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Saraswatinagar, Chabahil, Kathmandu
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Salient Features

Academic Commitment

Avail an adoptable milieu prioritizing the noble engagement of students in order to harness their capabilities and interests in such a way that they would take on the challenges and opportunities of life.


a) Regular Tutorials

Reliance International Academy offers regular tutorials to meet the objectives of given set of curriculum within prescribed credit hours. The competent faculties of the college make students certain to achieve desired theoretical and practical understanding of the content and skills to bear forth the challenges of examinations.

b) Additional Tutorials

RIA run intensive featured tutorials to the needy students to outshine their difficulties in the particular subjects. The college makes an arrangement of such classes.

Supplement to the Core Academics

RIA believes that ostudents deserve sufficient resources to meet the underlying objectives of their academics and Reliance is vehemently bent on its belief. And to achieve the same, it has arranged academics with:

Academic Consultation

Students are assured to have vivid interaction with the subject teachers unless they build up confidence with the subject matter. To this purpose, special time allocation has been made.

Visiting Classes

To suffice students with the content and extend their horizon of comprehension on subject matters, college invites visiting lecturers and professors of different subjects to attend college in regular interval of time 

Support Services

RIA delivers regular counseling services to its students in regards to their academics and future prospects. Besides, the rationale behind systematization of support system, Reliance is also upright in ensuring the morale and personal growth of students. It has categorized its Support services as:

a) Academics and Self Help Program

Students are offered with ample of fair feed backs on their academic   performance, the areas they need to pay better efforts on and strategies of time management. In addition, students are individually motivated and guided to maintain their grace trait of being the higher “human race”.

b) Career Prospects

RIA has provisioned expert counselors in college to guide students to right path of academics in their future endeavors so that they would    accomplish as per their competency. It has helped students to navigate right courses in right colleges and universities both within and outside the country after their plus two study.

Extracurricular Activities

ECA is one of the highly prioritized areas at RIA as it assures the appropriate synchrony of body, mind and spirit of the students’. 

Clubs at RIA

Clubs at RIA College are the initiation of students’ who are patronized by the college authorities. Under the banner of these clubs, students carry several activities which interest them. Students organize various activities related to the field of science and technology, arts and literatures, and Management.

Social Services

Bearing social responsibility and acting upon to bring the positive consequences is the best art to explore true humanity within. Keeping the fact onto fore front, it inspire its students to get physically and emotionally involved with the cause of social services. They organize blood donation, involve programs actively in public awareness generation program, dedicate wholeheartedly in rescue and relief operation to the victims of natural calamities, and support for school libraries in remote and rural parts of the country.

Games and Sports

RIA offers congenial environment for both the indoor and outdoor games and sports to students. Students have achieved awards and prizes in numerous national and international competitions. It organize inter and intra college competition and friendly matches to foster the spirit of fraternity among the students.

Co-Curricular Activities

Prior to commencement of academic sessions, it organize orientation classes to the students. In addition, seminars, workshops and conclave are some of the attractions where students receive appropriate guidance, counseling and support from experts regarding their academics and careers.

Media and Publication

Students at RIA College practice and cultivate their ingrained creativity through active participation in publishing newsletters and magazines on a regular basis. They contribute with the productive output through well researched articles and relevant write-ups.


RIA values its students equally. It ensures equal benefit to everyone with the surpassing facilities and unquestionable services. To harness the optimum potentials of  students, provide well webbed transport system, hygienic food, comfortable hostel, ultra modern computer (IT) lab and rich library, which are a few of the Jewels among many.               


RIA has a rich library with the collection of globally uniform textbooks, journals, reference books of different discourses. Besides, a well equipped E-Library with audio-visual equipments and gadgetry is another source through which students can easily approach the national and international resources which are relevant to their studies and future career. During their stay at college, it highly motivate them to make the best and rational use of these resources.


It is only possible to achieve the desired best goal of theoretical knowledge by rigorously testing it on   practical grounds. To excel the same, the school has set up well equipped separate laboratories with advanced apparatuses and materials to cater the needs of students of physics, biology and chemistry, where they experiment their classroom learning in a productive ways under the guidance of expert practitioner.


It has well webbed safe transportation system to assist students to and from the college within the Kathmandu Valley.


A well set cafeteria within college premises serves balanced and hygienic food for both the college and boarders students, and the teaching and non-teaching staff. Nutritionists prepare a balanced diet food menu to be served in the Cafeteria at a reasonable price.


It provides residential services with homely environment to the needy students - separate ones for boys and girls. Students are provided parental care and needful health assistance during emergency hours by specifically appointed resource persons.

Teaching Pedagogy and Approach

The college follows a pattern that is structurally well designed to explore the best of its students’ cognition. The faculties of RC college are competent, trained and experienced enough to avail opportunities to its students in a congenial environment to learn in modern, truly pragmatic and efficient way.

RIA Method Incorporates


RIA Faculties focus on the underlying concept of lessons in a well planned and structured manner through lectures at the preliminary state of dealing with the chapter content. It suffices students with the core concept of topics and they actualize the knowledge intended through the text.


Sufficient practical classes are arranged to the students from Bachelor and Master Streams so that they would have real life learning of theories in the classroom. 

Seminars and Research works:

More to the point, it designs workshops inside and out of college premises to ascertain their insightful engagement to develop and discover fair concept on subject matters themselves. RC students are required to organize at least three seminars and research works recommended by concerned faculty department.

Excursions/ Educational Visits:

RIA believes that travelling actually translates the learning of students within the constricted frame of classrooms and thus, it enables students to communicate and master their skills of socialization. Assimilating the fact, it organize purposive educational tours and visits.

Class Presentation:

Students are inspired to make the maximum utilization of technology and come up with the regular qualitative multimedia presentations. They are provided prompt feed backs by the subject teachers and extensive discussions are carried out among the students.


Students are assigned home works on regular basis in a scientific way so that they would get academically engaged and make the creative utilization of their leisure time at home. Nevertheless, the comfort of accomplishing assignment is always kept under       consideration so that they would get ample of time to have independent studies and research, especially during vacations.

Project Work:

Students are assigned with the project works ensuring their skills to carry those tasks in a systematic and acceptable way. Basically, this has been prioritized at RC to substantiate students' skills on research and analysis with the enrichment of critical ability which would be indispensible for them in their further academic and vocational career.

Consistent Feed Back and Assessment:

RIA has developed its assessment system in which every individual student must meet the required merit prior to the board examinations. Students are evaluated through term wise examinations and if they fail to satisfy the set criteria, they are additionally provided with remedial classes unless they tandem with the standard. In addition, the classroom attendance, submission of practical reports, position in class test etc are significantly considered at RC College.

Admission Guidelines


For Plus Two (10+2) Science 

Students are required to have completed their SEE Examination or equivalent qualification with a minimum GPA 3.0. 

For Plus Two (10+2) Management, Humanities and Law Program

Students are required to have completed their SEE Examination or equivalent qualification with a minimum GPA 2.4. 

Admission Procedures

Students should apply in the prescribed application form. Selection is based on:

  1. Previous Academic Performance
  2. Entrance Test Score
  3. The entrance test comprises of English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Duration of the test will be an hour and is online based.
  4. Interview and Parents counseling

After the completion of entrance test, students have to face an interview. Parents’ counseling may also be done in order to ensure the eligibility of students in the program.                                     


RIA provides full and partial scholarships to the deserving candidates from all over the country.

Merit Basis

Full Scholarship will be provided to RIA Entrance Topper.

SEE GPA                   Scholarship Scheme

4.00                         100% on Admission, Annual and Tuition Fee

3.95-4.00                 100% on Admission and Tuition Fee

3.90-3.95                 100% on Admission and 75% on Tuition Fee

3.80-3.90                 100% on Admission and 50% on Tuition Fee

3.6-3.80                   100% on Admission and 25% on Tuition Fee

3.2-3.6                     100% on Admission and 15% on Tuition Fee

Need Basis

25% scholarship on Tuition Fee & Admission Fee for First Five Students from minority, marginalized and ethnic communities or from remote areas.

30% scholarship on Tuition Fee for National Players.

Government Scholarship

Scholarship given by Local Municipalities according to criteria of Government and scholarship exam.


  • International School Award (ISA)

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Reliance Public School
Reliance Public School
  • Bibekchowk, Kapan, Kathmandu
Reliance College
Reliance College
  • Saraswotinagar, Chabahil, Kathmandu
Reliance Co Ed. School
Reliance Co Ed. School
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About Us

Reliance International Academy (RIA) is located at Milanchowk, Kapan, Kathmandu. It was established by a team of qualified and dedicated academicians and professionals. It is a student friendly institution providing quality educational services since 2050 BS. Reliance International Academy is accredited for the second time with International School Award (ISA) (2019-2022 AD) by British Council in association with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Nepal.

It offers higher secondary educational programs of Grade XI and XII in Science, Management, Humanities and Law (NEB). 

Reliance International Academy is a Co- educational English medium institution, synonymous to center of the 21st century teaching and learning strategies. It is conceived with the aim and vision of providing quality education with the latest IT implementation, especially to cope with the technological and academic challenges of the century.

RIA has the distinction of being awarded by NEB for its excellent results in Grade XI and XII, in the years 2064 B.S and 2065 B.S. It has been ranked as one of the TOP 3 plus two colleges of Nepal by Independent Newspaper in 2074 B.S. 


To be a leading academic institution that provides holistic, broad based and overall qualitative education accessible and affordable to all levels of society.


To deliver quality education to individual using advanced education and communication methods and techniques, assisted by staff that have depth and up to date knowledge in their particular field of expertise.


COOPERATION: “Sharing and learning together”.  Cooperation is working together in a team, contributing and sharing in a helpful way.

ACHIEVEMENT: “Persist and try your best”. Achievement is striving to attain your personal goals,     persisting and giving your best effort.

RESPECT: “Respect each other and our environment”. Respect involves taking responsibility for each other. Respect is speaking to and interacting with others in a courteous manner. It is about being honest, reliable and trustworthy.

EMPATHY: “Treat others with care & compassion”. Empathy means trying to understand other people's views or feelings and being supportive and caring towards them.


  • To produce students of above average abilities
  • To develop the moral character, self esteem and sense of responsibility in the students
  • To encourage the blossoming of utmost originality, innovation and creativity in the performance of the products of RIA
  • To provide well-qualified and dedicated teachers who inspire a joy of learning for its own sake
  • To provide a rigorous core curriculum
  • To provide excellent programs in foreign languages, computers, art, music, and athletics
  • To prepare the students to build their career with greater confidence for their glorious future
  • To encourage children to act on free–will and exhibit what they feel without any hesitation
  • To create conductive and cozy environment for each child i.e. one or more than one ways to help them foster in the best possible ways

Message from the Chairman

Rabindra Jung Thapa

We are committed to providing excellent learning and teaching facilities for our students. We have a policy of continuous improvements of our facilities to cater for the rapidly changing technology and techniques in business and non-business environments. We provide our lessons in well equipped classrooms and laboratories. Practical lessons and field trips are included to improve the learning outcomes.

Our friendly staffs help our students with their enquiries. RIA is a fully IT implemented college with excellent IT facilities.

Choosing a college with the right course is a crucial decision which can ultimately shape your life. And I’d like to congratulate you for choosing RIA as it is the right place to begin your bright career.

Once again, I extend my hearty welcome to all our prospective students. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for all your enquiries.

Rabindra Jung Thapa