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Admission Open for A Level at Ace Institute of Management

From April 02, 2024
Until April 30, 2024

Located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Ace Institute of Management has announced pre-registration open for their A Level Non-Science and A Level Science programs for the academic year 2024.

At Ace, students are encouraged to not only ace their academics but also participate in a plethora of Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities that help shape their future.

Interested students are invited to the college for Inquiries and Visits.

Unique Features of Ace A-Level

Distinguished as an exclusive institution dedicated to management education, Ace offers an A-level program solely focused on the management stream. This emphasis on social science subjects extends Ace's established proficiency in delivering education tailored to individuals aspiring for management careers.

The college boasts an inclusive Guidance Counselling Program, a pioneering initiative within Nepal. This program ensures that students' educational journey harmonizes seamlessly with their individual aspirations and purpose.

Embracing a project-based learning philosophy, co-curricular activities will be devised and executed by the students themselves. Over the academic year, students will propose and compete in 10 projects. Selection criteria for these projects will take into account factors such as popularity and feasibility (including safety, diversity, and budget considerations). The projects are strategically designed to enrich the learning outcomes of the subjects they are studying. Examples encompass on-campus discourse sessions, off-campus events, life-skills seminars, exposure to BBA and MBA classes, engaging guest speakers, cultural exchange initiatives, and travel opportunities.

A core facet of the institution's approach lies in fostering a culture of self-directed learning, empowering students to realize the inherent potential within themselves.