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Class Time: 6 PM to 9 PM

The Evening MBA program is tailored for aspiring individuals who seek to attain an MBA degree while simultaneously accruing work experience. This initiative empowers recent graduates to engage in both employment and education concurrently, without making compromises on either front. The structure of this program closely resembles that of the standard MBA, but it distinctly caters to the imperative of learning and earning in tandem. The program's curriculum is designed to harmonize with participants' learning requirements and the minimum completion timeframe, guaranteeing that learners are not overwhelmed by coursework. This approach ensures that their knowledge and skill acquisition remain uncompromised.

The fundamental aim of this degree is to furnish participants with the opportunity to augment their professionalism. It seeks to cultivate within students a strategic perspective when addressing management challenges. Accordingly, the emphasis lies in treating management as a cohesive process, urging students to cultivate a global understanding of the economic, technological, cultural, and political facets of the business landscape.

Upon successfully completing the program, students will be awarded the prestigious Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree conferred by Pokhara University.

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