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Established in 2064 B.S. by a team of visionary professionals in the field of Nepalese academia, NEW SUMMIT College (NSC) has created a landmark as one of the best private colleges in Kathmandu, specializing in Management, Science and Information Technology streams of studies. NSC offers various TU affiliated programs including BSc CSIT, BCA, BBM and BBS as well as Plus Two Education in Science, Management, Humanities and Law.

Salient Features

  • Infrastructure: NSC possesses three modern buildings, each with a suitable ground. The entire setup features world-class infrastructure and interiors, complemented by excellent furnishings and decor, creating a congenial and conducive learning environment.
  • College Atmosphere: The college is situated in a safe and peaceful environment in the heart of Shantinagar, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. It is easily accessible for students and guardians. The institution boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, spacious classrooms, and well-equipped labs and library, all under the supervision of a dedicated administrative team.
  • Student-Centered Learning: Since its establishment, NSC has assembled a distinguished team of faculty members. These faculty pools have accumulated years of experience across various industries and academic institutions both domestically and internationally. They incorporate real-world environments, cases, and scenarios into the classroom, providing students with enriching learning experiences.
  • Distinguished Team of Faculty: At NSC, the belief is in enhancing the capabilities of every student. Therefore, the institution adopts a one-to-one approach/interaction in its classrooms, ensuring that each student's queries are sincerely addressed. The team and faculty members proactively reach out to every student, fostering a supportive, inspiring, and inclusive environment for addressing problems and questions.
  • Project Works and Researches: At NSC, students receive opportunities from both the market and faculty members to participate in a range of short and long-term projects. Similarly, students are tasked with various research topics aligned with industry curriculum, enabling them to contribute to the existing body of knowledge. This exposure equips them with practical knowledge of research tools and techniques, as well as skills in salesmanship, marketing, negotiation techniques, and proficient use of MS Office packages.
  • Induction Seminars: Students are provided with opportunities to participate in various orientation programs, facilitating a fun-filled, inspiring, and smooth transition to college life. During these programs, they receive guidance on college policies, rules and regulations, procedures, and resources aimed at enhancing their engagement, learning, and development.
  • Industry Visits: The institution emphasizes the all-round development of its students, recognizing that theoretical knowledge sharing and interaction alone are not sufficient to broaden their horizons. To achieve this goal, students are taken on various educational excursions and industry visits. These opportunities allow them to witness firsthand the development, manufacturing, and delivery processes of products and services, enriching their learning experience.
  • Mentoring: Every student is provided access to a mentor selected from either the industry or our faculty pool. These mentors offer guidance, support, and assistance in the students' educational journey, skill development, career counseling, and placement endeavors. Additionally, a student support cell has been established to address various needs of the students.
  • Auditorium: NSC boasts a versatile auditorium hall capable of accommodating 140 seats simultaneously. Various club activities, capacity development programs, seminars, and workshops transform it into the most vibrant and lively space within the college.
  • Cafeteria: The college features a clean and spacious cafeteria that provides a range of hygienic meals at affordable prices. Operating from early morning until the evening, the cafeteria serves as a popular gathering place for students, facilitating meetings, fun activities, and celebrations. 
  • Library: The college possesses a well-equipped modern e-library stocked with an ample collection of reference books, magazines, newspapers, and internal journals such as the Harvard Business Review, Business Week, and other publications.
  • Classroom: All classrooms are designed to foster academic engagement and are equipped with modern technology, including multimedia facilities, internet access, and WiFi connectivity.
  • Internet and WiFi: The college offers high-speed internet services round the clock.
  • Labs: NSC provides modern computer labs for all programs, each with a seating capacity of approximately 36 students. Electronic and hardware maintenance facilities are available in the electronic lab. Additionally, the college is well-equipped with science labs.
  • Clubs and Societies: The college fosters student engagement and growth through the formation of various clubs dedicated to specific interests and activities, providing opportunities for leadership, social responsibility, and collaboration. Supported by faculty and the market, students participate in social initiatives ranging from awareness campaigns to international event celebrations. Autonomous student bodies within the college organize events, seminars, and competitions, enhancing IT and managerial skills while facilitating industry interaction for valuable experience.

Strengths of NSC

  • The positive energy possessed by individuals can benefit both themselves and the community.
  • A harmonious blend of a friendly and disciplined environment brings out the full potential of those involved.
  • Individuals' honesty and accountability for their actions contribute to the thriving of both the community and the environment.
  • Each student holds significance and possesses unique talents and knowledge that enhance teaching and learning activities, driving progress.
  • The diverse student body enriches the college's cultural values and offers a wealth of experiences and resources.
  • As a home to numerous graduates, the institution must equip students to overcome the challenges of the current era and achieve success in life.
  • The environment should foster academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, and critical thinking.
  • With a proud history spanning over 2.5 decades, NSC remains the preferred choice for students seeking a solid foundation in Science, Management, and Law at the Higher Secondary Level.
  • Situated in the heart of the city, in Shantinagar, New Baneshwor, the NSC campus is easily accessible to students from across the valley due to an extensive public transportation network.
  • The institution has rightfully established itself as a beacon of excellence, consistently ranking among the top providers of academic services for ambitious young students.
  • Our robust physical infrastructure ensures stable management, fostering an enriching environment both within and outside the campus.
  • Our dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff are highly skilled professionals and serve as exemplary facilitators in their respective fields.
  • To address students' needs, NSC offers on-demand tutorials, analyzing student performance throughout the year and providing remedial classes as well as professional training programs in cutting-edge domains.

Admission Guidelines

Plus Two Eligibility Criteria

Stream GPA Minimum Subject Grades
Science 2.8 B+ in English, Math & Science and C+ in the other subjects
Management 2.4 C+ in each subject
Law 2.4 C+ in each subject

Plus Two Admission Process at NSC

  • Application Forms: The forms are available at the college and also online. Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with all supporting documents by the given deadline
  • Entrance Test: Getting through this Test is mandatory for admission. The Entrance Test appropriately assesses the examinee in areas related to the choice of course – Science, Management or Law.
  • Results: The results of the Entrance Test are strictly based on the order of merit and normally declared the very next day of the Test. The names of the selected applicants are pasted on the College Notice Board and web site.
  • Interview: Applicants who have cleared the Entrance Test are interviewed thereafter. The date and time of the interview is mentioned in the Entrance Test Results sheet. It should be kept in mind by the Applicants that they ought to be accompanied by their parents or guardians when they come for their interviews. Moreover, Applicants must bring all the required documents. Selected Applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission with or without offers of Scholarships.

BSc CSIT Eligibility Criteria

Candidate must have +2/A level/CTEVT/Foreign University or equivalent in science with physics and mathematics with 100-100 full marks certificate level and must score at least c grade in all subjects or with second division.

CSIT Admission Process at NSC

  • Entrance: The applicant must have passed the entrance test conducted by the university
  • Interview: All the successful candidates of written entrance test will be called for interview with parent/ guardian.

BCA Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum D grade in each subject of 11 and 12 with CGPA 2.0 or more
  • Minimum score of second division marks in 10+2, PCL or equivalent in any discipline
  • Student who are waiting for grade 11 and 12 result can also apply. However they are to submit passed certificate of grade 11 and 12 the the time of admission

BCA Admission Process at NSC

  • Entrance: The applicant must have passed the entrance test conducted by the university
  • Interview: All the successful candidates of written entrance test will be called for interview with parent/ guardian

BBS Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum D grade in each subject of 11 and 12 with CGPA 1.8 or more
  • Minimum score of second division marks in 10+2, PCL or equivalent in any discipline
  • Student who are waiting for grade 11 and 12 result can also apply. However they are to submit passed certificate of grade 11 and 12 the the time of admission

BBS Admission Process at NSC

  • Entrance: The applicant must have passed the entrance test conducted by the university
  • Interview: All the successful candidates of written entrance test will be called for interview with parent/ guardian

BBM Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum D grade in each subject of 11 and 12 with CGPA 1.8 or more
  • Minimum score of second division marks in 10+2, PCL or equivalent in any discipline
  • Student who are waiting for grade 11 and 12 result can also apply. However they are to submit passed certificate of grade 11 and 12 the the time of admission

BBM Admission Process at NSC

  • Entrance: The applicant must have passed the entrance test conducted by the university
  • Interview: All the successful candidates of written entrance test will be called for interview with parent/ guardian


New Summit College provides merit/need based significant number of scholarships under several titles. Deserving students may get detailed description of scholarship provision from the college administration. 

Current scholarship details

All the students who are expecting scholarships in the first semester at various Bachelors Levels (BBABSc.CSITBBM, and BCA) from Universal College and New Summit College are informed that they're required to apply by Chaitra 1.  The College Selection Committee will recommend the names of selected students and they will be given scholarships according to TU rules and regulations. Only the candidates who have passed SEE or +2(Higher Secondary Level) or both from Government Schools are eligible.

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New Summit College (NSC) has attained a highly advanced position in the nation's educational and technological landscape. Established in 2055 B.S. by a distinguished group of educational leaders, its education system and research-oriented environment are designed to accommodate, prepare, and produce modern, progressive minds ready to succeed in a globalized context. The college's interior environment offers ample resources for students to engage with modern technological pedagogy, contributing to its illustrious history spanning over 25 years. The dedicated teaching faculty and friendly administrative staff tirelessly work to nurture raw minds into the promising future of the nation.

Throughout its history of academic excellence, NSC has produced many leaders in the national job market across professions such as medicine, engineering, management, and law. In collaboration with national and international educational benchmarks, New Summit College has continuously renovated its institutional systems, achieving a level of excellence in academic processes and technology that provides an avenue for innovation and quality experiences for its learners. NSC remains committed to maintaining its top position among private educational institutions. To further this commitment, NSC offers various academic programs from the school level to Bachelor's degrees, establishing its name across multiple domains. The college aims to produce graduates who distinguish themselves and achieve leading positions in their fields.

Vision of NSU

To establish and develop such an
academic center where a blend of
Science, IT, management and social science stands as bedrock in pursuit of nation/world building.

Mission of NSU

  • To build a legacy of excellence by providing theoretical, practical and research-based education.
  • To develop future doctors, engineers, politicians, scientists, managers, entrepreneurs, IT developers and technical experts through innovative, creative, value based and research based academic practices;
  • To initiate sense of social responsibility in the mind of new generation through the activities of corporate level social responsibility and
  • To produce skilful human resources in the area of productive and professional jobs.

Goals and Objectives of NSU

  • To develop graduates in area of Science, Management and Law through optimum use of human and physical resources;
  • To provide globally competent education in disciplined environment with utmost personal caring;
  • To create conducive and research-based learning to groom out the inner talent of the students and
  • To maintain corporate relationships with different academic institutions and universities at home and abroad.

Core Values of NSU

Student Success: The college provides every student with various opportunities to excel. 

  • Optimize student support
  • Develop efficient and innovative processes that promote retention and learning.
  • Assist in recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty, staff and student. 
  • Provide with technological mechanism as needed.

Service: The college’s purpose is to benefit our students and society through knowledge, and social services

  • Provide exemplary customer services. 
  • Create an atmosphere which allows for employee growth. 
  • Promote financial sustainability, expand revenue sources and promote cost saving measure.

Innovation: The college consistently seek a better way by embracing challenges 

  • Enhance administrative structure that supports research activities 
  • Develop strategies that allow collaboration Diversity and Inclusion: 
  • Everyone is respected, included and given the opportunity to excel. 
  • A culture that promotes diversity and inclusion is built. Accountability: Integrity, transparency, excellence and the highest standards govern everything we do.
  • Promote transparency and efficiency in all processes and procedures in the college and outside.
  • Promote excellence in all processes and procedures to provide quality services.

Collaboration: The college seeks partnerships both within and beyond the college to enhance its actions and outcomes. 

  • Promote employee participation in community, college units and different organizations. 
  • Maximize opportunities offered through local, regional and international professional organizations.

Message from the Principal

Chokraj Dawadi

Dear Students,
Thank you for your interest in NEW SUMMIT College for your further study after secondary education. It is indeed a matter of delight to convey that the New Summit College has proved its worth as one of the leading institutions of Nepal for BSc. CSIT, BCA, BBM and BBS programs affiliated to T.U., gaining perennial trust from the students and guardians from every part of the nation.

New Summit College has earned high regards for its pedagogical features enhanced in the classroom teaching supported by smart educational systems, shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with higher expectations. Today, the role of college is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower students to be life- long learners, critical and creative thinkers and productive members of an ever-changing global society. Therefore, our college focuses on sufficient elective and extra elective subjects to the students as per needs of national and international markets. We have highly experienced IT experts, who have been serving in this esteemed institution since the beginning. We also do have our academic and employment collaboration with different institutions, corporate houses and MOU with companies such as Microsoft Innovation Center to expand the horizon of expertise of our IT students.

At our college, we convince students to learn through regular seminars, workshops, presentations, case studies, project works, discussions, etc. The talents, skills and acumen of each student is identified, nurtured and encouraged so as to reach greater heights by turning into a combination of classroom study, research and scientific discovery in the global context. Education at our college, thus, revolves more around encouraging and inspiring the students to awaken their curiosity and their desire to learn. We also engage them in a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, Tech and Sporting events where students have been change-makers. Even during the pandemic (covid-19), all the activities of college are going on smoothly, either by virtually or physically, by following all the safety protocols.

The college also encourages students to build professional network and nurture their talents in the industry and community. We have well- equipped incubation centers at our college, which are suitable platforms for students to develop themselves. Incubation centers even provide temporary placement opportunities for deserving students. We help students grow with right facilities in right ways. Not only this, our college is in the process of QAA, which ties everyone and everything in organized system and run with visions, different plans, well equipped facilities etc. We also have the facilities of EMIS where every record of the students and staffs can be kept and accessed through online medium and can get history of all students and staffs.

Learning at this college is the life-time opportunity. We are committed to provide them every skills and opportunities so that they can contribute with difference wherever they reach for their professional exposures. We believe that the teamwork skills they have obtained from the college will obviously become a memorable asset or them in their career.

As the principal, my primary concern will be about the standard of the colleges and welfare of the students. We always operate from the paradigm that there is dignity in every home, in every parent and in every student and seek to maintain and optimize that dignity. The whole team is committed to making our college national exemplar in the field of Management, Humanities and Social Sciences and Information Technology. With full confidence, I assure you that we will put all our efforts in place to take you to your destination by turning your ideas into results.

I, therefore, encourage students and parents to take a tour to know more of its rationale behind launching college as an exclusive center for Bachelor and its prospects that must reward you with.

Thank you, all valuable scholarly members, for your co-operation and ongoing support!

Chokraj Dawadi