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Underpinning their philosophy is the belief that each individual learns in a distinct manner and that no single approach holds inherent superiority over the others. Students are strongly encouraged to assume responsibility for their own learning, a principle that forms the bedrock of their educational approach. Faculty members are similarly guided to step into facilitator roles, nurturing an environment where students are empowered to navigate their learning journeys.

Their educational methodology encompasses a wide array of techniques, including lectures, interactive small group exercises, dynamic management simulations, project assignments, in-depth case studies, and engaging presentations. In a bid to create a comprehensive learning experience, they make extensive use of resources such as computers, statistical tools, and audio-visual aids.

The interactive nature of their lecture sessions remains a focal point. Students are actively encouraged to participate by means of case analyses, presentations, and discussions. Feedback mechanisms, coupled with project ventures involving real-world organizational investigations and immersive internships, further enrich the learning process.

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