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United Academy

Kumaripati, Lalitpur

Located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal, United Academy (UA) was established in 1997 and is affiliated with the National Examinations Board (NEB). UA is a college offering +2 programs in Science, Management, Humanities, and Law.


Over the past 25 years, United Academy (UA) has expanded to include United School and United Universal School, providing education up to the SEE level, as well as United College where Bachelors and Masters level courses affiliated to Tribhuvan University are offered.

At UA, advanced teaching techniques are employed to engage students and develop a deep understanding of the subjects. This approach fosters clear conceptual knowledge and allows students to formulate their own perspectives. As a result, students are well-prepared to pursue higher education with confidence. The college creates a conducive environment for quality education through effective management, supported by an academic calendar provided at the start of each session.

UA is dedicated to nurturing students and firmly believes that quality education is closely intertwined with discipline and character development. The motto of UA is to instill a strong sense of discipline in students, making it an integral part of their lives.

The college wholeheartedly embraces the concept of "Clean the Country Through the Classroom" (3Cs), emphasizing cleanliness, respect for seniors, care for juniors, and fostering friendly camaraderie. UA recognizes that moral values are essential in life. Every individual is unique and possesses immense potential, most of which is inherently good and can be further nurtured in a positive environment with supportive companions.

As learning is a lifelong process, UA encourages students to gradually learn about their culture, discipline, and relevant social skills alongside their regular studies. The college strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can thrive with self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.

As a vibrant community, UA takes pride in its administrators, teachers, staff, parents/guardians, students, and other associates who form the united community.

Salient Features

Modern Infrastructures

United Academy boasts state-of-the-art amenities encompassing advanced laboratories, libraries, and classrooms equipped with the latest technologies for comprehensive studies across various disciplines. The campus takes great pride in upholding exceptional standards while providing students with an inviting and enriching learning environment that fosters academic excellence.

Extracurricular Activities

United Academy fosters holistic development and individual growth of its students through a wide range of extracurricular activities. They take pride in organizing cultural and sports events that encourage students to explore their interests beyond the classroom. By providing such opportunities, United Academy prepares students to face future challenges while nurturing their overall personality. 

Career Counseling

United Academy has earned a reputation for its extensive career counseling services, dedicated to helping students identify the perfect career path that aligns with their interests and strengths. Their team of highly experienced professionals provides invaluable guidance in selecting colleges, courses, and career opportunities. By empowering students to make well-informed decisions about their future, they equip them with a competitive edge in achieving their workplace goals and turning their dreams into reality.

Affordable Fees

United Academy offers high-quality education at affordable fees, ensuring accessibility for every student. They firmly believe that education should not be considered a luxury, but rather an essential necessity for personal growth and life improvement. To eliminate financial barriers and enable students to achieve their academic aspirations, United Academy provides affordable tuition options and scholarships. 

Admission Guidelines


Any student who has passed SEE or equivalent exams (ICSE, CBSE) is eligible to apply at United Academy.

*Students who wish to apply before the result of SEE should submit the latest school report card ( class 10’s mark sheet).

Admission Process

  • Students are required to attend an entrance examination.
  • Students that pass the entrance examination are required to attend an ability test that ensures that the the subject they chose is suited for them. 


United Academy provides generous scholarships to students who perform exceptionally well in the NEB examination, with 100% scholarships for the first position, 75% for the second and 50% for the third. And that’s not all, we also offer scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds as recommended by the Education Office of Lalitpur Metropolitan City.


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