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Satdobato, Lalitpur
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United Universal School (UUS), a co-educational English medium secondary school affiliated with the United Academy Group (UAG), extends a warm welcome to all. Established in 2039 B.S. as Aster Academy and later renamed United Universal School in 2078 B.S., the institution is nestled in Satdobato, Lalitpur. Founded by a team of experienced academicians, dedicated educators, professors, and entrepreneurs, its primary objective is to provide top-notch education from Grade 1 to Grade 10, emphasizing the holistic development of students, including their physical, mental, moral, and spiritual growth.

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Salient Features

School Cafeteria

The cafeteria at United Universal School is a spacious and welcoming area designed to comfortably accommodate a large number of students. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is our top priority, evident in our staff's use of aprons and clean gloves while serving food, as well as the use of fresh running water for utensil cleaning. Our storage space is meticulously kept clean and hygienic, and our cooking methods prioritize health by using minimal oil and spices to ensure nutritious meals. A team of expert nutritionists and dieticians regularly reviews our menu to ensure students receive a balanced and healthy diet. Upholding the highest standards of hygiene and health is our commitment as we aim to provide students with the best possible dining experience.


The UUS Annual Sports Meet, a highly anticipated event, is held annually to promote holistic student development and community pride. Organized by the school's ECA committee, the event features a diverse range of activities including basketball, football, chess, cricket, badminton, table tennis, relay race, tug of war, volleyball, shot put, and javelin throw. Participants are recognized with certificates and medals, fostering healthy competition, skill development, and community spirit. The UUS Annual Sports Meet is an integral part of the school calendar, offering students a platform to showcase their abilities while promoting pride and unity within the community.

Academic Excursion

UUS presents retreat programs that offer students the opportunity to unwind and engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, tours, excursions, field visits, and picnics. These retreats encourage physical activity, teamwork, and a deeper connection with nature, allowing students to recharge, build connections, and acquire skills beneficial for their academic journey. Tailored to meet specific objectives and preferences, our retreat programs cater to the unique needs of our students.

Student Clubs

United Universal School hosts several student-led clubs aimed at exploring interests and developing soft skills. Participation in these clubs enables students to apply classroom lessons to real-life situations, fostering leadership, effective communication, and collaboration skills. Students have the opportunity to pursue interests, enhance skills, engage with peers, and contribute positively to the school community through clubs such as the Sports Club, Publication Club, Cultural Club, Media Club, IT Club, Dance Club, Social Club, Music Club, Art Club, and Public Speaking Club.

Guidance and Counseling

UUS is dedicated to providing support for students managing mental health conditions, physical health issues, and difficult life events. Our counsellors assist students in gaining self-awareness, making positive choices, and developing strong relationships. From depression and anxiety to study-related stress, our counsellors offer guidance and support to help students navigate challenges and thrive academically and personally.

Science Lab

The science lab at UUS is a vital facility enhancing students' critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Well-equipped and supported by a knowledgeable lab assistant, the lab offers students hands-on learning experiences to complement textbook knowledge. Comprehensive lab manuals ensure students gain a thorough understanding of concepts, fostering a deeper appreciation for science education.


Our fully equipped library offers a diverse range of resources including textbooks, reference materials, study guides, newspapers, magazines, and computers. With strict security measures in place, students have access to resources across various subjects to support their academic endeavours. Borrowing privileges are granted with a valid UUS Student ID Card, and adherence to library regulations ensures a conducive learning environment for all students.

Remedial Academic Service

Recognizing that some students may face academic challenges, UUS offers tutorial classes at convenient times to support their learning journey. Free of charge and accessible to all students, these classes aim to help students thrive academically and achieve their full potential.

Home Assignment / Projects

After each lesson, students are assigned home assignments, which contribute to their overall assessment through the Internal Evaluation System. These assignments encourage students to apply their learning and enhance their performance.

Supplementary Books

UUS provides a variety of informative reading materials and supplementary books to enrich students' learning experiences and interests across various subjects.

Teaching Equipment

Classrooms are equipped with projectors and sound speakers to enhance learning experiences, engaging students through audio-visual aids. Additionally, teachers are provided with resources to facilitate effective classroom teaching and learning.

Student as a Tutor and Visiting Professors

The "Student as a Tutor" program engages students in interactive learning experiences, fostering peer questioning and discussion. Collaboration with subject experts further enriches students' learning experiences.

Project Based Learning (PBL)

UUS provides Project-Based Learning opportunities across various subjects including Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Nepali. Within the framework of PBL, educators bring learning to life for students by immersing them in week-long projects. Students are actively involved in addressing real-world challenges or delving into intricate inquiries. Through the process, they showcase their competencies and understanding by crafting public presentations or products for authentic audiences. Consequently, students cultivate profound subject knowledge alongside essential skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

Fest and Carnival

At UUS, the institution hosts an Annual Fest and Carnival to commemorate gratitude towards parents for their unwavering love and support. The event aims to honour parents by showcasing mesmerizing stage performances presented by students. Likewise, the school carnival serves as an enjoyable gathering, offering games, food, and entertainment to captivate students, parents, and the wider community.


At UUS, the institution takes pride in offering secure and reliable transportation services tailored for students within the Kathmandu Valley. The school's transportation system is crafted to enhance student attendance and academic achievements. Through comfortable and economical services, students can experience a hassle-free journey from home to school and vice versa. Rest assured, UUS ensures the provision of top-notch school transportation experiences within the valley.


The hostel accommodation provided by the institution features contemporary amenities designed for junior and senior boys and girls alike. The primary objective is to cultivate a favorable and industrious study atmosphere for the students. To accomplish this goal, a variety of activities aimed at enhancing mental and physical well-being are arranged, including meditation, performing arts, and sports events. Furthermore, personalized remedial classes are offered to assist students in enhancing their academic performance and realizing their maximum capabilities.

Admission Guidelines

Employing an affordable Annual Fee Structure and Admission Fee, UUS strives to render quality education accessible to all. With a commitment to personalized attention, they limit the number of students per class.

The admission procedure at United Universal School encompasses the following steps:

  1. Visiting the school premises
  2. Completing the Admission Registration
  3. Undergoing Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment
  4. Engaging in a follow-up interaction session involving parents, students, and the school principal
  5. Receiving the Admission Grant Letter upon meeting eligibility criteria
  6. Submitting the following essential documents:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Transfer Certificate
    • Character Certificate
    • Testimonials
    • Passport-size Photos


United Universal School upholds a commitment to acknowledging and honoring excellence among its students. The institution grants full tuition fee scholarships to those who attain the first position in each term.

Furthermore, awards are bestowed upon the top three students in the final term examination. Additionally, the school annually celebrates students who demonstrate individual potential across various award categories at each level. It is believed that these scholarship and award initiatives will serve as catalysts, inspiring students to pursue excellence and unlock their fullest potential.

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  • 01-5545723 | 01-5554658
  • uus@united.edu.np


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About Us

At United Universal School, students are welcomed into an environment that extends beyond mere academics, striving to shape them into well-rounded individuals with a robust moral foundation. The institution's dedication to character education underscores all endeavors, with a firm commitment to collaborating closely with parents, guardians, and supporters. Through fostering strong community bonds, United Universal School endeavors to furnish students with the requisite encouragement and direction to realize their utmost potential.

The school offers a diverse array of educational and co-curricular activities, fostering inclusivity and support to enable each student to thrive academically and personally. Choosing United Universal School as a child's educational institution signifies a commitment to their comprehensive growth and development, and the institution eagerly anticipates the collaborative journey towards providing unparalleled education and support.

Mission of UUS

Our mission is to engage with students in the advancement of scholarly inquiry. We cultivate critical thinking while generating knowledge.

Vision of UUS

Our vision is to prioritize academic excellence in students and help them to become the role model for the community needs.

Values of UUS

Respect Care Responsibility Creativity (RCRC 4 Core Values)

Aims and Objectives of UUS

  • To support students with knowledge and skills
  • To develop study habits, decision-making capacity, and time management
  • To create an environment where studying is fun
  • To help students develop their self-confidence