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The BBA-BI program, titled Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance, is designed to furnish students with a strong foundational knowledge, conceptual grasp, and practical skills in the realm of business and management, particularly emphasizing finance, banking, and insurance. Spanning four years, this bachelor's degree program consists of eight semesters, during which students must register for specified courses each term. Each course entails a minimum of approximately 48 hours of direct engagement.

Successful completion of the program necessitates a student's fulfillment of coursework, project assignments, and a structured internship. The Project Work segment entails on-site investigation and empirical analysis of data gathered in the field. Furthermore, students must compile a project report following specific guidelines. The internship duration extends from six to eight weeks and is situated within the sixth semester. The college facilitates internship opportunities for all program participants. Throughout this period, a faculty supervisor from the college, alongside a representative from the host organization where the student is interning, jointly oversee the student's progress.

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