Master in Educational Science (MES) Education Governance and Leadership Instructional Design and Technology

Master in Educational Science (MES) Education Governance and Leadership Instructional Design and Technology

2 years
Distance Learning

Master's Degree at NOU is designed such that the degree holders have specialized knowledge in their respective disciplines and can demonstrate original thinking. The course enables them to analyze and evaluate with a sense of critical insight in their areas of specializations. They can also make valid arguments/techniques and use them in solving problems. They are enabled to communicate their conclusions effectively and coherently to specialized and non-specialized audiences. The course also facilitates the students to operate in unpredictable contexts and can act with minimum supervision or direction. The course seeks to ingrain in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the given discipline. 


Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in the related discipline.

Admission Criteria

Applicants are required to submit applications via the student panel of the official website Applicants must have the basic skill of Computer.

Following documents are required to be submitted along with the online application:

Transcripts and Degree certificates of SEE/SLC, +2, and Bachelors level

All applicants must sit for the entrance examination conducted by the University.

Curricular Structure

Evaluation system

The pass marks for both internal as well as the semester-end (theory and practical) examination will be 50 percent of the full marks in Masters level.

In every course, there will be a question bank for the selection of test to make question paper for the external examination and the question papers will be moderated by the experts. Similarly, 15% answer sheets will be scrutinized by the scrutiny board. If the examined answer sheets are found unsatisfactory, then those answer sheets will be reexamined. NOU can evaluate the students' entrance tea=st, assignments or examination (internal or Final) through online mode and can ensure the originality of the work by the process of plagiarism check. For three-credit course at the Master's level duration of external/final examination will be of four hours. The concerned Dean Office will manage the examination duration proportionallyof the full marks less than 100. 

Grading system 

Nepal Open University adopts a four-point (4.0) absolute letter grading system i.e. at each of the levels, the grading system will be from 0 to 4. Types and ranks of letters, their grade points, their equivalent mark ranges and their nomenclatures are given below:

Letter grades Grade Point Marks range in percent Remarks
A 4 >=90 Outstanding
A- 3.7 80 to <90 Excellent
B+ 3.3 70 to <80 Very Good
B 3 60 to <70 Good
B- 2.7 50 to <60 Pass
F Below 2.7 <50 Fail