New Summit School also provides classes XI and XII in Humanities with Fine Arts and General Law. 

Reading, writing, critical thinking, and effective communication are among the abilities and habits taught in the curriculum. New Summit also promotes innovation and economic competitiveness, ensures productive global involvement, and enhances civic knowledge and practice, all of which are important for ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn and contribute to society.

The school has provided a suitable platform for SEE graduates who are enthusiastic about Fine Arts, who want to receive quality education for their personal and professional progress, with the establishment of Fine Arts program in classes XI and XII.

The entire team at New Summit School is dedicated to providing students with innovative, creative, imaginative, analytical, visionary, and insightful learning in a warm, student-centered, and inspiring environment in order to develop their unique artistic voices in the field of Fine Art – Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts, and other disciplines. As a result, a creation can emerge from your imagination and consciousness.

Why NSC?

  • With a history spanning over 2.5 decades, NSC is the top choice for students seeking foundational knowledge in Science, Management, and Law at the Higher Secondary Level.
  • Located in Shantinagar, New Baneshwor, the campus is easily accessible via a wide range of public transportation options, catering to students across the valley.
  • NSC boasts its own physical infrastructure, ensuring stability in management and providing a conducive learning environment.
  • Renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, NSC consistently ranks among the top institutions for aspiring young students.
  • The dedicated faculty, both teaching and non-teaching, are experts in their respective fields.
  • NSC offers on-demand tutorials, analyzing students' performance throughout the year and providing remedial classes and professional training programs.
  • Classes are available in both morning and day shifts, with accommodation facilities for students' convenience.
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