Ten Plus Two (+2) Science

Ten Plus Two (+2) Science

2 years

Pursuing +2 in Science is suitable for students aspiring to pursue higher education in Health Professional Education (MBBS, BDS, B.Sc Nursing, BPH, etc), Engineering, Computer Science & Information Technology, and other S&T programs. As of April 2024, 622 schools/colleges offer +2 Science (Physical & Biological streams). 

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Pursuing +2 in Science is suitable for the students opting to create/join a career in the field of Science and Technology and related disciplines. 10+2 in science entitles a student with the eligibility to pursue a career in the field of Medicine, Engineering and other applied and theoretical natural science sectors.

  1. Computer Group: This is for the students interested in Computer and allied fields.
  2. Physical Group: This is also for students opting for Engineering and allied fields of Physical Sciences.
  3. Biological Group: This is for the students interested in medicine and allied fields as well as Bio Sciences.

Plus two in Science offers an integrated package in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The program aims to equip students with a level fit for further studies in technology, medicine, engineering and biotechnology. Plus two in Science is for those students who have an aptitude for science and mathematics. This program aims to develop strong foundation in students. On completion, students can pursue their further studies in medicine, engineering or other science related studies.

Salient Features

People's Perception regarding Science:

Most students (and their parents), who have got good scores in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) prefer to take up Science in grade XI.

Students who scored distinction (A+/A) are usually persuaded to study Science. Teachers, Guardians say, "you should study science as your grades are good enough to study science". They also keep on telling, "Science has better career scope than Management, Humanities and Education".

+2 in Science is deemed even more important because it opens doors to every discipline. "After completing Science in +2, students can pursue higher studies in any discipline- agriculture, forestry, or even Management and Humanities.


 For students who completed Grade 10 in the academic year 2079 and wish to enroll in Grade 11, the National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council, in its meeting dated 2079.05.19, decided that students who have completed their Grade 10 studies at the secondary level and wish to continue to Grade 11 must have obtained a minimum average Grade Point (GPA) of 1.6 (one point six) in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) at the end of Grade 10. 


Job Prospects

Hopefully, you are not expecting job right after passing +2 in Science, but you may get some part time jobs at school (to teach Mathematics/Science or home tuition to mentor school level students). You will be eligible to sit for the subba level examination of public service commission (lok sewa aayog).

Most of the students pursue different fields after passing + 2 in Science. Some of the possible available study options are:

Medical: A significant number of students who are pursuing Biology in their +2 level aspire to become doctors, and the reasons for this choice are often driven by either personal interest or parental pressure. Such students usually join preparatory institutions immediately after completing their +2 Science exams. In Nepal, several institutions, such as KU, TU, BPKIHS, and Patan Academy of Health Sciences, provide the MBBS program through their constituent schools or affiliated colleges. Additionally, BDS is also a highly sought-after course among students. If one wishes to serve the community through preventative measures, research, and campaigns, pursuing the BPH course may be a suitable option. For students interested in laboratory work, courses such as B.Sc MLT and BMIT are also available. Other course options include Bachelor in Pharmacy and Bachelor in Medical Microbiology, among others.

Engineering: In Nepal, several universities, including Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, and Pokhara University, offer a variety of engineering programs. Among these, Bachelor in Civil Engineering is highly sought-after due to the abundance of job opportunities in the local market. Additionally, there are other options available such as Bachelor in Electronics and Communication, Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor in Geomatics, Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering, and BE in Information and Technology.

Computer and IT: Various computer and IT related courses are now offered in Nepal. Some of them BSc. CSIT, BE-IT, BIT, BCA, BE Computer Engineering and BE in Software Engineering. Students of other disciplines can also enroll in programs like BCA. To know about individual courses, you can browse course section of edusanjal.

Science and Technology: After plus two you may pursue various science and technology courses with specialization on particular subject of your interest such as Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Statistics etc.

Management: If you find +2 science boring and want to change the fields, there are various Management courses for you. Studying Management after +2 in science wont decrease your reputation in society and is not the sign of failure, but may open unlimited opporutnies for you. You will be eligible to enroll in programs like BBA, BHM, BTTM, BBA-BI, BBS etc after plus two in Science.

Curricular Structure

Curriculum Development Center has recently unveiled the new curriculum for class 11 and 12. The new curriculum has eliminated the system of particular stream-based education like Ten Plus Two Science, Management, Humanities, and so on.

Regular Class 11 and 12 Courses

Compulsory Subjects

Grade 11

S.N.  Class 11 Subjects and Code
1 Nepali [Nep. 001]
2 English Eng. 003
3 Social Studies and Life Skill [Sol. 005] Or Mathematics [Mat. 007]

Grade 12

S.N. Class 12 Subjects and Codes
1 Nepali [Nep. 002]
2 English [Eng. 004]
3 Social Studies and Life Skill [Sol. 006] Or Mathematics [Mat. 008]

Optional Subjects

Grade 11

S.N. Option I Option II Option III Option IV
1 Physics [Phy. 101] Biology [bio. 201] Chemistry [Che. 301] Mathematics [Mat. 401]
2 Accounting [Acc. 103] Education and Development [Ed. 203] Economics [Eco. 303] Applied mathematics [Ama.403]
3 Rural Development [Rd. 105] Geography [Geo. 205] Tourism and Mountaineering Studies [Tms. 305] Business Mathematics [Bmt. 405]
4 Jurisprudence and Legal Theories [Jlt. 107] Procedural Law [Prl. 207] Marketing [Mar. 307] Human rights [Hur. 407]
5 Painting [Pai. 111] Sociology [Soc. 211] Gerontology and Care Taking Education [Gct. 309] Library and Information Science [Lis. 409]
6 Child Development and Learning [Cdl. 115] Ayurveda [Ayu. 213] Yoga [yog. 311] Home Science [Hos. 411]
7 Psychology [Psy. 119] Business Studies [Bus. 215] Vocal/Instrumental [Voc. 313] Environment Science [Ens. 413]
8 History [His. 121] Linguistics [Lin. 217] Sewing and Knitting [Sek. 315] General Law [Gel. 415]
9 Gender Studies [Ges. 123] Political Science [Pol. 219] Constitutional Law [Col. 317] Finance [Fin. 417]
10 Hospitality Management [Hom. 125] Philosophy [Phi. 221] Culinary Arts [Cua. 321] Co-operative management [Com. 419]
11 Agronomy [Agr. 127] Population Studies [Pos. 223] Culture [Cul. 323] Buddhist Studies [Bud. 421]
12 Naturopathy [Nat. 129] Horticulture [Hor. 225] Fashion Designing [Fad. 325] Sculpture [Scu. 423]
13 Human Value Education [Hve. 131] Food and Nutrition [Fon. 227] Film and Documentary [Fid. 327] Signing [Sig. 425]
14   Dance [Dan. 229] Livestock, Poultry and Fish Farming [Lpf. 329] Computer Science [Com. 427]
15   Computer Science [Com. 231] Nepali [Nep. 331] Sericulture and Beekeeping [Sbk. 429]
16     English [Eng. 333] Beautician and Hair Dressing [Beh. 431]
17     Maithili [Mai. 335] Medicinal Herbals [Meh. 433]
18     Newari [New. 337] Plumbing and Wiring [Plw. 435]
19     Hindi [Hin. 339] Internal Decoration [Ind. 437]
20     Chinese Chi. [341] Hotel Management [Hom. 439]
21     German [Jer. 343] Mass Comunication [Mac. 441]
22     Japanese [Jap. 345] Health and Physical Education [Hpe. 443]
23     Korean [Kor. 347] Sports Science [Sps. 445]
24     Urdu [Urd. 349] Social Studies and Life Skills [Sol. 447]
25     Bhojpuri [Bhj. 351]  
26     French [Fre. 353]  
27     Hebrew [Heb. 355]  
28     Arabic [Are. 357]  
29     Sanskrit [San. 359]  
30     Applied Arts [Apa. 361]  

Grade 12

S.N. Option I Option II Option III Option IV
1 Physics [Phy. 102] Biology [bio. 202] Chemistry [Che. 302] Mathematics [Mat. 402]
2 Accounting [Acc. 104] Education and Development [Ed. 204] Economics [Eco. 304] Applied mathematics [Ama.403]
3 Rural Development [Rd. 106] Geography [Geo. 206] Tourism and Mountaineering Studies [Tms. 306] Business Mathematics [Bmt. 406]
4 Nepalese Legal system [Nls. 110] Procedural Law [Prl. 207] Marketing [Mar. 308] Human rights [Hur. 408]
5 Painting [Pai. 112] Sociology [Soc. 212] Gerontology and Care Taking Education [Gct. 310] Library and Information Science [Lis. 409]
6 Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation [Ipe. 118] Ayurveda [Ayu. 214] Yoga [yog. 312] Home Science [Hos. 412]
7 Psychology [Psy. 120] Business Studies [Bus. 216] Vocal/Instrumental [Voc. 314] Environment Science [Ens. 413]
8 History [His. 122] Linguistics [Lin. 218] Sewing and Knitting [Sek. 316] General Law [Gel. 416]
9 Gender Studies [Ges. 124] Political Science [Pol. 220] Constitutional Law [Col. 318] Finance [Fin. 417]
10 Hospitality Management [Hom. 126] Philosophy [Phi. 222] Culinary Arts [Cua. 322] Co-operative management [Com. 420]
11 Agronomy [Agr. 128] Population Studies [Pos. 224] Culture [Cul. 324] Buddhist Studies [Bud. 422]
12 Naturopathy [Nat. 129] Horticulture [Hor. 226] Fashion Designing [Fad. 326] Sculpture [Scu. 424]
13 Human Value Education [Hve. 132] Food and Nutrition [Fon. 228] Film and Documentry [Fid. 328] Signing [Sig. 426]
    Dance [Dan. 230] Livestock, Poultry and Fish Farming [Lpf. 330] Computer Science [Com. 428]
    Computer Science [Com. 232] Nepali [Nep. 332] Sericulture and Beekeeping [Sbk. 430]
      English [Eng. 334] Beautician and Hair Dressing [Beh. 432]
      Maithili [Mai. 336] Medicinal Herbals [Meh. 434]
      Newari [New. 338] Plumbing and Wiring [Plw. 436]
      Hindi [Hin. 340] Internal Decoration [Ind. 437]
      Chinese Chi. [342] Hotel Management [Hom. 440]
      German [Jer. 344] Mass Comunication [Mac. 442]
      Japanese [Jap. 346] Health and Physical Education [Hpe. 444]
      Korean [Kor. 348] Sports Science [Sps. 446]
      Urdu [Urd. 350] Social Studies and Life Skills [Sol. 448]
      Bhojpuri [Bhj. 352]  
      French [Fre. 354]  
      Hebrew [Heb. 356]  
      Arabic [Are. 358]  
      Sanskrit [San. 360]  
      Applied Arts [Apa. 362]  


Old Course Structure

Grade XI

Grade XII







Biology/Computer Science