MPhil and PhD in Educational Leadership | KUSoEd

November 21, 2023

MPhil and PhD in Educational Leadership, affiliated with Kathmandu University, are market-driven, current, reality-centered, and distinguished in quality. These programs encompass fundamental courses all students share, a specialized concentration, and a research-focused dissertation. Core courses equip students with essential research skills and professional communication, covering research methods, statistical analysis, professional writing, and issue seminars. Students can specialize in one chosen field by selecting from two areas of concentration.

In this course video, Dr. Dhanapati Subedi, Associate Dean for Educational Leadership at KUSoEd, discusses the course structure and the skills students can anticipate acquiring. Dr. Shesha Kanta Pangeni, the Head of the Department for Educational Leadership, also shares insights into the kind of students who would find this course beneficial.

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