Masters in Human and Natural Resources at KUSOA | Syllabus, Eligibility, Cost, Scope

January 29, 2024

MA in Human and Natural Resources, affiliated to Kathmandu University, equips students with knowledge and skills in natural resource management, community linkages, information analysis, and understanding indigenous knowledge systems. The program fosters confidence for impactful contributions on a national and international scale. Graduates gain expertise in conducting research, working collaboratively, and effectively communicating findings in the field. Additionally, the program prepares students for further studies in related areas.

In this course video, Chandralal Pandey, HOD of Department of Development Studies, provides insights into the MA in Human and Natural Resources Studies, delving into its course structure. Pandey discusses the ideal candidates for this program, elucidates the examination and grading processes, outlines the program's cost, student quotas, and potential scholarship opportunities. Additionally, he offers guidance on the career paths available to graduates.