BBA in Banking and Insurance

BBA in Banking and Insurance

4 years

The BBA-BI is a four years, 8 semesters bachelor degree program run by Pokhara University via various affiliated Business Colleges. Currently 16 Business Schools offers BBA-BI program in Nepal.

A student needs to successfully complete 126 credit hours of course work, a summer project and an internship before graduation.The course is designed to accelerate professional development in students with superior career orientation and versatility.

Over the last two decades, the field of banking, finance and insurance has become increasingly technical, specialized and competitive. Innovations in IT have revolutionized this industry and the entry of global players in this industry has made the market even more competitive. Banking and insurance organizations now require employees who could exhibit skills, knowledge and experience beyond those provided by typical traditional academic institutes. As a result, there is a significant demand for academic courses that specially focus on the concepts and skills specifically required for the banking and insurance business.The existing courses in the country do not fully cater to this emerging demand.

Summer Project is undertaken during the fourth semester. The project work involves field work and empirical analysis of the information collected from the field. The students are also required to prepare a project report in a prescribed format.

Internship lasts for a period of six to eight weeks. Colleges arrange the internship for all the students enrolled in the program. During the internship, a student is supervised by a faculty supervisor assigned from the college and a supervisor from the respective organization where he/ she is doing the internship.

The objective of the BBA-BI program are,

  • To develop sound knowledge base and proper conceptual underpinnings of business management, banking, finance and insurance.
  • To make students well acquainted with the broader contexts of business organizations in Nepal and the wider world
  • To make students independent, critical and creative thinkers with analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • To make students competent in written and oral communication, including the ability to use electronic media and computers for business communication.
  • To develop the ability to work in teams and individually.


Salient Features

Proposed Fee Structure for BBA-BI in Pokhara University School of Business Lekhnath, Kaski for the academic year 


Eligibility for Enrollment for BBA-BI

Students should have scored minimum of "C" Grade in all subjects in 10+2 (Secondary Level)


Students who have successfully completed or expect to successfully complete Higher Secondary or equivalent examination with minimum second division are eligible to apply. Students who have come from boards other than HSEB or Tribhuvan University, however, must get the authorized letter of certification from either HSEB or Pokhara University to prove that their examination boards are equivalent and eligible to take admissions.

Further Study Options

The BBA - BI graduates will have a very sound academic and professional foundation to enable them to pursue Masters Level (MBA -general or MBA specialized in Banking and Insurance and so on) studies in Banking, Finance, Insurance, General Business Administration and other related areas.

Job Prospects

Career Opportunities

Banking and insurance sectors in the country and abroad are growing in leaps and bounds. The BBA-BI course at Apex prepares students to join at entry level in any banking, finance and insurance organizations. Since they are educated and trained in the conceptual and operational aspects of these sectors, BBA-BI graduates are better placed to work for such organizations and can prove to be more competent professionals. Besides these organizations, the graduates can also work in the functional areas of any organization, whether private or public, domestic or international.

Curricular Structure

The BBA-BI graduate holders will have a very sound academic and professional foundation to enable them to pursue Masters level ( MBA - general, MBA - focused in Banking and Insurance and so on ) studies in Banking, Finance, Insurance, General Business Administration and other related areas.

A student needs to successfully complete 126 credit hours of course work, one summer internship and one summer project to earn the BBA-BI degree. Recognizing the need for both breadth and depth, the curriculum for this program has been designed to comprise the core, concentration and elective components. Because of the increasing emphasis on having broad-based knowledge and wider outlook, it is essential for them to study a required number of modules related to general business administrative and allied subjects. The BBA-BI course structure is as follows:

  • Banking, Finance and Insurance - 19 courses
  • General Management - 10 courses
  • Support and Analytical Tools - 10 courses
  • Electives - 3 courses

Elective Courses

  1. Issues in Banking and Finance
  2. Security Analysis
  3. IT for Financial and Insurance Services
  4. Special Topics in Financial and Insurance Services
  5. Issues in Insurance
  6. Special Topics in Insurance
  7. Real Estate Management
  8. Insurance and Financial Planning
  9. Entrepreneurship in Banking and Insurance
  10. Options and Derivatives
  11. Investment Decisions
  12. Trade Finance


Component (Area) Total Credits No of Courses
General management 30 10
Support and Analytical Component 30 10
Banking and Insurance* 57 19
Elective Component 9 3

Note: Summer project and Internship are included in Banking and Insurance component for BBA- BI


Year 1 Semester I
Course Component Credit Hours
Business Communication I Support & Analytical 3
Mathematics I Support & Analytical 3
Microeconomics Support & Analytical 3
Principles of Management General Management 3
Programming Language Support & Analytical 3

Year 1 Semester II

Course Component Credit Hours
Business Communication II Support & Analytical 3
Macroeconomics Support & Analytical 3
Financial Accounting I General Management 3
Mathematics II Support & Analytical 3
Fundamentals of MoneyBanking & Insurance Banking & Insurance 3

Year 2 Semester III

Course Component Credit Hours
Business Statistics Support & Analytical 3
Organizational Relations General Management 3
Financial Accounting II General Management 3
Commercial Bank Management Banking & Insurance 3
Laws of Banking & Insurance Banking & Insurance 3

Year 2 Semester IV

ICourse Component Credit Hours
Data Analysis and Modeling Support & Analytical 3
Management Accounting General Management 3
Risk, Risk Management and Insurance Banking & Insurance 3
Financial Institutions and Markets Banking & Insurance 3
Research Methodology Support & Analytical 3
Summer Project Work Banking & Insurance 3

Year 3 Semester V

Course Component Credit Hours
Life and Health Insurance Banking & Insurance 3
Credit Risk Management Banking & Insurance 3
Services Marketing General Management 3
Finance I Banking & Insurance 3
Human Resource Management General Management 3

Year 3 Semester VI

Course Component Credit Hours
Nepalese Business Environment General Management 3
Finance II Banking & Insurance 3
International Finance Banking & Insurance 3
Seminar in Working CapitalManagement Banking & Insurance 3
Property, Liability andPecuniary Loss Insurance Banking & Insurance 3
Internship Banking & Insurance 3

Year 4 Semester VII

Course Component Credit Hours
Financial Information System Banking & Insurance 3
Elective I Specialization 3
Portfolio Management &Investment Analysis Banking & Insurance 3
Operations Management General Management 3
International Banking System Banking & Insurance 3

Year 4 Semester VIII

Course Component Credit Hours
Strategic Management General Management 3
Treasury Management Banking & Insurance 3
Elective II Specialization 3
Elective III Specialization 3
Seminar in e-Banking and Insurance Banking & Insurance 3