Plus Two Management at KMC Lalitpur

June 02, 2024

The Plus Two in Management course, favored by most students, is designed to build a robust foundation in management studies, enabling students to become competent, confident, and academically proficient in their field. By the end of the course, students can determine their specific interests in business management for their undergraduate studies. The faculty provides courses that combine theoretical foundations with practical knowledge in various areas, including business management, business administration, hotel management, and travel and tourism management.

In this course video, Mr. Suraj Pandey, the Coordinator of +2 Management at KMC Lalitpur, discusses the subjects offered in the +2 Management course and the options students can choose from. He outlines the admission criteria for enrollment, the available scholarships, and the career prospects for graduates. Additionally, he explains what sets KMC Lalitpur apart from other colleges and why students should consider studying +2 Management there.