Post Graduate (Degree) Campus Biratnagar

Biratnagar, Morang
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  1. The students having highest marks in Bachelor level admitted in this campus in each department get Rs. 2000 at once.
  2. Students having got highest marks in the first year of each department get Rs 2000 at once.
  3. Girls having highest marks in the first year exam in each department will get Rs. 2000 at once.
  4. 20 percent of enrolled students get free in their monthly fee per year in the basis of their income level.


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Map for Post Graduate (Degree) Campus Biratnagar


Post Graduate Campus Biratnagar also known as Degree Campus was established in 2040 BS as a PG extension program of MMC BRT. Latter on it was separated as a different campus. A three storied building having 12 rooms and a tower of airport was provided to this campus by the government of Nepal. Latter on another building having 17 rooms was provided to this campus with 4 Bigaha of land. 
Other building and rooms were constructed from the donation of Tribhuvan University and internal fund of the campus. There are three faculties ' humanities, commerce and science having different disciplines in this campus. All together 9 departments in humanities and two in science are there at present. There are more than 70 teachers. Most of them are permanent having Ph. D. degree.