Master in Indigenous Education and Development | KU School of Education

June 18, 2024

The Master in Indigenous Education and Development program at KUSOED, is a one-year initiative born from extensive deliberations on the importance of Indigenous knowledge and local practices in bridging the gap between nature and culture. It explores local solutions to global issues such as customary laws, traditional governance, and sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity. Amidst the dominance of modern educational systems, which often neglect traditional wisdom in Nepal and beyond, this program aims to revive diverse cultural, linguistic, and spiritual heritages, both human and nonhuman, on Earth.

In this course video, Dr. Lina Gurung, Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator of One Year Masters' in Indigenous Education and Development (MIED) explores the Masters in Indigenous Education and Development program, highlighting its mission to enhance cultural diversity and inclusivity. She details the program's content and structure, outlines eligibility requirements, discusses career opportunities for graduates, and underscores its distinctive global significance.