MA in Psychology (Affiliated to TU) at PK Campus| Syllabus, Eligibility, Cost, Scope

January 10, 2024

MA in Psychology (affiliated to Tribhuvan University) caters to current community needs, aiming to equip professionals with a broad skill set and expertise in administering psychological tools. The curriculum covers diverse aspects of psychology, producing essential psychologists for human service organizations and the social field. The acquired knowledge contributes to social upliftment by addressing challenges in individuals, families, groups, and communities. Practical exercises integrate theoretical knowledge into real-world problem-solving, enhancing students' abilities to tackle psycho-social issues effectively.

In this course video, Associate Prof. Minerva Jonchhe, HOD for MA in Psychology at PK Campus, provides insights into the course's inception, its structure, and the comprehensive curriculum it encompasses. Prof. Jonchhe elaborates on the subjects covered in the course and elucidates the grading system. Additionally, she explores prospective opportunities for students in the future and highlights the supportive role of PK Campus in facilitating their academic and professional journey.