive and ethical leaders who can manage the global and diversified workforce and adapt to various cultures. 

To establish ACEM as a world-class institution by offering quality education, working on development of faculty and staffs and connecting students to corporate research and consultancies. 

To develop long-term relations with national and international educational institutions, corporate houses, research organizations, government and non-governmental organizations and to foster a broad range of self-motivated learning environments.


Our vision is to be one of the best technically innovative engineering colleges in Nepal and prove ourselves as a world-class institution.

We aim to provide academic as well as professional qualifications that strike a balance between theory and practical application maximizing the career prospects of our students and graduates.

Message from the Principal

Durga Prasad Sangroula

Advanced College of Engineering and Management (ACEM) is one of the best institutions in Nepal for
a bright and prosperous future and it gives me great pleasure to extend our core values amid other
aspects of our institution.
We, at ACEM, are committed to promoting value-based engineering education as per the
requirements and expectations of the students, industries, and our nation. Our departments and their
respective faculty members put forward their continuous eorts to provide productive as well as
modernized knowledge to students. The management of ACEM serves as an inert backbone that
always supports the ongoing academic, research and ultramodern technological needs of the
Advanced College of Engineering and Management, ACEM, is spread across a vast area with lush
green beautifully planned spacious modern state of art infrastructure equipped with technically
sound facilities. The institute has active clubs that constantly motivate students to participate in
numerous national and international programs and has also been successful in creating the
entrepreneurial mindset to ultimately generate skilled graduates.
Research and Innovation Unit (RIU) here at ACEM encourages and aims to prepare the students to
participate in research of high quality which largely contributes to enriching their experience as
engineers or technical experts.
I wish all the students success in every step they take in the coming days.

Prof. Dr. Durga Prasad Sangroula