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THAMES international college is a premier academic institution offering a variety of undergraduate programs. The college comprises of two schools, AMS School of Business and Technology and School of Social Sciences.

AMS School of Business and Technology currently offers Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) and Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), while the newly established School of Social Sciences offers BA in Social Work and Rural Development, BA in Journalism, Mass Communication and Sociology and BA in Sociology and Rural Development. From 2074 BS, Thames International College also started to offer MBS program (semester system). 

All our programs lead to a degree from Nepal's oldest and most reputed Tribhuvan University.


Thames International College ensures world class education that transforms students into independent, co-operative, competent and socially responsible citizens who value education as a lifelong process.

Our Philosophy 

We take a liberal approach to education, introducing a learning that empowers you as individual and prepares you to deal with the complexity, diversity and change in the modern world.

In any of our academic programs, you can gain broad knowledge as well as in-depth study in the specific area of interest. You will always be encouraged to question, challenge, critically reflect, discuss and comment on the concepts and structures which frame the current practices.

A cultural melting pot of communities from all over the country, the college caters to the students from all corners of Nepal.

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Salient features

Induction Seminar 

You will have an opportunity to participate in an Induction Seminar which is designed to make your transition into college smooth and more enjoyable. You will be introduced to college administration, faculty, philosophy, policies, resources and opportunities for student engagement.

First Year Seminar 

Through active participation in the First year Seminar Courses, you will be prepared to take responsibility of your own learning for the rest of your college life and beyond. First Year Seminar courses offered to make you a lifelong learner are

  • Reading and Writing for College
  • Academic Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interactive approach to Academic Reading
  • Case Based Approach to Learning
  • Foundation of Mathematics


You will be assigned an Academic Advisor in your first year to ensure that you have access to information and services that will help you succeed in the college. Academic advisors will meet you in regular intervals and help you create personalized success plans to achieve your academic goals.


Student Council of Thames International College provides an integrated experience for students across the campus and offers a variety of clubs and organizations to enrich your college life experience. You will also have the ability to enhance your academic program through representation in Student Council.

Currently, there are four student clubs:

  • Student Council
  • Rotaract Club
  • Management Club
  • Information Technology Club


Social responsibility is an integral part of our core values. You will be provided with many Community Service opportunities including volunteering in social organizations, fundraising campaigns, rural camps and awareness campaign on various social issues.


As part of the cultural exchange program, you will have opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. Every year, Thames students participate in International Students' Meet at Rourkela, Orissa and Jeunes Du Monde at Toulouse, France. As a part of the Chinese language class, students also have an opportunity to travel to China.


Thames Inter College Cricket Tournament is one of the biggest and the most successful college level sporting event in the country. Every year more than 20 college teams from around the country participate in the event.


The Office of Student Affairs offers you many opportunities to learn and explore new things that otherwise cannot be learnt in the academic courses. The courses offered in the past include, Patan 101: The Heritage Walk, Creating that Perfect Presentation, I can Speak, Critical Thinking for Global Challenges, Creating a Business Plan, Thinkshop for lifelong learners and many more.


Learning foreign language will sensitize you to the world cultures and at the same time make you aware of your own culture. The Office of Student Affairs, in collaboration with its partner institutions, offers you French and Chinese languages.


Our classrooms are designed to meet the requirements of both the course and the faculty. Classrooms are audio-visual equipped with access to high-speed internet. All the classrooms are furnished with comfortable chairs and desks and are suitable for adult students.

Besides classrooms, the college has 4 meeting rooms and 2 group study rooms to facilitate small class sizes. These rooms are used for tutorial classes and group works.


David J. Rusk Library has the most comfortable setting in the campus. With more than 6,000 titles, the library is fully catalogued and automated. You can also remotely access the library from home. International newspapers and periodicals including International Herald Tribune, Harvard Business Review and The Economist are also available in the library. Recently, the library has also launched an online digital repository to share electronic data online and to promote the culture of research.

David J. Rusk Library offers dedicated space for laptop use, group work, as well as a silent study area for Independent learning, The Group Study Room in the library is available for collaborative activities such as presentation preparation.

The library is open for users 9 hours a day 7 am -5 pm, Sunday to Friday. The library is operated by 2 dedicated trained librarians and 2 student employees under the leadership of Head of Library Services.


Our Internet Stations are also housed at the David J. Rusk Library. All the PCs are networked, run Microsoft Office and provide high speed internet access and other networked resources.


The IT Centre is a state-of-the-art computing facility equipped with more than 30 open access work stations. The IT Centre is open 6 days a week from 7 am — 5 pm and is operated by a dedicated staff under the supervision of Head of IT Services. The Internet Station in the library is also operated by the IT Centre.


A student lounge situated at the terrace is open for students for gathering, working in groups, studying and for relaxing between the scheduled classes. This comfortable space is equipped with comfortable furniture, background music, popular magazines and newspapers.


Our campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled. You can access high speed Internet of 8 Mbps from all corners of the campus, be it cafeteria, classrooms, library or the parking lot.


The college has a designated parking lot that can accommodate more than 200 motor bikes and scooters at any point of time.


Cafeteria offers a wide selection of dishes. The menu changes every day and caters for a variety of diets. Open from early in the morning until late in the afternoon, the cafeteria is a popular choice for meals and as a meeting point for students. The cafeteria also houses a drinking water refill station. Water goes through multiple filtration processes including "Reverse Osmosis" before it reaches the refill station.

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Admission guidelines

Thames International College seeks bright, capable and motivated students, who are ready to take advantage of the best education that we offer.

As a highly selective institution, we strive to develop the complete picture of all applicants and what they bring to our college. While the applicant's academic performance is the fact considered heavily in the admission process, application, interview, group discussions and entrance tests are also conducted to judge the applicant better.


Applicant should have completed at least 12 years of schooling.

Applicant should have achieved an average minimum of Second Division in the Intermediate level. Check with our admission team if your grades meet the minimum requirement.


Step 1: Get the application form. The application form is available at the Front Desk of the College. You can download prospectus and application form from the college website.

Step 2:

Submit the completed application form to the Office of Admissions along with application fee of Rs. 1000.00 and required documents mentioned in the form.

While there are no set deadlines for application, the Office of Admission may refuse to accept the application, if the seats for the program you intend to enroll are already filled.

Step 3: When you submit the application form, please make sure you book a date for the Thames Aptitude Test (TAT) and the group discussion. TAT will be conducted every week, throughout the admission season.

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Scholarship information

We recognize the academic achievements of our applicants through our scholarship award programs. Each year, the college commits significant institutional resources for grants and scholarships to assist students.

If you are interested in applying for scholarship, please do so before the admissions. Scholarship Applications received after the admissions will not be entertained.


The Chairman's Scholarship is a comprehensive award for outstanding new corners who enroll in one of the undergraduate programs offered at Thames. The Scholarship is renewable throughout the program.


HCED Need-Based Scholarship Award is awarded by HCED to the incoming student at Thames who is academically strong but requires assistance to pay for the tuition. Interested students should fill up the form and attach it with the application form.

Message from College

Rajendra Man Shrestha picture

Mr. Rajendra Man Shrestha


Thames is more than just a place where you come to study for your degree. It is a community of students and faculty from diverse background coming together with a common belief that learning is a lifelong process. On one hand, you will always find being pushed to take responsibility of your own learning while on the other hand you will be encouraged to question, challenge and critically reflect both in and outside the classroom. Through our integrated Liberal Arts Programs, you will have many opportunities to learn about the wider world, while you continue to develop the expertise in the area of your own interest. You will be offered Community Service opportunities to develop understanding of the contemporary social issues both at global and local level. I look forward to working together with you as we strive to raise the benchmark of higher education in Nepal.

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