MEd in English Language Teaching (One Year)

MEd in English Language Teaching (One Year)

M Ed in ELT ·
1 year
  • Fee:NPR 132,000

M Ed in ELT (One Year) program is  a newly launched program of Kathmandu University, School of Education. The program is structured to complete in one year but offers flexibility. Students are, however, required to complete all the requirements of the program within two years.

Programme Objective

M Ed in ELT (One Year) program promotes innovations in pedagogical approaches prioritizing the combination of local and global practices in language teaching and learning. This program envisages integrating teaching and learning as lifelong learning based on the holistic, context-based and multi-methods approach to educational practice and research. The program will focus on preparing teachers committed towards basic and secondary levels of school education in Nepal. On the completion of the one-year program, the graduates will:

  • develop skills for English language teaching following the recent trends of theories and practices; independently undertake small-scale need oriented research to address the issues of ELT;
  • develop ELT materials as per the needs;.
  • design and deliver teacher training courses and activities for ELT practitioners as required in the changing situations;
  • train pre-service trainees and in-service teachers for effective teaching of ELT;

Graduate Attributes

Upon the completion of the course, the program expects the graduates to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Intellectually rigorous in understanding the importance of languages.
  • Lifelong learner to understand the issues of language learning and teaching;
  • Respectful to linguistic rights of minority communities;
  • Compassionate and ethical to the linguistic differences of learners;
  • Responsible and committed to preserving the local linguistic ecology;
  • Critical and creative language educator


The candidates having a Master's degree in English (language or literature), Linguistics, or related fields from a university or an institution recognized by Kathmandu University are eligible to apply for the program.

Curricular Structure

This is a two-semester program comprising nine courses of 3-credits each i.e., 27 credits in total. The program consists of:

a) Two Core Courses (6-credits)b) Five Professional Courses (15-credits)c) Two Practical Courses (6-credits).

Total Courses (27 Cr.)
Core Courses (6 Cr.)  1. EDUC 508: Theory and Practice in Education (3)
2. EDUC 509: Research Methodology (3)
Professional Courses (15 Cr.)
Specialization courses (12 Cr.)  1. EDEL 509 English Linguistics (3)
2. EDEL 516 Perspectives in English Language Education
3. EDEL 511 English Language Teaching Methods (3)
4. EDEL 519 Teacher Development (3)
Elective Courses (3 Cr) (Any one) 1. EDEL 513 Curriculum Design & Materials Development (3)
2. EDEL 531 Classroom Studies and Action Research
3. EDEL 500 Academic Reading and Writing (3)
4. EDEL 532 Literature in the Language Classrooms (3)
5. EDEL 334 ICT in English Language Teaching and learning (3)
6. EDEL 515 Evaluation and Testing in ELT (3)
7. EDEL 540 Independent Study (3)
Practical Courses (6 Cr.)  1. Research Project (3)
2. Internship (3)