Master in Development Studies

Master in Development Studies

2 years

Master of Development Studies (MDEVS) is a graduate programme at the School of Development and Social Engineering (SDSE), Faculty of Humanities and SocialSciences, Pokhara University. 

It is an interdisciplinary course which aims to deal with the emerging thrust of 21st Century on development and produce career oriented professionals, entrepreneurs and keen academicians in the field of development.

Programme Objectives: 

  1. Equip students with intellectual insights, technical know-how, and practical skills through interdisciplinary understanding, observation and experiment of the concerned subjects. 
  2. Provide students learning opportunities in contemporary and frontier fields of development art, science and technology, thus the students can take the leadership role in the field of humanistic, spatial and environmental development at the national human resources market and social enterprises, as well as be ready to accept the international professional academic and entrepreneurial challenges. 
  3. Produce master-level knowledgeable, skillful and capable human resources for various professions and enterprises as well as for academia




Admission Eligibility: 

  • Applicant must have completed Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized university
  • Applicants are selected from a merit list of entrance examination conducted by the SDSE.

Fee Structure:   A reasonable fee is set for the programme which is payable in three installments per semester.


  • 20% of the total students quota. 
  •  Entrance exam or semester topper


Job Prospects

There is a very high demand of bureaucrats, development professionals, development analysts, social leaders and development entrepreneurs with interdisciplinary academic degree in development studies in the overall government system, international organizations, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, NGOs/INGOs, civil societies, social enterprises, and government. 

In the same vein development science and technology is being emerged as one of the major areas of studies with interdisciplinary pedagogy. 

Thus, MDEVS is designed to cater human resources for such environment.


Curricular Structure

MDEVS is a two years course having 4 semesters (two semesters per year) with 60 credits. Curriculum Structure by Semester

First Semester
S.No Course Title
1 Advanced Development Studies
2 Social Engineering in Development
3 Public Policy Studies
4 Planning Theory and Practice
5 Statistics for Social Sciences
Second Semester
S.No Course Title
1 Spatial Organization of Development
2 Natural Resources and Development
3 Globalization and Development
4 Research Methods for Development Studies
5 Information Technology for Social Research
Third Semester
S.No Course Title
1 Development Program Management
2 Development Analysis and Planning Techniques
3 Specialization I
4 Specialization II
5 Planning Workshop (Field Based)
Fourth Semester
S.No Course Title
1 Comprehensive National Development Plan for Nepal
2 Specialization III
3 Specialization IV
4 Seminar on Contemporary Development
5 Dissertation
                                                 Specialized Courses by Theme
Theme A: Humanistic Development Theme B: Human Settlements Development Theme C: Development Practice
Societal Transformation and Inclusive Development Sustainable Development in the Himalayan Region Development Program Monitoring and Evaluation
Gender and Development Public Works and Development Management Employment, Income, and Livelihood
Population and Development Transformation of Human Settlements System and Development Institutions of Development
Social Works for Humanistic Development Service Delivery System Conflict in Development Management