1 Year Master in Indigenous Education and Development | Syllabus, Cost, Scope

June 05, 2023

Master in Indigenous Education and Development program of Kathmandu University, trains students to solve global problems by exploring local solutions. It focuses on areas such as customary laws, traditional governance, and sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity. The course aims to revive traditional heritages and wisdom in Nepal and beyond, encompassing diverse geographical, cultural, linguistic, and spiritual aspects of both human and nonhuman species on Earth.

In this course video, Dr. Suresh Gautam, HOD Development Education Department of KUSOED provides insights about the MIED course and the rationale for its introduction in Nepal in this video. He emphasizes the significance of the course for Nepal and identifies the ideal students who should consider enrolling. Additionally, he delves into details about the course structure, fees, eligibility criteria, and other relevant information.