A Levels at Malpi Institute | Preparing Students for the Global Landscape

April 19, 2024

Malpi Institute, nestled in Baluwatar, Kathmandu, presents A Level programs in both Science and Non-Science disciplines. Since its establishment in 2000 AD, this educational establishment has been committed to providing education tailored to the needs of its students. Despite its relatively recent establishment, the institution has swiftly gained recognition for its outstanding teaching quality and is affiliated with the esteemed Malpi Group of Educational Institutions.

In this course video, Abishek Rayamaijhi, the Managing Director of Malpi Institute, explores the implementation of A Levels in Nepal and how Malpi Institute introduced the program. He delves into the transformative impact of teaching A Levels on Nepal's academic landscape, highlighting its distinctions from conventional educational methods. Rayamaijhi also addresses the criteria and documentation necessary for students enrolling in A Levels at Malpi Institute. Additionally, he elaborates on the distinguishing features of Malpi Institute compared to other educational entities and elucidates on the teaching methodologies provided by Malpi to its students.