Department of Language Education | KUSOED

June 17, 2024

Established in 2018, the Department of Language Education (DLE) traces its origins to 2000. The primary aim of the DLE is to produce human resources in the field of language education to contribute to language teaching, language teacher education, research, and language education policy. Additionally, the Department networks extensively with similar departments and institutions to create synergy and facilitate timely changes in language learning and education.

In this course video, Dr. Tikaram Poudel, Associate Professor and Head of the Department at KUSOED, discusses the various programs offered by the DLE and the new ones being introduced this year. He elaborates on how the programs are continually updated and shares plans for the upcoming semester. Additionally, he explains how they connect students to the industry through internships, emphasizing the practical focus of the DLE's studies. Dr. Poudel also highlights that all their graduates are employed in their respective fields.