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International Webinar on Medical and Psychiatric Social Work in Expanding Health Care System


August 16, 2020

With the theme of "Medical and Psychiatric Social Work in Expanding Health Care System", Three-Day International Webinar on Medical and Psychiatric Social Work in Expanding Health Care System was conducted from 10th to 12th August 2020. The conference was an initiative of Department of Social Work, Pooja Bhagavat Memorial Mahajana Education Centre, Mysor India and School of Social Work, Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management, Kathmandu, Nepal.  

The conference was successfully concluded with the participation from University and college faculty and staff members of social work, nursing, medical, hospital management, social work scholars, educators, field work supervisors, MPSW experts and practitioners,hospital personnel and human resource executives. 

The webinar highlighted the importance and impact of Medical and Psychiatric Social Work (MPSW) in health care system. The main idea of the conference was to provide a learning space of understanding the core value and practice of MPSW in multidisciplinary team of health care service through wide ranged settings of hospitals to community. The sharing designed from MPSW experts and practitioners, health care service providers, Social work educators from India, Nepal and Australia was aspired to co- create a momentum to social worker practices in strengthening holistic health care in South Asia and beyond from biopsychosocial approach.

The first-ever conference in Nepal on Medical and Psychiatric Social work brought the scholars, practitioners, health service professional and students of other disciplines in health care system including social work on a common platform to share their experiences and expertise in order to facilitate the process of knowledge building and practice in MPSW in the multidimensional health care system.

The conference teams included Dr. Particia Namitha Mario Veigo of Pooja Bhagavat of Memorial Mahajana Education Centre, Mysor, India as Chair whereas  Ms. Pradipta BP Kadambari of Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management as Co-Chair of the conference. The conference organizing committee involved Ass. Prof Bhawana as Convenor and Dr. Nalini Lama of KMC as Co- Convenor. 

The session was coordinated by Ms. Adity Joshi, KMC and Ms. Kipa Maskey, KMC as session rapporteur. The conference advisory committee consist of Directors of PBMMED, Dr. Rajaram Subbian and Dr. Prakashi and Mr. Dil Kumar Thakuri of KMC. 

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