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The Plus-Two Program in Science is designed for those students who want to pursue their careers in the fields of medicine, engineering and pure science. It focuses on strengthening the theoretical and practical knowledge of students in Science.


Students must have passed the SEE (Secondary Education Examinations) or its equivalent from a recognized educational institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Admission Procedure

Step 1: Students fill up the RIA Application Form.

Step 2: Students appear for the RIA Entrance Test physically.

Step 3: Students appear for personal interviews

Step 4: Parents/Guardians meet school representatives


i. Personal Interviews and Meetings with Parents are held after the RIA Entrance Test.                 

ii. Students are tested on the following subjects:

          a. Science

          b. English

          c. Mathematics

XI Subject Code
Nepali 0011
English 0031
Mathematics 0071
Physics 1011
Chemistry 3011
Biology 2011
Computer Science 4271
XII Subject Code
Nepali 0021
English 0041
Mathematics 0081
Physics 1021
Chemistry 3021
Biology 2021
Computer Science 4281


RIA provides full and partial scholarships to deserving candidates from all over the country.

Teaching Methodology

At RIA, teachers follow modern teaching methods brought on by the advent of technology. The aim is not only to educate students but also to inspire and generate their curiosity. This has resulted in the need to modify the traditional style of teaching in such a manner that the new teaching methods are demonstrative, explanatory and practical. These new teaching techniques involve a style of teaching that focuses on cognitive thinking and the development of new patterns of learning. Teachers are facilitators. They pave the way for students to learn, by providing the necessary resources and support.  The college follows a pattern that is structurally well designed to explore the best of our students’ cognition. The competent, trained and experienced faculty members create a congenial environment so that students learn in modern, truly pragmatic and efficient ways.

Excursions/ Educational Tours

RIA organizes excursions and educational tours at regular intervals because the school believes that education cannot be restricted to the boundaries of classrooms. Travelling is also an important part of education since it expands the mental horizons of students and broadens their outlook. It also improves their social and life skills. 

Class Presentation:

Students are asked to make PowerPoint presentations on the topics taught in class. Presentations may either be individual or in groups. Concerned teachers evaluate the presentations and give their feedback.

Presentations are a great way to have students practise all language systems areas (vocabulary, grammar, discourse and phonology) and skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening). They also build confidence, and presenting is a skill that most people will need in the world of work. Students who are good presenters are better communicators all round, since they are able to structure and express their ideas clearly.


Assignments help students in their academic life. They help students to prepare for their exams and to achieve their specific goals. At RIA, students are given home assignments on a regular basis. Teachers evaluate students’ assignments and give them their valuable feedback. Assignments carry marks. These marks are added to the marks obtained by students in the respective subjects.   

Project Work:

At RIA students are given Project work at regular intervals. After submission by students, teachers evaluate the work done by students. Every project carries marks. The marks are added to the marks obtained by students in the respective subjects. The aims of the project are to allow students to demonstrate the personal abilities and skills required to produce and present an extended piece of work, engage in personal inquiry, action and reflection on specific topics and issues, engage in personal inquiry, action and reflection on specific topics and issues and to reflect on learning and share knowledge, views and opinions. Project work fosters critical thinking and helps students in their future careers.

Technology at the Campus

RIA believes in the use of cutting edge technology to impart education to students. Technology is used for both internal and external communication.

i. RIA is considered to be a smart school with the latest technological aids and equipment.

ii. All the classrooms, labs, libraries and staff rooms have the latest audio-visual aids and computers with high speed internet connection.

iii. Smart boards have been installed in labs, libraries and a few classrooms.

iv. RIA has round- the- clock fast internet facilities for students and members of the staff.

v. RIA has a large number of computers for academic and administrative use.

vi. Parents are constantly updated about their wards’ performance SMS, e-mail, phone, school website.

vii. Each block has a central public address system.

viii. All the departments are automated through school management software.

ix. RIA has an e-library by means of which multi-media contents for all subjects are made available through a centrally hosted content server.