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Community Dialogue on Education for Another World - Kadambari Memorial College Emphasizes Innovation and Inclusion

February 18, 2024
Community Dialogue on Education for Another World - Kadambari Memorial College Emphasizes Innovation and Inclusion
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The Community Dialogue on Education for Another World, spearheaded by Kadambari Memorial College, commenced on February 16, with opening remarks by Miss Anjali Gautam, a student from the 4th semester. In her introduction, she welcomed Mr. Rajan Koirala, the main speaker, Miss Pradipta Kadambari, the campus chief, and Mr. Dil Kumar Thakuri, the vice campus chief.

Pradipta Kadambari stressed the vital role of education in today's neoliberal world, urging individuals to balance competitiveness with compassion while fostering a hunger for learning. She underscored the importance of independent thinking and ideation.

Dil Kumar Thakuri drew attention to the limitations of a binary educational framework, advocating for inclusivity and the bridging of gaps between differing perspectives, including those of science and religion. He emphasized the prioritization of equity over equality in educational endeavors.

Rajan Koirala emphasized the significance of collaboration and self-development, highlighting the changing landscape of hiring processes and the necessity of life skills for success in the 21st century.

Attendees proposed various suggestions for change, including universal learning design and adaptability to evolving educational paradigms. They also emphasized the importance of self-improvement and staying abreast of current challenges.

Language barriers in education, particularly the growing importance of English in Nepal, were a subject of concern. Participants discussed potential solutions, including the utilization of translation software to facilitate inclusive communication.

Addressing the concept of an ideal world, Dil Kumar Thakuri acknowledged its imperfections and advocated for continuous efforts toward societal betterment through education. Participants stressed the role of education in promoting coexistence, equality, and respect, urging students to prioritize collective growth over individual achievement.

In terms of teaching methods, participants proposed play-based learning as an engaging alternative to traditional approaches, emphasizing accessibility and the notion of education as a lifelong pursuit.

Lastly, the discussion turned to the pivotal role of parents in a student's holistic development, highlighting the importance of their involvement in creating a supportive learning environment.

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