Kadambari Memorial College

Buddhanagar, Kathmandu
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Established with the motto to encourage students to educate themselves with their own potential, spirit and pace, Kadmabari Memorial College of Science and Management (KMCSM) is a program of SUTRA Centre for Development and Research registered in 2005 under the Society Registration Act. 2034. One of the objectives of the center is to promote higher education in social work in Nepal. 

KMCSM focuses solely on providing higher education and strengthening professional social work education in Nepal. It develops students' skills and knowledge in professional social work, an academic discipline that seeks to improve the quality of life and well being of individuals, groups, and communities.  KMCSM is dedicated to provide quality education and reduce inequalities in campus in terms of access to education.

Salient Features

The three Goals of the Global Goal ( SDGs) has been adopted to impart the learning ecology in Kadambari Memorial College.  

Kadambari Quality Education - Goal No 4

  1. Student engaged classroom culture has been used to contribute to learning climate of the institution. Students’ presentation, workshops, tutorials and lectures are utilized to involve students into full circle of our learning cycle by understanding, thinking, reflecting, experiencing, analyzing and linking.
  2. International Social Work Practicum  and Urban camp of Kadambari students in International Universities/ college for developing  themselves as social work professionals with global knowledge and ability to practice in local context.
  3. International Social Work Field hosting is carried out to provide a platform for international students in deepening their knowledge of social work in Nepal.
  4. International Study tour is hosted to provide short but substantial knowledge on Nepalese society, social issues and social work praxis.
  5. Co- Curricular activities in the form of Active Sundays is organized every week to nurture students in their personal  development, dialogue and discussion  ability, film and documentary making and networking  and social capability building. 

Kadambari Reducing Inequalities – Goal No 10

  1. Scholarships to  economically challenged  students to provide access to KMC education
  2. Accessible toilet to students in  wheelchair  and transgender students
  3. Extra classes for students with limitation in English proficiency.

Kadambari Sustainable Cities and Communities – Goal No 11

  1. Child  Protection policy
  2. Environment Protection Policy
  3. College with Community initiative with community engagement in environment, disaster response , traffic management and more
  4. Youth for SDGs: Community Service and Service Learning Program.

Admission Guidelines


  • Applicants are required to have successfully completed Ten Plus Two or equivalent with at least 45 percent or D+ Grade in all subjects. 
  • Extracurricular activities and volunteering services will be an added qualification.

Application Instructions

  • To apply, candidates must submit a formal application for admission at the college admission desk at Buddhanagar. 

Enrollment System

  • Written exam and individual interview

Total Seat: 40


Kadambari College believes in providing opportunities to young people to build a strong social leaders. There are scholarship provisions for students with weak economic background and constrains.


In Nepal, the history of social work education in University degree has started in 1996 with BSW program offered by Kathmandu University. KMCSM has become the second college of social work in Nepal and first college of Purbanchal University to offer Bachelor of Social Work program.

From its inception, Kadambari Memorial College has built its linkages with international schools of social work and organization of social work. It is a member of United Academic Impact (UNI), International Association of School of Social work (IASSW), Asia Pacific University Community Engagement Network (APUCEN). 

It has developed partnerships with different universities and colleges around the globe to work together in harnessing global social work knowledge and skills among the students and faculty members. It hosts international Social Work field work practicum and Social Work study tour. 

The college has conducted research with Griffith University, Ohio State University and University of Utah and aspires to collaborate with more of universities to work in collaboration to enhance global and local knowledge in Social Work. 

Kadambari Memorial College believes in partnership for quality education and contribution to its national partners mission of social change.  It has a more than decade long partnership with more than 50 field work agencies (Governmental bodies, I/NGOs, CBOs) in Nepal to involve students into practical experiences of Social Work field practicum. 

National Human Right Commission, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal Police have been its knowledge contributors from last four years.

Kadambari  Memorial College is a learning institute. It creates nurturing environment to the young students for their growth as competent social workers who are able to lead themselves and lead the social change crafted with global knowledge of Social Work and skillful to practice locally in any context and continent. 


Kadambari  Memorial College's vision is to be an institution of excellence in higher education, responding to changing social contexts, innovate and integrate knowledge and skills towards creating a people centered, sustainable and just society which promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all. 


Kadambari  Memorial College's mission is to promote the delivery of professional social work education as a means to develop ethical, committed, skilled social workers capable of leading social change to promote well being of marginalized and disadvantage individuals, groups and community to establish dignified, equitable and just society.


  • To nurture professional social workers who provide quality service to oppressed and marginalized sector of society and improve their well being to sustainable development.
  • To prepare entry- level and  master level social workers for generalist and specialized practice in multi ethic, multicultural context with global knowledge and competency of social work and ability to  work locally with  understanding and solving complex social problems within the values and ethics of professional social work.
  • To reduce inequalities of the opportunity of access to social work education and provide quality social work education in Nepal.
  • To build international linkages to create a platform for exposure, exchange and experiences of students and faculties in social work practice and contextualize the global practices of social work social work education in Nepal.

Message from the Principal

Pradipta Kadambari

Education is a process. It is a continuum mechanism of creating momentum of learning, experiencing, exploring and growing as scholars and professionals. With this notion, Kadambari Memorial College has established in 2005 as a learning spaces for students in university level program. It is affiliated to Purbanchal University and is delivering Bachelor of Social Work, BSW as pioneer college of Social Work. 

We take a pride to present our college as a vibrant, proactive and innovative college in Nepal, determined to develop Social Work graduates with quality Social Work education and ability to respond to changing social environment and shape their practice and actions in different tiers of social development.

In these 14 years, we have nurtured more than 250 graduates as professional social workers, enhanced our Social Work pedagogy towards experiential and practice based learning. 

In our adherence to 10 core competencies of Social Work practice identified by the Council on Social Work Education, CSWE in USA, our contact classes, field work practicum and co curricular activities are based in the competency based framework to facilitate action oriented learning in all of our eight semesters. 

In this endeavor, we have remodeled our Social Work field practicum to the global standards and extended our international students field practicum and study tour to Australia, Columbia, India, Canada, USA, Singapore and Bangkok. We are dedicated to craft the knowledge and skills of Global Social Work in heart of our students  and  expose them to challenges in order to build their competency in performing locally, in any context and continent.

Social Work is our passion and profession. We have been moving towards inclusion to provide accessibility to students with different challenges. We have owned the SDGs no 4, 10, 11 as per our capacity and competency to provide quality education, reduce inequalities to our education and contribute to sustainable cities and communities through our policies and programs.

I thank, Purbanchal University, all of our students, parents, our field work educators, collaborators, partners and well wishers for your solidarity and support to embolden us in our commitment to quality Social Work education in this decade long journey and wish to be together in coming years as well. 

Pradipta Kadambari