Universal College

Shantinagar, Kathmandu

Universal College, located at Shantinagar, Kathmandu is a unique Educational Institution for higher studies, which is established in 2054 B.S. by a team of visionary professionals in the field of Nepalese academia.

The journey of the college began with a solitary TU affiliated BBS program in 2054 BS and extends now to the most sought programs like BBA, B.A., BSW, and M.A. (English). These extensions to the most popular programs themselves witness the quality of education being rendered by the college and mark the success made by the Universalians in the job-market and their real life.

This has been possible because the college, since its inception, boasts of a team of renowned faculty members acclaimed nationally in varied fields, including finance, management, commerce, IT, research, and social sciences; many of whom have proved their worth through authorship, policy research, entrepreneurship, and so on to cite a few. The team of such experts is committed to transforming the students into those competent leaders who champion the values of truth, justice and peace at all walks of life in this swiftly changing world. The standard of  the team is further substantiated by the outstanding results of the students at all levels.

Additionally, highly self-disciplined college environment, excellent physical facilities, smart academic activities and different sporting events always motivate our students to indulge enthusiastically in whatever task they undertake and keep them agile during the college hours. Therefore, learning is fun here rather than bookish compulsion. Our emphasis is on encouraging students to learn how to learn. 

Furthermore, the College encourages every student to be a job creator rather than a job seeker and to play the role of being a successful designer of the future. At the end of their studies at UC, the graduating students are expected to enter the larger world with a life long appetite for learning and the desire for making our world a better place.

The college is best known for:

  • → E- library
    • → Modern computer labs with 24-hour free internet and WiFi services
  • → Interactive classrooms
  • → Scientific teaching with multimedia projector, audio-visual-aid
  • → Regular seminars, workshops, presentations, group discussions, project works, educational tours, quiz competitions, various cultural programs
  • → Football, basketball, cricket, table- tennis courts, and fields
  • → Paid Internship
  • → Extra computer courses to BBS and BASW students
  • The outstanding TU Board Exams results are superb achievement indicators to be considered for comprehensive view of the quality guaranteed here to date.



To help students acquire and develop necessary knowledge, skills, values & leadership qualities relevant to the 21st century and beyond in diverse disciplines for their personal and professional growth.


To attract industrious students from all backgrounds to serve a meritocratic Nepal; inspire them to be just and ethical citizens; train them to be wise and principled leaders, and help them become what they promise to be by developing positive attitudes towards thinking, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving and decision-making and by widening their horizons to think globally but still rooted in Nepal’s heritage, history and culture.

Core values

We have articulated six core values that guide our operational ethos and commitment to deliver unparalleled support for our students.

  • → Accountability
  • → Collaboration
  • → Empowerment
  • → Integrity
  • → Development
  • → Enrichment
  • → Exploration


The main objective is to impart quality education in fields of Science, Management, Humanities, Social Sciences and IT and expand students’ intellectual and spiritual horizons, underscore the nobility of humanity’s never ending search for truth, beauty and compassion. The other objectives are to:

  • → Prepare students to take up middle-level managerial positions in the business sector.
  • → Develop students’ skills in object-oriented Business, Social Sciences & IT Management fields and make them leaders, who are capable of understanding and solving practical business problems creatively.
  • →Provide professional IT education with a blend of various IT fields such as design, development, and programming, digital marketing and so on.
  • →Prepare students to proceed into postgraduate level study in Business Administration.
  • →Provide life-long education & training that produces smart and skillful graduates, capable of sustaining individual career success within a global economy.


DREAM DREAM of changing your future?
BELIEVE BELIEVE you can. Start expanding your horizons and learning new skills. Take your career to next level or start a completely new one.
SUCCEED We’re here to help you SUCCEED.

Salient Features

Preparing a student for tomorrow is not an easy task.What skills our students need to surviveand succeed in time that is changing and developing so rapidly? Our teachers’ teaching-learning activities that are based on traditional way which are limited to acquisition of knowledge inside the classroom. This cannot make our need fulfilled. The complex, energetic and tech-savvy individuals now need to be challenged and inspired in their out of box learning. They want to incorporate the technology, they love into their classroom experience as much as they can. So, they have just as high a set of expectations of their educators as their educators have of them. Therefore, the academic approaches at our College are embodied within the philosophy of collaborative, self-directed learning by self-initiation. We employ the following instructional strategies along with regular classroom activities.

  • →Project Works
  • →Tutorials
  • →Seminars, Conferences, Discussions
  • →Presentations
  • →Internship
  • →Experiential and Interactive program
  • →Research Works
  • →Talk Shows
  • →Field Visits
  • →Social Works
  • →Guest Lectures
  • →Educational Tour/ Excursions
  • →Research-Oriented Practices & Real Time Case Studies.
  • →Out-Reach Orientation and Induction Workshops.
  • →Video Shows etc.

Our Resources and Facilities:

College Building:

The College has got then its own three modern buildings with a suitable ground. The entire phenomena are set into the world-class infrastructure and interiors with excellent furnishing decors so as to make it a congenial and conducive learning environment.

Distinguished Team of Faculty

At UNIVERSAL College, we believe in strengthening capabilities of each student. We, therefore, adopt one-to-one approach/interaction in our classrooms where each student’s queries are addressed sincerely. Our team and faculties reach out to every student for their problems, questions in a supportive inspiring and inclusive environment.

Student-Centered Learning

Universal College has a distinguished team of faculty since its inception. The faculty members have earned years of experiences in various industries, academic institutions within and outside the country. They bring the real world environment, cases and scenarios into the classrooms, which have been an enriching experience for our students.

College Atmosphere

The college is located in a safe and peaceful environment at the heart of Shantinagar, Kathmandu. It is easily reachable for students and guardians. We have state-of- art-infrastructure, spacious classrooms, well- equipped labs, and library.

Project Works and Researches

Students at Universal get opportunities from the market as well as from the faculties to engage themselves in various short term and long-term projects. They are assigned to various industrial market researches to fulfill their short term, small market research needs, projects to market their new product launches etc. Similarly, students are assigned to various research topics to contribute to the body of existing knowledge as per the curriculum of the industry. This equips them, we belles with practical knowledge of research tools and techniques, salesmanship, marketing and negotiation techniques and proficient use of MS office packages.

Industry Visits and Educational Excursions

We believe in all-round development of our students. The theoretical knowledge sharing and interaction is not sufficient to broaden their horizons. We, therefore, take our students to various educational excursions and industry visits, where they will get a chance to see how products and services are developed, manufactured and delivered.

Induction Seminars

Students have an opportunity to attend various orientation programs to enable them to have a fun filled, inspiring and smooth transition to college life. They are introduced to our staff and faculties; oriented about college policies, rules and regulations, procedures and resources for their engagement, learning and development.


Each student is given access to a mentor from an industry or from the pool of faculties that we have. These mentors advise them, support them and help them in their education, skill development and career counseling and placements. We have also formed a student-support cell to look after various needs of the students.

Alumni Cell

Universal College takes pride in its their alumni who are spread around the globe.

They are students in higher education, professionals in various careers across different industries. We, therefore, have dedicated teams in the Alumni Cell. The Alumni Cell reaches out to our Alumni, updates their profiles, conducts various Get Together Programs etc. These Alumni support each other in job placements too, at post graduate studies, career counseling and important career advice etc.


Universal has a multi-purpose auditorium hall with a capacity of 100 seats at a time. Different club activities, capacity development programs, seminars and workshops make it the most happening and lively space in the college.


A clean, spacious cafeteria offers a variety of hygienic meals at affordable prices at the college. The Cafeteria is open from early morning till evening. It is a popular hub among students for meetings, fun, celebrations etc.


All the classrooms are academically amiable and equipped with modern technology as multimedia, internet, Wi-Fi etc.

Internet and Wi-Fi

The College makes available 24-hr internet and Wi-Fi service.


The College has a well-stocked modern e-library with enough reference books, magazines, newspapers, international Journals and Harvard Business Review, Business Week and other magazines.

Computer Lab

We have modern computer labs for all programs.

Clubs/Cells and Societies

A club is an association of students dedicated to particular interest or purpose and activities, who meet regularly and take part in shared activities. So in order to make a meaningful contribution to matters related to students’ personal and professional growth, various clubs are formed in the college. Working in clubs, they get opportunities in leadership, social responsibility, citizenship, shared decision-making, volunteerism, collaboration and student employment etc. They receive huge support and guidance from faculties and market. The student volunteers engage and participate in various social activities. These activities range from awareness campaigns to celebration of various international events like International Youth Day, World Health Day, World Environment Day, Blood Donation Programs, and Cleaning Campaigns etc. We have various clubs and societies registered in the institution to hone the skills of students. These clubs and societies are autonomous student bodies run by students themselves. They carry out various events, seminars, workshops, presentations, simulation exercises, competitions within the college and between colleges and universities that strengthen their IT and managerial skills, help develop interaction with industries, garnering experience and exposure.

A) Readers’ Club

The readers’ club is an autonomous body formed to promote the reading habit of students. This club encourages students to participate in different book review sessions, budget review sessions etc. These activities in still strong ethical and moral values and empathy amongst our students. The readers publish a business magazine every year. They receive a huge support and guidance from faculties and market in this intellectually stimulating event.

B) The College Volunteers’ Club

The student volunteers engage and participate in various social activities. These activities range from awareness campaigns to celebration of various international events like International Youth Day, World Health Day, World Environment Day, Blood Donation Programs, and Cleaning Campaigns etc.

C) Sports Club

Besides regular academic activities, we often encourage students to organize, participate and engage in various sports and athletic events. This is necessary for physical and sound mental health of our students. The sports club under the supervision of college management organizes annual sports event (football, basketball, table-tennis, cricket etc.) every year. These activities inculcate team works, leadership qualities and a spirit of sportsmanship in our students. The club has earned laurels for successfully concluding “UNIVERSAL TU BBA CUP T20Cricket Tournament 2018”, which got national attention.

D) Business Club

The business club organizes various guest lectures and interaction programs with industry leaders, Bankers and entrepreneurs. They actively participate in business simulation exercises. These activities, we hope, will create enthusiasm and inspire students in their endeavors. It also organizes various flagship events like “Business Plan Competition”, “ Idea Pitching Competition”, “ AD Design Competition”, ” Marketing and Sales Simulation Seminar”,” Training on Share Market and Trading” etc.

E) Leadership Club

The leadership club looks after the management of various events, workshops and seminars within and outside the premises of the college. The club specifically manages “Friday Talk Series” every last Friday of the month. The motto of this club is to develop team work, coordination, collaboration among the students through different activities.

F) Placement Cell: It helps locating job opportunities for students by keeping in touch with reputed forms and industrial establishments. It operates round the year to facilitate contact between companies and graduates’ students. Who are in the final year. It also provides information for field placement, to act as liaison between the students, college and the facility for field placement.

G) Entrepreneur Cell: It is a club run by students and driven by the college management in order to help learn important & useful traits about entrepreneurship. It aims to ignite creative thinking and nurture entrepreneurial instincts in students by conducting stimulating workshops, competitions and interactive sessions with eminent personalities who are role models in the business field.

​​​​​​​H) Resource Point: This facility in an academic support within the college that helps gains several information sources to advance the learning experience of students and teachers. It collects and organizes materials that are useful to the students. Its mission is to provide intellectual and physical access to current state- of- the- art materials, equipment and services.

I) Business/IT Incubation: It in a process of support for business with growth potential. It is a catalyst tool for support to start- ups and early stage of new business ventures by providing them with the safe harbor, incentive resources, and development environment in which they can flourish. It helps address the hurdles and challenges of a new company like resources of rigid labor regulations, finding a market for products and social and cultural issues.

J) Personality Development Program: Punctuality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that forms an individual distinctive character. It is the process of developing a set of characters and traits which contribute to the overall

personality of a student. It lays high emphasis on improving students’ communication skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing. The college organizes various program to support it.

K) Knowledge Centre:

We give special emphasis on creation of knowledge and skills based on current market trends. The Knowledge Center’s purpose is to encourage collaborative efforts in the areas of academic and community building. This is always buzzing with various activities. Students are welcome to use this center for studying it as per their needs. They can enhance various skills like soft skills, team-work, leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills etc. This center also extends its supports for learning case writing, article writing, book review, workshops, seminars, magazine or bulletin publication as well as exposure extracurricular activities/ academic and sporting. It is true that students learn by connecting new knowledge with knowledge and concept that they already know thereby connecting new meanings through interaction and varied approaches. Its primary goal is to disseminate knowledge to students, teachers and researchers through short courses, works shops, seminars and theoretic live classes by leading experts, compendium of projects, question bank etc.

Jobs Prospective

Business life is one of the driving forces in contemporary society. It is also the most important employer on the labor market. Fortunately, BBA degree gives you excellent options for a successful career. Here are some of the many places where you might work after BBA degree:

Work Ready Internship Program

Tribhuvan University has incorporated 8 weeks internship program for every BBA, students with 3/6 credit hours. Hence, we assist our students with various paid and unpaid form of internship opportunities in Nepal. We ensure that our diligent students are able to grab job opportunities, based on their performances during their internship period. At present, our students are involved in the following places for internships.

  1. →Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  2. →Berger Paints
  3. →World linkCommunication
  4. →Commercial Banks of Nepal
  5. →Soft-Tech
  6. →Graphic Design Nepal
  7. →Nepal Rastra Bank
  8. →Bishal Groups
  9. →Nepal Distillery Pvt. Ltd.
  10. →Deerwalk

College Research Journal Publication

Universal College every year publishes a research journal “The Harvest” thatbecomes the helping hands for the students in future guiding and helping them in research activities.

Admission Guidelines

Admission Procedures: To be eligible for admission to the BBA program, you have to pass CMAT (Central Management Admission Test) conducted by the Dean's Office. The test includes verbal ability, Quantitative ability, logical Reasoning and General Knowledge.

Sporting Activities: The college organizes a "Sports Week" every year along with various national level competitions. Football, basketball, cricket, Badminton, Table-Tennis etc. are arranged and the winners get medals and certificates.

Class Timings: Classes are run in the morning between 7:00-12:30. 

Attendance: Six hours of absences in a course constitute grounds for failure in the course. 

Research and Thesis: In the fourth semester, students will have an opportunity to opt for a thesis, worth 3 credits. In order to meet the thesis requirement, students will have to submit

1) Review of Literature relevant to the research topic (10-15 pages in length) and

2) a well - researched paper (20-25 pages in length) that engages with the existing scholarship and presents a persuasive argument on issues related to language, literature, culture, and / or theory. Candidates also will have to go through an oral examination (viva voce) and defend their positions. The oral examination will consist of 25 % of the total thesis grade. 

Evaluation Scheme and Examinations 

Course outcomes will be evaluated through a continuous internal evaluation system and end- of -semester final examinations. 

Internal (continuous) Evaluation: Except for the writing - intensive courses, the internal continuous evaluation for each course comprises of 40 % of the total grade, distributed as follows:

  • →One research essay of 5-7 pages (double -     spaced)
  • →50 % of Internal Grade
  • →Mid - term examination 
  • →30 % of Internal Grade 
  • →Presentation, attendance, participation, reading quizzes, etc. 
  • →20 % of Internal Grade 

Final Examinations: There will be final examinations for each course at the end of the semester, and they carry 60% of the total grade. 

College Uniform: All the students required to wear College Uniform


Universal College provides merit/need based significant number of scholarships under several titles. Deserving students may get a detailed description of scholarship provision from the college administration. 


Thames International College
Thames International College
  • Surya Bikram Gyawali Marg, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
King's College
King's College
  • Babar Mahal, Kathmandu
Premier College
Premier College
  • New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
The British College
The British College
  • Thapathali, Kathmandu
Islington College
Islington College
  • Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu


Apollo International College
Apollo International College
  • Lakhechaur Marg, Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KMC Lalitpur
KMC Lalitpur
  • Balkumari, Lalitpur
KMC School
KMC School
  • Shankhamul Marg, BuddhaNagar, Kathmandu
Himalaya College of Engineering
Kathmandu Model College
Kathmandu Model College
  • Bagbazar, Kathmandu
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New Summit College
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