Brihaspati Vidyasadan

Maligaun, Naxal, Kathmandu
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Located in the heart of Kathmandu, Brihaspati Vidyasadan boasts the status of being one of the nation's premier schools. Over the past 39 years, it has maintained a reputation for upholding rigorous academic standards while fostering a supportive environment aimed at nurturing the holistic development of its students.

1 - 12

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Salient Features


The array of co-curricular initiatives at Brihaspati encompasses excursions, entrepreneurship ventures, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) courses, and community engagement endeavors. These endeavors aim to foster the cultivation of students' leadership, collaborative, and communicative proficiencies. Additionally, Brihaspati offers an assortment of extracurricular pursuits including music and instrument instruction, dance workshops, various sports, swimming, as well as art and crafts activities.

Through these year-round activities, students are provided with opportunities to explore and realize their individual potential within a nurturing, secure, and wholesome environment.


Students of every age are afforded the chance to participate in field trips or overnight excursions throughout the academic year.

Music and Instruments

Students have the option to select from a diverse array of instruments, spanning from contemporary to classical, according to their individual interests and proficiency levels.

Performing Arts

Performing arts such as dance, theater, and vocal singing are integral components of student life at Brihaspati Vidyasadan, providing students with opportunities to showcase their talents and enjoy themselves in the process.


Students engage in a variety of sports, including basketball, futsal, wall climbing, roller skating, taekwondo, table tennis, and swimming.

Art and Craft

Art presents students with a realm of opportunities to explore unconventional ideas and express themselves in a fulfilling manner, all while acknowledging the significance their creations contribute to the school community.


STEAM education, integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, serves as a learning methodology wherein students acquire the skills to innovate and apply theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios.

Events at BVS

At Brihaspati, students partake in a diverse range of events throughout the academic year, fostering community building, establishing connections, and fostering school pride. These occasions offer students the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the confines of academics, as they interact with peers and the broader community beyond the classroom environment.

One Act Play

The One Act Play serves as an inter-house acting competition, providing students with the platform to display their individual performances.


Natyamani is a yearly theatrical production organized by members of the theater club.


The annual festival is coordinated by students in the +2 program.


An annual exhibition is held to display the projects completed by students involved in the STEAM program.

Brihaspati Unplugged

An annual event organized by students in the +2 program, designed to inspire students to exhibit their musical talents.

Sports Week

A week-long event is arranged, enabling students to engage in diverse sports activities and put their skills to the test.

Indra Jatra

An annual simulation of a prominent festival within the Newar Community is orchestrated by Grade 5 students as part of their project-based learning (PBL) and integrated social studies curriculum.

Student Support at BVS

Social and Emotional Support

The promotion of mental health and well-being at our school entails fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment through collaborative efforts involving the entire school community. This includes providing timely social and emotional support for individuals with additional needs, as well as actively involving students and families in decision-making processes.

Resilience Building for Students

Resilience building is prioritized at the school through various approaches, including fostering positive social connections, maintaining a safe and secure environment, promoting positive coping strategies and problem-solving skills, instilling pro-social values, and cultivating a sense of purpose and responsibility among students.

Community Partnership

Brihaspati Vidyasadan has upheld a longstanding tradition of actively engaging with both the local community and broader society. Students are not only encouraged but also expected to cultivate an understanding of and dedication to the common welfare as an essential component of their educational journey. Consequently, the institution provides a variety of programs and opportunities to support these objectives.

Character Education

Character development stands as a primary educational objective at Brihaspati. Recognizing that each student possesses inherent skills, predispositions, or character strengths, the school prioritizes nurturing these attributes. Teachers assume the role of mentors, employing an individualized, reflective, and goal-driven approach to empower students in pursuing and realizing their unique character goals. Collaboration with parents and pertinent school authorities is sought when needed. Among the character strengths emphasized are gratitude, hope, prudence, integrity, persistence, love of learning, social intelligence, and self-regulation.

Non-Violent Cpmmunication 

Recognizing one's own emotions and those of others creates pathways to understanding human needs and fostering connections.

Admission Guidelines

The candidate or parent is required to complete the 'Application for Registration' and submit it to the School Admissions Office, accompanied by the specified Registration Fee and the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate (Issued by local government- ward office, rural municipality etc) 
  • Two recent passport size colored photographs of the candidate. 
  • Copy of Parent’s citizenship or passport. 
  • Copy of latest Marksheet and other school issued certificates (character/ recommendation/ transfer). For grade 2 and above. 
  • To apply for admission to grade 1, a candidate's age on their birth certificate should show at least 5 and a half years complete. With each passing grade, the minimum age required increases by one year. 

BVS also allows online application, which can be done HERE.

Upon submission of the registration form along with the aforementioned documents, parents are required to participate in the school's admission information session. Accepted candidates for grade 3 and below are eligible to pay the admission fees and secure their admission. However, candidates for grades 4 and above must undergo an admissions aptitude test on the specified date.

Admission is granted only upon receipt of test results and subject to seat availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Confirmation of admission is contingent upon payment of admission fees following document verification.

Please note that no refund will be made under any condition once admission is confirmed. 


All scholarships will be awarded upon submission of the application along with the required supporting documents. The school's selection committee reserves the authority to approve or decline scholarship applications.

Children of Brihaspati Vidyasadan Alumni are eligible for a 50% reduction in tuition fees, while siblings from the same parents also qualify for a 50% reduction in tuition fees.

About Us

The school has world-class infrastructure at the heart of Kathmandu city including recreational areas i.e, futsal ground, basketball court, swimming pool, cafeteria, etc.

Brihaspati Vidyasadan has a friendly school atmosphere that probes students to ask more meaningful questions and engage in healthy discussions. As the students are exposed to different perspectives during the learning process, they are able to develop the character that nurtures in them a sense of affinity with the world.

Academics at BVS

At Brihaspati, students are equipped with tools, resources, and opportunities to cultivate independence in learning. They are encouraged to adopt a positive and cheerful attitude, show respect for themselves and others, and develop the capacity for making thoughtful and wise decisions in their lives.

Junior School

At Brihaspati, Junior school students are nurtured to embrace independence in their learning journey from the outset. The curriculum is designed to facilitate their ongoing growth and individual development. The institution places significant importance on fostering strong reading skills and promoting resilience as fundamental behavioral attributes among its students.

Primary School

The Primary School program at Brihaspati serves as a transitional phase between the exploratory and creative early years and the academic demands of later education. It offers a wide array of extracurricular and co-curricular activities to enrich student experiences. Teachers in the primary grades prioritize the socio-emotional development of their students right from the planning stages, collaborating with fellow staff members and parents to foster a secure and inclusive environment.

Middle School

The middle school students at Brihaspati are embraced within a close-knit community of enthusiastic learners, engaging in a dynamic curriculum comprising stimulating classes, educational excursions, and hands-on learning experiences. Outside of formal lessons, they participate in a diverse range of activities including sports, theater, roller skating, wall-climbing, arts, music, STEM, and various others. Brihaspati's middle school program endeavors to establish a solid educational groundwork for students, laying the foundation for their future success.

Secondary School

Brihaspati's Secondary School maintains a commitment to excellence in academics, while also fostering the growth of students outside traditional classroom settings. Equipped with cutting-edge laboratories tailored for Science and STEAM programs, students have the opportunity to translate theoretical concepts into tangible, hands-on learning experiences.

Vision of BVS

Imparting quality education and nurturing human values. 

Mission of BVS

We explore the potential of individual students and promote excellence in all walks of life. 

Values of BVS


Understand and connect: Students participate actively in things that matter to them. By being engaged, they understand the context and issues more effectively, thereby venturing into responsible actions. 


Honor others and self: Students know and accept who they are as they are. With this self-esteem, they respect the diversity around them. They know to appreciate differences while seeking a congenial solution. 


Honest and ethical in all interactions: Students say what they do and do what they say, not anything otherwise. They have a sense of regulating themselves whether or not they are being supervised. Ethics is at the core of what they do. 

Student Centric 

Student first approach in everything we do: Everything that’s thought for and done at school is primarily for the sake of students. Students have a sense of not only their intellectual mind but also several other facets of them such as creativity, technological skills, communication, etiquette, social skills, sports, arts, music, leadership etc most aspects of which they work to develop for themselves and support others in developing the same. 


Promote human values among us all: Students have a sense of compassion and extend their responsibility to a larger community. They seek welfare of humans by their service attitude. 

Message from the Principal

Kumar Thapa

Dear Prospective Students and Parents,

Our school is dedicated to unleash the potential of every student and fostering excellence in all aspects of life. With over thirty-nine years of rich history, BVS stands as a beacon of educational excellence focusing on all-round development of each student.

Since joining BVS in 2075, I have recognized the need to infuse vitality into our school activities, integrating subjects to make them relevant and engaging for students. Simultaneously, character development is a priority while fostering a positive bond among parents, students, and teachers. We are regularly reviewing our efforts. As a result, we have built programs to support students' well-being and enhance their academic rigor.

Our achievements and future plans ensure a rewarding, engaging, and transformative experience at BVS. We embrace a blend of progressive education and traditional methods.

Our students are at the heart of all our efforts, guiding them toward a bright future. I extend my gratitude to our team and parents for their unwavering support.

Excitedly witnessing our community grow, we remain committed to realizing our mission. I invite our existing and prospective parents to feel free to visit us to explore more about it.

Warm regards,

Kumar Thapa