Brihaspati Vidyasadan

Maaligaun, Naxal, Kathmandu
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Brihaspati Vidyasadan is located at Naxal, Kathmandu. It was established in 1985 AD. Since then it has grown to become one of the best schools in Nepal. 

With a high emphasis on sports and extra curriculum, students from Brihaspati Vidyasadan excel in a plethora of fields including sports, academics, and arts. To support the students learning, the school has excellent infrastructure and a highly experienced team of teachers and coordinators. Every student is special at Brihaspati Vidyasadan. Every student is provided with the care and guidance they need.

1 - 12

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Salient Features


Overview: BVS’s unique academic program aims to encourage a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and discovery. We have a curriculum that blends the very best of traditional education with an innovative, inquiry-based, cross-curricular approach that allows students to make connections, synthesize knowledge, and develop advanced research skills. By the time our students leave BVS, they will have achieved their best possible grades, a love of learning, and a set of aptitudes that fit them for life in the years ahead.

Programs (Subjects)

Compulsory Subjects: 1. Nepali 2. English 3 Social Studies & Life Skills Education or Mathematics 


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology or Computer Science

Non Science

Group A

  • Accountancy or Psychology

Group B

  • Business Studies or Sociology
  • Economics or Marketing
  • Hotel Management or Computer Science or Business Mathematics 

(Students can choose only 2 subjects from any 2 options of group B non-science) 

Teaching Learning Approach: The teaching methodology in our Plus Two program incorporates a student-centered learning system with the blend of traditional and progressive pedagogies. Our academic courses focus on essential concepts within each subject while also exploring related concepts. Students in our Plus Two program undergo a challenging curriculum that meets their needs at different levels of learning. Subject teachers emphasize the development of students' knowledge and skills through theoretical, abstract applications of the essential concepts of the course while incorporating practical applications as appropriate. The medium of instruction is English.


Overview: At BVS, we offer a variety of activities that allow our high school students to develop particular talents, share common interests, and gain wider experiences. We value our students’ cheerfulness as much as their academic success and behavior. Beyond excellent academics, students are encouraged to think independently where every individual is valued and members of the community treat each other with respect. We offer a host of programs, events, and activities to help students achieve this.

Library: The school has a library with more than 10 thousand books with separate reading and group discussion rooms.

Labs: The school has different modern labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer.

Co-curricular Activities: Co-curricular activities are an essential element of BVS’s education. They combine opportunities for leadership development, creativity, and teamwork. With multiple sports and artistic activities, including music, drama, and other creative opportunities, all students are encouraged to develop existing interests to exciting levels and to take up new ones as well. This enables all students to enjoy themselves across a wide range of sports and creative arts while making use of the school’s impressive facilities.

Our extensive co-curricular programs also aim to provide exciting activities that will stimulate an interest in school life as well as activities to explore their potential other than academics.

Public speaking, coaching & mentoring, debate, quiz, entrepreneurship, STEAM, excursion, and tours are some of the co-curricular activities that take place in the Plus Two program at BVS

Sports: We are deeply committed to our students’ well-being and aim to create an environment where everyone aspires to develop their sporting ability. Various sports programs are on offer, where our students are encouraged to learn and play under guidance of professional coaches and certified trainers. Basketball, football, swimming, table tennis, roller skating and wall climbing are the major in-school sports activities in our high school.

Club & Events: There are multiple clubs that students in our Plus Two program can opt to take part in to further their learning and growth. Clubs at our school have been designed to help students develop their social skills where they fine-tune their interactions with peers and with faculty members. This is also an excellent space to hone students’ leadership skills as they take most of the initiative for the functioning of the clubs. Club activities allow students to discover and further their interests and talents in many ways. Some of the major clubs in our high school include Speakers Club, Event Management Club, Sports Club, and Arts-based Clubs.

Cafeteria and Dining: Our Plus Two facilities include a separate food court for students. The food court offers a variety of healthy meals throughout the school day and has become a hub where students and teachers come to socialize, spend leisure time with friends, work on group projects, or plan both academic and extra-curricular events.

Sanitation and hygiene are taken very seriously by the staff at the food court. Tables and dishes are cleaned after each service.

The world is full of opportunities and students are often unaware of the possibilities that lie ahead of them. There are a plethora of professions one can take up. It is here that counseling and career guidance becomes very important. Our high school counselor helps them make the right choices and identify where their aptitudes and interests lie. Students of Plus Two take a psychometric test and are then guided on the basis of the results obtained to make an informed decision about their choice of subjects/career.

Group information sessions, as well as individual advising sessions, are offered on a regular basis to discuss issues such as appropriate programs, university/college selection, scholarship research, making the transition from school to university/college, and career-related planning. Numerous personalities from different sectors and universities around the world visit BVS as guest lecturers, sharing with student’s information on global opportunities and possibilities.

Parents’ Counselling: Career counseling sessions in schools provide clarity to both students and parents about numerous career choices available today.

Resume, Statement of Purpose and Personal Essay Writing

Students are taught what personal essay writing consists of and how it is important in the application process, especially while applying abroad. Counselors and teachers also provide assistance to our students during the application process.

University Connections

University representatives, who visit the school and interact with our students, help them to understand why it makes sense to choose a particular university. They guide them regarding opening windows, college alerts, and requirements for entrance to a particular university.

Admission Guidelines

The prospective students have to go through the following steps for admission:

  • Attain info session
  • Submit an application form
  • Appear in entrance test and Interview Upon being selected
  • Enroll in the chosen program


  • Minimum C grade in each subjects for science program.
  • Minimum D grade in each subjects for non-science program.


Brihaspati Vidyasadan offers merit based scholarships. *Such scholarships will be based on student's grade in SEE.

About Us

The school has world-class infrastructure at the heart of Kathmandu city including recreational areas i.e, futsal ground, basketball court, swimming pool, cafeteria, etc.

Brihaspati Vidyasadan has a friendly school atmosphere that probes students to ask more meaningful questions and engage in healthy discussions. As the students are exposed to different perspectives during the learning process, they are able to develop the character that nurtures in them a sense of affinity with the world.


To explore the potential of individual students and promote excellence in all walks of life.


  • Engagement – Understand and connect
  • Respect – Honor others and self
  • Integrity – Honest and ethical in all interactions
  • Student-centered – Student-first approach in everything we do
  • Humanistic – Promote human values among us all

Message from the Principal

Kumar Thapa

Dear Prospective students and parents,

Our school has the mission that we explore the potential of individual students and promote excellence in every walk of life. With its history of well over thirty five years and ground-breaking strategies into the future, BVS represents excellence in all aspects of its operation.

When I assessed the situation of BVS after joining in 2075, I found that the school has a great history and tradition. One need would be to bring in some life and variety to school activities while integrating various subjects and making them relevant to life so that students have greater exposure, more fun and a higher level of understanding. To me, character education was another focus to work on by establishing a more positive and stronger triangular bond between parents, students and teachers.

What we have achieved so far and what we plan ahead complement the fact that your experience at BVS will be highly rewarding, full of meaningful enagagement and most certainly life-changing.

Besides, we are a school that believes in the best blend of progressive education pedagogies and traditional teaching methods. To understand this model of education and how we are doing it, I invite our existing and prospective parents to feel free to visit us to explore more about it.

In all our endeavours, our students remain at the center of everything we do in order to enable them to achieve the best future they deserve.

I appreciate our internal team and parents equally for believing in and supporting for this mission. It is exciting to witness growing community at BVS while ensuring that the BVS team is committed to realizing its mission.

Kumar Thapa