M.Ed. in STEAM Education | KU School of Education

June 18, 2024

The M.Ed. in STEAM Education (2 Years) at Kathmandu University School of Education aims to design STEAM-based curricula and develop a strong philosophical and practical understanding of STEAM education. It offers professional development for pre-service and in-service teachers, enhancing their teaching skills and knowledge. The program advances STEAM education through comprehensive theoretical and practical components and aims to modernize teacher education practices. Additionally, it prepares innovative educational leaders and helps teachers create STEAM-focused instructional materials.

In this course video, Niroj Dahal, a lecturer of STEAM Education at KUSOED, discusses the current relevance of STEAM Education and provides an overview of the background of the MEd in STEAM Education (2 Years). He outlines the program's objectives and goals, explains its teaching mode, details the division between online and offline instruction, and shares the eligibility criteria for enrollment. He encourages those interested in learning more to contact the department directly.