MA in Rural Development (Affiliated to TU) at PK Campus| Syllabus, Eligibility, Cost, Scope

January 30, 2024

MA in Rural Development (affiliated to Tribhuvan University) aims to generate skilled development professionals who can fulfill the increasing need for advanced rural developers in both governmental and non-governmental domains. The program's overarching objective is to instill a comprehensive understanding of rural development in students, emphasizing robust research methodologies and practical fieldwork experiences. This approach aims to equip graduates with the capability to navigate and contribute effectively in various socio-economic contexts.

In this course video, Prof. Laxmi Sharma, HOD of MA in Rural Development for PK Campus, discusses the course's historical background and emphasizes its multidisciplinary nature. Prof. Sharma delves into potential future opportunities for students post-course completion and provides insights into the program's structure, including details about the grading system. Additionally, she elucidates the associated costs and program quotas.