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United School

Satdobato, Lalitpur


At United Group of Academic Institutions, which includes United Pre-School, United School, United Training Centre, United Academy, United College, and United Counseling & Guidance Department, UNITED SCHOOL serves as the section for younger students, offering classes ranging from Playgroup to Post-graduate level.

Since its establishment in April 2000, United School has implemented a creative curriculum that fosters comprehensive growth of students during their early years. Through a range of student-centered activities, United School utilizes current teaching techniques, skilled educators, and modern resources to educate children according to the demands of society.


  • Provide an environment where the students genuinely realize and utilize their abilities.

  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their learning in the academic and actual world.

  • Cultivate an appreciation for our heritage and unique global environment.

  • Nurture self-confidence and risk-taking in our students as they take steps to shape their future.

  • Encourage students to apply a scientific approach in handling and dealing with real-life situations.

Salient Features

  • Security cameras placed around the school are well-monitored to ensure the safety of the students.
  • An Arts and Crafts Center is available in the school for the students to explore their artistic talents.
  • The school has two well-equipped Science Labs and IT Labs for students to get hands-on experience.
  • More than 10,000 books are available in the two libraries within the school premises. Internet services are also available for additional resources.
  • Students living in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts can use the transportation services.
  • A well equipped auditorium that  seats 350 students is used for special programs.
  • The school has a hostel where students are taken on excursions, encourged to play sports and given extra classes.
  • Through the school counseling services, the students are able to properly manage emotional, social and personal stress.
  • The school has a well staffed infirmary with a staffed nurse who provides basic medical attentin to students in case of any injuries.

Admission Guidelines

Pre-Primary School Start dates are offered for all Year groups. All year long, subject to availability, applications accepted
3.5yrs to 5.5yrs    
Primary School Age Group from 6yrs plus are eligible for primary. Applications are taken only at the start of the session.
6yrs to 9yrs    
Lower Secondary School Age Group from 10yrs plus are eligible for Lower secondary school. Applications are taken only at the start of the session.
10yrs to 12yrs    
Secondary School Age Group from 13yrs plus are eligible for Lower secondary school. Applications are taken only at the start of the session.
13yrs to 16yrs


  • At the end of the academic year, honors are handed over to outstanding students (on parents' day).
  • The Best Students Scholarship is available for students who rank first in their class in the final exam. For the duration of the upcoming academic session, they are exempt from paying monthly tuition fees.
  • Scholarships are also given to students who have achieved national and international recognition in any extra-curricular activity.
  • Established 2000 AD
  • private Institution


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