MEd in Mathematics Education

MEd in Mathematics Education

2 years
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  • Fee:NPR 270,000

Kathmandu University School of Education launched MEd in Mathematics in 2006 to produce quality teachers, teacher educators, material developers, and researchers in the field of mathematics education. This program aims at developing teachers who have a sound knowledge of content and innovative pedagogy in an integrated way. Students are supported not only to engage with key ideas and debates in mathematics education but also to undertake a research project within their own professional contexts.

The program is of four semesters expanding for two years. There are courses for 60 credits comprising Core Courses (6 credits), Foundation Courses (24 credits),  Specialization Professional Courses (15 credits), Practical Courses (9 Credits), and  Elective Courses (6 credits).

Objectives of the course:

  • To build a deeper knowledge of mathematics content, with a particular focus on middle and high school math classrooms
  • To teach tactics that can improve student motivation through interactive problem-solving activities
  • To develop an enhanced understanding of what it means to learn math and where mathematical misconceptions and student confusion can occur


For enrollment to two-year M Ed program, the candidates having a B. Ed in Mathematics or PGDE in Mathematics or BA in Mathematics or B. Sc in Physical and Mathematical Sciences or any equivalent degree* from a university or an institution recognized by Kathmandu University with a minimum of 50% or 2.5/4 in aggregate will be eligible. 

However, those having a BA or B. Sc will have to take two extra 3-credit mathematics education courses as specified by the School of Education. 

*Internationally, graduates of the following areas are eligible to study mathematics education. 

  • Computer Science 
  • Computing with a mathematics minor 
  • Computer and Electronics engineering programs 

Curricular Structure

Core Courses (6 Cr)

  1. EDUC 508 Theory and Practice in Education (3)
  2. EDUC 509 Research Methodology (3)

A.   Foundation Courses (24 Cr)

  1. EDMT 501 Analysis (3)
  2. EDMT 505 Algebra (3)
  3. EDMT 509 Topology (3)
  4. EDMT 511 Mathematical Modeling (3)
  5. EDMT 512 Statistics (3)
  6. EDMT 513 Number Theory and Teaching Arithmetic (3)
  7. EDMT 514 Theory and Application of Differential Equations (3)
  8. EDMT 515 Discrete Mathematics and Problem Solving (3)

A.   Professional Courses (15 Cr)

  1. EDMT 540 ICT in Mathematics Education (3)
  2. EDMT 541 Teaching and Learning in mathematics (3)
  3. EDMT 542 Curricula in Mathematics Education (3) 
  4. EDMT 543 Assessment in Mathematics Education (3)
  5. EDMT 544 Teacher Development in Mathematics Education (3)

Elective Courses (any two) (6 Cr)

  1. EDMT 516 Probability and Operations Research (3) EDMT 517 Multivariable Calculus (3)
  2. EDMT 518 Functional Analysis (3)
  3. EDMT 519 Fractal Geometry (3)
  4. EDMT 548 Recent Paradigms of Mathematics Learning (3)
  5. EDMT 549 Historical Development of
  6. Mathematical ideas (3)
  7. EDMT 550 Ethnomathematics (3)


Practical Courses (9 Cr)

EDMT 545 Internship (3)

EDMT 599 Dissertation (6)


EDMT 546 Research Project I (3)

EDMT 547 Research Project II (3)