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Established in 1999, Ace has evolved into one of the best providers of management education in the country. In our more than two decades of history, since our inception in 1999, we have established ourselves as a leading institution that is living its vision of enhancing capacity of individuals and institutions in Nepal to contribute to the nation’s development. 
Currently, Ace operates with following two institutions under its umbrella: 

Salient Features

Ace is well known for providing transformational learning experience to students. At Ace, we believe in  bringing out the best in the students through classroom learnings and out of classes experiences. Ace  enjoys a distinguished reputation of adopting a student-centric and individualized approach. We focus  on all-round development of students through a holistic approach to learning. Some key highlights of  activities focusing on holistic development of students are as follows:

Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures

Experts from the field of business and management, across different industries, are regularly invited to interact and impart their knowledge, skills and expertise to the students. The objective of these seminars, workshops and guest lecture sessions is to acquaint the students with the real-world business situations, and to provide them with an understanding of how their learnings inside the classroom translates into application in the real world. 

Business and Management Festivals 

Business and Management Festivals are held with the objective of providing students of not just Ace, but students across Nepal and beyond, a platform to exhibit and showcase their capabilities in Administration, Business, Entrepreneurship and Management. Various sub-events incorporating elements of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and Current Affairs are conducted. 

Performing Arts and Culture

Various events and activities ranging from Annual Drama, Acoustic Music Festival, Fashion Show, Dance, Singing, Art and Painting, Press Conference, Radio Jingles, Video Advertisements etc., are organized to provide a platform to students to express their creativity and talent. 

Tours and Recreation

International Tours are organized for the students where they travel outside Nepal and experience international cultures, traditions and people. National tours are also organized where students travel and trek to different parts of the country and get to know Nepal more. Similarly, Industrial Tours are regularly organized where the students are taken to different organizations, and are oriented about the process of production, supply-chain, marketing and selling of different products of those organizations 

Participation in International Events 

The students of Ace participate at various International Management and Business Events held outside Nepal, with the objective to gain a wider and an international perspective on business and management practices. These events bring together students from different parts of the world, and incorporate various competitive activities related to business and management. 

Athletics & Sports 

The Sporting Event at Ace celebrates the sportsman spirit and competitive nature of every individual and teams participating in various sports such as football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, badminton chess etc. 

Social Initiatives 

Ace conducts different social campaigns in collaboration with various social and health organizations. Blood Donation campaigns are regularly organized. Various other programs are organized to spread awareness about different kinds of social issues. Moreover, fundraising campaigns are conducted, aimed at assisting underprivileged people to receive medical and other forms of support. 

Ace Student Clubs 

Ace houses over a dozen student-led clubs, where students can participate keeping in mind their interests. The college encourages its students to actively participate in the events and activities of respective clubs so that they can bring in ideas that result in value for students and society at large. By enlisting themselves in one or more of the clubs, students have scope to explore their interests, develop leadership potential and expose themselves to a wider network of like-minded individuals. Existing Student led Clubs: 

  • Communication Club 
  • Book Club 
  • Toastmasters Club 
  • Sustainability Club 
  • Music Club 
  • Finance Club 
  • Adventure Club 
  • Drama Club 
  • Marketing Club 
  • Social Club 
  • Sports Club 

Ascend (Ace Startup Center)

Ascend is a go-to hub for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into action. Ascend is a safe space for entrepreneurs to launch, develop and grow their business ideas. Ascend seeks to bring compassion, collaboration and creativity by building a community of determined individuals. 

Ascend helps passionate and budding entrepreneurs transform their ideas into strong, scalable & successful startups. 

What Ascend Does

  • Pre-Incubation Program 
  • One-One mentorship & Workshops 
  • Community Workspace 

Placement and Career Cell

Since the inception, for the last 25 years Ace graduates have been among the most sought-after candidates in Nepal’s employment market. They have been placed in various organizations like banks and financial institutions, FMCG sector, NGO’s/INGO’s, manufacturing organizations, service sector etc. in Nepal and abroad, which is a strong indicator of the quality of the graduates perceived by the job market. 

Ace has established a formal placement cell, which will focus on activities related to placements – both on and off-campus. This will also serve as a one-window contact for any placement inquiries both by students and potential employers. Interested employers can get in touch with us and based on their query, the college can organize for them to participate in its career fair and other recruitment activities including corporate presentations, CVs screening, and job interviews. 

Unique Features at Ace A Level

Ace presents a comprehensive and enriching A level program, offering a wide range of subjects spanning the fields of science, management, and social sciences, with the aim of preparing students for a variety of higher education avenues.

The institution boasts a holistic Guidance Counselling Program, a pioneering initiative in Nepal, tailored to ensure that students' educational journey aligns with their aspirations and goals, equipping them for the next stage of academic pursuit.

Under a project-based learning framework, co-curricular activities are orchestrated and executed by students themselves. Over the course of two academic years, students propose and implement 10 projects aimed at augmenting their understanding of the subjects they are studying. Examples of these projects include talk programs, conclaves, panel discussions, life-skills seminars, guest lectures, cultural exchanges, travel opportunities, and a variety of campus events such as MUN, Ace Utsav, and Sports week.

IELTS Preparation Classes

Their inclusive English language preparation courses guarantee proficiency across all test sections. These courses are designed to equip students with strategies to excel, improve language skills, and bolster confidence through tailored practice sessions. With expert guidance and a focused approach, students can attain their desired scores.

Spanish Classes

Ace A Level students participate in Spanish courses that expand their horizons while also improving their cognitive skills and cultural awareness. These classes are highly beneficial for A-level students, providing access to a vibrant cultural and linguistic environment. Proficiency in Spanish creates pathways to various academic prospects and facilitates international communication, giving students a competitive advantage in today's interconnected world.

Digital Marketing Classes

At Ace, the significance of digital marketing in students' skill enhancement is underscored. The A-Level digital marketing courses at Ace delve into contemporary strategies encompassing digital platforms, social media analytics, and effective campaign tactics such as SEO and content creation. Students acquire practical experience, refining their proficiency in digital tools and sharpening their critical thinking abilities. This initiative equips them to thrive in the ever-evolving marketing sphere.

Higher Education Counselors

Ace's Higher Education Counselors are dedicated to offering comprehensive assistance to A-level students throughout their academic journey. Over the span of two years, they provide individualized support to each student, aiding them in making informed decisions and realizing their higher education aspirations. Their approach encompasses personalized guidance tailored to individual strengths, interests, and career ambitions, as well as assistance in selecting suitable universities or colleges based on program preferences and academic goals. They also provide support throughout the application process, including help with documentation, essays, and other essential materials, while also offering guidance on standardized test preparation such as the SAT or ACT. Additionally, they offer insights into scholarship opportunities and financial aid to support students' educational endeavors, along with career counseling to align academic pursuits with potential career paths. They provide training and support for university admission interviews, enhancing students' confidence and readiness, and offer transition assistance to ensure a seamless shift from A-levels to higher education.

Admission Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria


Students who have successfully completed 10+2 examination conducted by National Examinations Board (NEB) or Equivalent are eligible to apply. Students who have appeared in NEB or due to appear in NEB or equivalent board examination and expect to complete it before the beginning of the session at Ace, are also eligible to apply. Students who have completed their examinations from Boards other than NEB or Tribuvan University, however, must get an authorized letter of certification form either NEB or Pokhara University / Tribhuvan University certifying that their examination boards are equivalent, and they are eligible to take admission. 

MBA and MBA Evening

 Students, who have successfully completed or expect to successfully complete, a minimum three years bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline, with a minimum of 45% or 2 CGPA are eligible to apply.


Students, who have successfully completed bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline, with a minimum of 45% or 2 CGPA, and minimum two years of full-time work experience after the completion of their Bachelors Program, are eligible to apply.

Enrollment Procedure


It is mandatory for students to complete an online application form on the official college website. The necessary documents need to be provided to the college along with the application. Subsequently, students need to engage in a presentation and interview as part of the admission process prior to gaining acceptance into the college.

MBA, EMBA and MBA-Evening

  • Online Form Submission: All candidates are required to complete an online application form to be registered for the admission process. The online form can be fillied HERE.
  • Computer Based Test (CBT): After the submission of online form, all candidates should appear for a Computer Based Test (CBT) conducted by Ace Institute of Management. It is a two-hour long test which can be taken at the convenience of the applicant. The admission office will provide a date and time of the CBT to the applicant after receiving the completed application.
  • Personal Interview: After the completion of the CBT, the applicants will need to appear for a personal Interview which is the final stage of the selection process. Upon completion of personal interview, selected applicants will be issued the Offer of Admission.

Ace A Level


The admission process commences upon the submission of a fully completed registration form in the prescribed format. The registration form is accessible via the provided link HERE.

Computer Based Test - CBT

The complete Computer-Based Test (CBT) and its individual components each have specific maximum time limits already set. Serving as an assessment tool, CBT enables candidates to showcase their proficiency in critical reading, logical reasoning, and problem-solving in mathematics with ingenuity and understanding. Fundamentally, the primary goal of CBT is to enable applicants to exhibit their capability to independently tackle tasks under time constraints.

Personal Interview

While an invitation to interview is a promising sign of interest, it does not ensure admission. The interview is just one aspect among many that the admission committee evaluates before reaching a final decision. Serving as a tool, it allows the committee to gain deeper insight into the applicant through conversation. Our selection process is thorough, relying on both the interview and past academic performance to determine admission to the program.


Merit and need based scholarships are available as per the scholarship policy of the college. Students can get in touch with the Admissions Office and the Office of the Student Services for details.

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RAI School, Naxal, Kathmandu
RAI School, Naxal, Kathmandu
  • Naxal (Near Balmandir Compound), Kathmandu
Brihaspati Vidyasadan
Brihaspati Vidyasadan
  • Maligaun, Naxal, Kathmandu


Ace Institute of Management  pioneered the introduction of various programs, including BBA, BBA-BI, and MBA, with the distinction of being the first to offer an Executive MBA in Nepal. Throughout its journey, Ace has fostered an environment where students excel both academically and in extracurricular pursuits. The combination of in-classroom learning and out-of-class experiences has played a pivotal role in establishing Ace as an educational powerhouse for the past 25 years.

Philosophy of Ace

  • We learn more when we assume responsibility for and self-regulate our learning. 
  • Learning never ends if we avoid intellectual arrogance and embrace intellectual humility. 
  • We learn more if we compete only with self and cooperate and collaborate with others. 
  • Learning is a choice; with mental effort and persistence everyone can learn.

Values of Ace

  • Honesty in work.
  • Sincerity in relationships. 
  • Respect for self and others. 
  • Responsibility for one’s actions. 
  • Reflecting on and learning from our experience. 
  • Care for resources. 
  • Respect for laws and regulations.

Ace A Level

The Ace A Level program embraces a holistic approach, aiming to deliver a rich and transformative learning journey for students, equipping them thoroughly for their future academic pursuits, careers, and personal lives. Focused on fostering leadership qualities, the program actively involves students in a variety of extracurricular and cocurricular activities.

Guided by the belief that individuals have diverse learning styles and that no single approach reigns supreme, the program empowers students to take ownership of their learning journey. Teachers serve as guides, helping students grasp foundational concepts and apply them to real-world contexts. The instructional methodology at Ace A Level program encompasses lectures, group exercises, games, projects, case studies, simulations, and presentations. Lectures are interactive, encouraging active engagement from students. Ace cultivates an atmosphere where students play an active role in shaping their distinctive learning encounters.