Kathmandu University School of Education

Hattiban, Lalitpur
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The vision of the Kathmandu School of Education is to offer high quality teacher education programs with a holistic approach, and to play a key role in developing competent teachers, trainers and educational leaders.

The mission is, therefore, to create an academic environment that prepares competent professionals who can provide high quality, up-to-date and relevant education and educational leadership in tertiary, secondary and primary levels of education in Nepal. The objectives of the School of Education are: to offer practical educational programs that provide knowledge and skills to address the current educational problems of Nepal; to develop trainers and teachers equipped with a variety of instructional skills, strategies, and methodologies required for creating effective teaching and learning environments; to produce and disseminate high quality teaching and learning materials; and to develop school managers and educational leaders with competent, effective management skills related to school programs.

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Kathmandu University School of EducationBalkumari, Lalitpur, NepalGPO Box: 6250, Kathmandu