Masters in Economics at KUSOA | Syllabus, Eligibility, Cost, Scope

January 25, 2024

Masters in Economics at KUSOA aims to equip graduates with practical quantitative research skills for analyzing global socio-economic challenges, with a focus on Nepali issues. Core courses cover microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, while the program emphasizes subjects like public economics and development economics. Electives include topics such as environmental economics and industrial organization.

In this course video, Niraj Poudyal, Associate Professor for Masters in Economics (MECON) at KUSOA, elaborates on introducing the new MECON program, its nature, and the learning outcomes for students. He provides insights into the course structure, student evaluation methods, associated costs, and available scholarships. Additionally, he delves into eligibility criteria, the admission process, and outlines future prospects for program graduates.