MA in Sociology - Tribhuvan University

Socio- comes from the Latin word socius, which means “companion.” As a sociologist, you’ll study people as companions, the ways in which they live, work, and play together.

Sociology is a popular field with relatively few positions. So applicants should see competition for most jobs.

Sociology has been established as a prominent social science branch under T.U. As member of social science, it encompasses the aspect like human evolution, Human Behavior,social institutions, social structure, social conflict and cultural complex of various societies in the world. In dealing with these aspects, Sociology/Anthropology makes holistic approach and no other members of this domain have contributed in such a manner

Job prospectus

Career: Sociologists

Sociologists study people and the behavior within the social groups that they form. They also study social institutions such as religion and law. You’ll also examine the problems, from family arguments at the dinner table to violent crime, that occur within groups. Your research might be used by governments and organizations that help people live and work together better.

Many sociologists find work in related fields that require similar skills, such as social services, education, and public policy. For the best opportunities, build skills in statistics and research and learn about applied sociology -- that is, how sociology can be used to solve practical problems.