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The Madan Bhandari Foundation, a non-profitable trust-based social organization, established Madan Bhandari Memorial (MBM) College in 2001 in Kathmandu.The Foundation envisages developing the college into a centre of excellence. Students from different parts of the country have realized that, equipped with the higher learning in MBM College, they can compete with the best talents at home and abroad in diverse fields. MBM College 's goal is to do everything it can to address the cost of education.

Madan Bhadari Memorial College has been successful in providing opportunities to the students from all over the country. Madan Bhandari Memorial college strongly encourages and helps students to learn and gain knowledge independently. Madan Bhandari Memorial college is run by dedicated team of educationists, academics, and social-workers. The college encourage its students to participate in different co-curricular activities such as cultural, social and sporting pursuits that help them explore hidden talents.

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Madan Bhandari Memorial College

PO Box: 5640

Binayaknagar, (Opposite to Anamnagar),

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Salient features

Salient Features of Madan Bhandari Memorial College:

Pursuing a college education is about exploring choices, discovering possibilities and developing talents. The students at Madan Bhandari Memorial College have more opportunities to explore who they are and discover what they want to do in future, and to develop their potential to the fullest.

  • Strong focus on practical skills
  • Personal attention and counseling
  • Well equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Hotel Management and Journalism
  • A resourceful library for different genres and disciplines
  • Financial assistance to the needy and deserving students
  • Affordable tuition fees and Peaceful academic environment
  • Regular workshops and seminars on relevant issues coupled with frequent national and international educational tours
  • Internet, Multimedia and Research Facilities

Laboratories and FM station

Since Madan Bhandari Memorial College is fully committed to and aware of the benefits of practical education, it has established well -equipped laboratories in its own building. For the science faculty, the college has established Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs. In addition, Practical lab of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) has been set up for the use of students of JMC. Our Hotel Management Practical Lab is one of the finest labs in the city. Similarly, out students regularly conduct different programmes in Mero FM 93.5 MHZ established by Madan Bhandari Memorial College.

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Scholarship information

Scholarships and Free ships

Madan Bhandari Memorial College honours the outstanding performance of the students and awards them with appropriate scholarship schemes, which are set by the college as follows.
Madan Bhandari Gold Medal (+2 Level: Boy and Girl)
5-10% Scholarships to the deserving students, students from marginalized, and deprived and underprivileged groups.


Chairperson Scholarship

Campus Chief Scholarship

Late Kishan Lama Scholarship

Ms. Dhan Kumari Scholarship

Terminal examination topper: Free ship for 3 months
MBM college entrance topper: Special scholarship

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