Master in Social Work

Master in Social Work

2 years

The faculty of Humanities and Social Science of Purbanchal University (PU) provides a Master of Social Work program. This course will take two years to complete. This program is a professional and academic specialty that focuses on issues of social welfare and change. This course teaches students how to improve their research skills in order to better their personal, group, family, community, country, and world quality of life and development.

To be eligible to take the final semester examination, the student must have 80 percent attendance in class. The student must complete all projects and field work that has been assigned to them. During the program session, the college will perform periodic written assignments, research projects, seminars, and presentations. Fieldwork is an important component of the program. As a result, students must devote at least 15 hours each week to field work.


  • Candidates must have completed a Bachelor's Degree of at least three years duration or any equivalent degree in any faculty from a college/ university/ board recognized by the Purbanchal University.
  • Candidates must have completed their bachelor's degree with at least a second-division finish.

Admission Criteria

Students are accepted into this program based on their ability, competency, and ambition to work in the field of social work. Previous academic records, written tests, group discussions, and personal interviews can all assist candidates to get into this program.

  • Students will be chosen based on a merit list.
  • The following breakdown of marks is used to create a merit list:
    • 40% of graduation marks
    • 30% to written tests
    • 10% to Group Discussion and
    • 20% to the Interview

The final decision of a candidate selection will depend on Admission Committee.

Curricular Structure

First Semester

Subject Code Subject Credits Hour
MSW511 History, Philosophy, and Practice of Social Work 3
MSW512 Theoretical Foundation for Social Work 3
MSW513 Social Work Practice with Individual 3
MSW514 Social Work Practice with Group 3
MSW515 Sociology and Psychology for Social Work 3
MSW516 Academic Writing 2


Second Semester

Subject Code Subject Credits Hour
MSW521 Social Action and Advocacy 3
MSW522 Community Organization 3
MSW523 Research Methods in Social Work 3
MSW524 Social Work Administration and Social Policy 3
MSW525 Human Rights and Social Justice 3
MSW526P Field Work Study Lab (Camp): Working with Communities. 3


Third Semester: Specialization

Subject Code Subject Credits Hour
MSW531 Seminar Issue on Social Work (common course) 2
MSW532SP Social Work Block Field Practicum (Common Course)(Concentration specific) 3
  Specialization I: Social Development  
MSW533S1 Global Social Work and Social Development 3
MSW534S1 Development Project Management 3
MSW535S1 Social Entrepreneurship and Development Interventions 3
MSW536S1 Disaster Management 3
  Specialization II: Health and Development  
MSW533S2 Social Work in Health and Development 3
MSW534S2 Health Psychology 3
MSW535S2 Social Care &Action 3
MSW536S2 Medical and Psychiatric Social Work 3
  Specialization III: Children, Elderly and Family  
MSW533S3 Family Across Life Course 3
MSW534S3 Contemporary Family Issues of Children and Elderly 3
MSW535S3 Working with Children 3
MSW536S3 Working with Elderly 3
  Specialization IV: Youth and Community Development  
MSW533S4 Youth and Development 3
MSW534S4 Municipal Welfare Administration 3
MSW535S4 Social Entrepreneurship and Development Interventions 3
MSW536S4 Working with Youth in Rural and Urban Communities 3

Fourth Semester

Subject Code Subject Credits Hour
MSW541SP Concentration Specific Block Field Work Practicum final placement – (common course) 3
MSW542 Social Work Study Tour 2
MSW543 Social Work Research Dissertation (common course) 8