New Programs of Kathmandu University School of Education - Bal Chandra Luitel, Dean

June 01, 2023

In this video, Professor Bal Chandra Luitel, the Dean of the School of Education, shares valuable insights about KU, KUSoEd, and their remarkable journey. Over three decades since its inception in 1991, Kathmandu University has become a prominent educational institution. 1997 the School of Education was founded, marking a significant milestone in Kathmandu University's educational landscape. Initially offering two programs, namely MPhil and PD, KUSoEd has since expanded its academic offerings to include four departments.

The Department of Development Education takes the lead in administering the newly introduced program, Master in Indigenous Development and Education. Notably, the Department of Development Education also oversees three additional programs that cater to diverse fields of study. These programs include the Masters in Sustainable Development, Master of Technical and Vocational Education, and Master of Training and Development.

The Department of Educational Leadership is the oldest Department of the School of Education. This department has started Masters in Education and leadership management program as its first and flagship program. From this session, this school is going to commence a Master of Education in School Counseling program. Other programs under this department are; the Early Childhood Development program (1 year) and Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management. Department of Language Education is running the following programs 1. Master in Education in English Language Teaching 2. Masters in Writing and Literacy Studies (newly introduced program).

The fourth Department under KUSOEd is Department of STEAM Education. For more information, please watch and listen to the video.