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Located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal, United Academy (UA) was established in 1997 AD and is affiliated with the National Examinations Board (NEB). UA is a college offering +2 programs in Science, Management, Humanities, and Law.

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Salient Features


United Academy (UA) offers hostel facilities for both boys and girls within its premises, consisting of five blocks for girls and six blocks for boys, each well-equipped for comfortable living and supervised by wardens. A Residential Nurse is available 24/7 to attend to students' health needs. The hostel's structured routine begins with a morning assembly at 5:45 am, featuring physical training activities like Taekwondo. Following breakfast in the cafeteria, students participate in self-clean-up, fostering a sense of responsibility. Study time from 7 am to 10 am includes tutoring, while self-study from 7 pm to 11 pm is supervised. Meals are scheduled at 6 am, 10 am, and 6 pm, with formal classes from 10:55 am to 5 pm. Weekends offer recreational activities like movies, games, and sports, with amenities including the United Coffee Club. Additional classes in Zumba and Taekwondo, along with gym access and movie screenings, complement the routine. UA Hostel aims to provide a secure, supportive, and enjoyable environment, fostering socialization and memorable experiences for its students.

Medical Services

United Academy (UA) underscores its dedication to the health and well-being of its students and staff through the establishment of a comprehensive health center on its premises, offering general treatments, first aid, and health counseling services. With a commitment to ensuring prompt and reliable medical attention for all community members, the UA Health Centre, staffed by qualified healthcare professionals, provides primary healthcare services including preventive care and health education. Operating from 6 am to 5 pm, the center extends its services to hostel students and staff with 24-hour emergency medical assistance available. UA maintains a hygienic and secure environment within the health center, equipped with modern medical facilities and adhering to stringent safety and privacy protocols. Encouraging regular utilization of its services, the center offers general check-ups, treatment for common illnesses, vaccinations, and health counseling sessions, promoting healthy lifestyles and stress management. Recognizing the pivotal role of good health in academic success, UA remains steadfast in providing students and staff with the necessary medical attention and support for their overall well-being.


United Academy (UA) recognizes the array of challenges students encounter throughout their academic journey and acknowledges the pivotal role mental health and well-being play in ensuring academic success, thus providing counseling services through a team of professional counselors. Open from Sunday to Friday, UA's counseling services are facilitated by qualified professionals, fostering a safe and supportive environment for students to voice their concerns and issues confidentially. The counseling team offers personalized assistance to address academic stress, personal matters, and interpersonal relationships, prioritizing student privacy and comfort. Individual counseling sessions allow students to discuss concerns and receive tailored guidance, while group sessions promote peer interaction and shared coping strategies. UA views counseling as integral to holistic education, collaborating with teachers and staff to furnish students with the requisite support to navigate academic and personal challenges effectively.

Food and Drinks

Students can relish delicious and hygienic food in a welcoming atmosphere at the United Cafeteria Club. Located within the Academy premises, the United Café offers a diverse array of breakfast, lunch, and snack options, prioritizing nutritious meals crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Alongside daily specials and seasonal dishes, United Café ensures there's something for everyone, whether craving a hearty sandwich or a fresh croissant. The café fosters a comfortable environment for students to unwind, socialize, and savor their meals, supported by friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist with meal selections. In addition, United Canteen serves freshly cooked wholesome meals prepared by experienced chefs, with a spacious dining hall where students and teachers dine together. Meanwhile, United Coffee Club provides an urban dining experience with cakes, sandwiches, pies, and a variety of hot and cold beverages, perfect for socializing with friends over freshly brewed coffee or tea. United Coffee Club promises an enjoyable dining experience within the Academy premises, inviting visitors to indulge in its diverse culinary offerings firsthand.


United Academy, acknowledging the significance of teamwork and collaboration in various life domains, promotes these skills among students engaged in team sports like basketball and table tennis, fostering effective communication, mutual support, and pursuit of common objectives. With a comprehensive sports program, UA emphasizes holistic education, encompassing physical and mental well-being alongside essential life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline, evident through annual competitions held throughout the academic session. These events are complemented through regular training sessions and coaching facilitated by experienced mentors, aimed at enhancing students' skills, techniques, and strategic acumen. Recognizing the mental benefits of sports, UA encourages participation in chess for its cognitive advantages, including improved critical thinking and decision-making abilities. Upholding a competitive yet amicable environment, the academy prioritizes sportsmanship and fair play, expecting students to demonstrate respect for opponents, coaches, and officials while upholding integrity and honesty in their conduct.

Guest Lectures

To acquaint students with the latest developments and theories in various subjects, United Academy invites guest lecturers, including reputed teachers, writers, and professionals. Recent guest lectures have featured notable figures such as Saddichha Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2010, who shared valuable insights on acing board exams. Additionally, panel discussions on topics like "Robotics and AI for Education" have featured esteemed professionals including Ruchi Pandey, Er. Roshan Pandey, and Er. Ramesh Shrestha, moderated by Er. Bikash Gurung. Mr. Binaya Ratna Shakya provided guidance on banking careers in Nepal, while motivational speeches by Mannsi Agrawal inspired students to pursue their dreams. Panel discussions on "Business for Good" involved experts like Adhip Poudyal, Rameswori Bakhunchhe Suwal, and Roshna Subedi, moderated by Bipana Panthi, aiming to explore how businesses can create positive impacts on society. These sessions aim to enrich students' knowledge and provide valuable career insights.

United Talent Hunt

It is widely recognized that not all students will pursue academic careers, especially given the diverse opportunities and challenges in the present age. United Academy (UA), in collaboration with United College, United School, and alumni, hosts the United Talent Hunt (UTH) Competition bi-annually. This event encompasses categories such as dance, song, speech, poetry, and quiz, with the primary objective of identifying students' talents for potential future careers. Past and current students of United School, United Academy, and United College are encouraged to participate, showcasing their skills and competing for attractive cash prizes while enhancing their self-confidence.

United Moot Court

United Academy's Moot Court, designed as a simulation of a real courtroom, offers students an immersive experience in legal proceedings, guided by seasoned lawyers and judges who offer valuable feedback. This hands-on approach aids law students in honing their legal skills, including drafting documents, presenting cases, and cross-examining witnesses. Beyond law students, students from diverse faculties are encouraged to participate as witnesses, jurors, or clients seeking legal counsel, fostering an interdisciplinary understanding of law's role across different domains. Alongside moot court sessions, the Academy hosts debates, seminars, and workshops, enabling students to engage with legal professionals and experts on various legal topics. Moreover, the institution organizes moot court competitions, inviting law schools from other institutions, thereby providing a platform for students to showcase their skills and learn from peers. United Academy's Moot Court program not only benefits law students but also enriches the broader legal community by cultivating skilled professionals and promoting legal literacy and awareness among individuals. It stands as a cornerstone of the institution's legal education, offering practical experience, interdisciplinary learning opportunities, and contributing to the advancement of the legal field.

Club and Societies

United Academy students actively engage in various clubs, which serve as platforms for skill development and self-expression, supported by the college to address their concerns and find solutions. The Student Council Club (SCC) oversees coordination among student-led clubs, ensuring smooth event execution, while the Literary Club publishes the Academy's annual and bi-monthly magazines, highlighting student talent and achievements. The Nature Club focuses on environmental conservation through awareness campaigns and cleaning initiatives, while the Cultural Club fosters cultural appreciation through organizing diverse events and festivals. Founded by passionate students, the Robotics Club receives institutional backing to conduct workshops and training sessions, preparing students for inter-college and international competitions. The Social Work Club contributes to community welfare through initiatives like blood donation drives and visits to shelters, while the Sports Club promotes physical activity and healthy competition by organizing intra-school and inter-school events across various sports disciplines.

Education Tours / Field Trips

United Academy orchestrates various field trips tailored to the academic needs of its students. For grade XI Humanities students, a 1-day excursion to historical sites and cultural landmarks offers insight into the role of humanities in society, fostering deeper understanding and inspiring creativity. Grade XII Humanities students embark on a 6-day tour, exploring diverse cities, cultures, and traditions, enriching their appreciation of art, history, and culture while cultivating independence and responsibility. Meanwhile, grade XII Hotel Management students engage in a 3-day HM tour, gaining hands-on experience in hospitality operations through visits to hotels and tourist destinations, bridging theory with practical skills for future careers. Additionally, grade XI Hotel Management students benefit from a 1-day hotel visit facilitated by industry professionals, providing invaluable insights into hotel operations and real-world applications, supported by teachers to facilitate learning throughout the experience.

United Academy Robotics Club

United Academy empowers students in science and technology through its United Robotics Club (UARC), offering a unique opportunity for exploration in robotics technology. Through UARC, students engage in hands-on experiences and access cutting-edge tools, preparing them for future STEM careers. Participation in national and international robotics competitions not only showcases United Academy's leadership in the field but also cultivates teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills essential in any discipline. The UARC program underscores the school's dedication to providing students with enriching experiences, whether they pursue robotics careers or apply learned skills elsewhere. United Robotics Fest 1.0, organized in collaboration with the Robotics Association of Nepal, aimed to foster scientific curiosity and innovation among students, featuring workshops, project development, exhibitions, and competitions. The event highlighted 17 unique projects, including Smart Dustin and Rain Alarm System, demonstrating students' creativity and ingenuity. URAC also hosted an inter-school robot soccer competition, fostering skill development and connections among robotics enthusiasts. United Academy's commitment to robotics education reflects its dedication to nurturing innovation and creativity, preparing students for success in a rapidly evolving world. These events offer prospective students a glimpse into a vibrant community dedicated to excellence in robotics education, affirming the Academy's focus on fostering innovation and creativity to equip students for the future.

United Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Incubation

The United Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Incubation (UCEII), established in 2022 AD through sponsorship by the United Academy and United Academy Alumni Association, aims to establish a leading innovation think-tank and research platform nationwide. It encourages students to embark on entrepreneurial ventures, fostering startups, and facilitating commercialization. UCEII provides an incubation center where students can transform their ideas into reality, offering guidance and support throughout the entrepreneurship journey. Led by successful entrepreneurs, the center offers hands-on guidance, services including prototyping, funding, networking, and mentorship, to help students succeed. UCEII's objectives include identifying potential entrepreneurs among students and faculty, creating platforms for their success, identifying new business opportunities, focusing on high-potential sectors, networking with development institutes and funding agencies, encouraging innovation, incubating student innovations, fostering industry partnerships, and promoting entrepreneurial initiatives. This initiative invites students to join UCEII, taking the first step toward entrepreneurial success.

Admission Guidelines


Any student who has passed SEE or equivalent exams (ICSE, CBSE) is eligible to apply at United Academy.

*Students who wish to apply before the result of SEE should submit the latest school report card ( class 10’s mark sheet).

Admission Process

  • Students are required to attend an entrance examination.
  • Students that pass the entrance examination are required to attend an ability test that ensures that the the subject they chose is suited for them. 


United Academy provides generous scholarships to students who perform exceptionally well in the NEB examination, with 100% scholarships for the first position, 75% for the second and 50% for the third. And that’s not all, we also offer scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds as recommended by the Education Office of Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

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About Us

United Academy (UA), located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, stands as a distinguished +2 Secondary School established in 1997 AD and affiliated with the National Examinations Board (NEB), Nepal. Over the past twenty-five years, UA has emerged as one of the most esteemed schools in the Kathmandu valley, presenting courses in Science, Management, Humanities, and Law.

Expanding its educational endeavors, UA has introduced two junior wings, United School and United Universal School, catering to education up to the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) level, alongside a senior wing, United College.

UA delivers a comprehensive education, utilizing state-of-the-art scientific teaching methodologies and fostering an environment conducive to academic achievement. Emphasizing efficiency and a supportive learning atmosphere, UA annually releases its academic calendar at the commencement of each new session.

Central to UA's ethos is discipline, encapsulated in its motto "Clean the Country through the Classroom (CCC)." The institution places a strong emphasis on moral values, recognizing the interconnection between quality education, character formation, and discipline.

UA is dedicated to nurturing the unique potential of each student, fostering a secure and positive environment for cultural, disciplinary, and social development. The school community, comprising administrators, educators, support staff, parents/guardians, and students, takes pride in being part of the United Community, viewing the institution's physical and intellectual assets as their own.