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Shantinagar, Kathmandu
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Universal College, located at Shantinagar, Kathmandu is a unique Educational Institution for higher studies established in 2054 B.S. by a team of visionary professionals in the field of Nepalese academia.

The journey of the college began with a solitary TU affiliated BBS program in 2054 BS. extends now to most sought programs like BBA, B.A., BSW, and M.A. (English). These extensions to the solitary program themselves witness the quality of education being rendered by the college and mark the success made by the Universalians in the job-market and their real life.

Salient Features

  • Scholarships for further education (MBA/MA) are available after BBS and BA at Mississippi College and University of Central Arkansas, USA
  • Presentations, Field Visits, Educational Tour, Internship
  • CA Foundation and Computer courses available for BBS and BA students
  • Scholarships available for Ph.D. in Korea after B.Sc for 4 students every year
  • 100% Credit transfer for abroad study to B.Sc Students
  • Different clubs: Readers club, Spots club, Volunteers club, Business club, Leadership club, IT club
  • 1 year Paid internshipExposures to Mega Events like KYC (Kathmandu Youth Conclave) TechTrix (IT Skills-based Competition) 
  • Project – Works & Researches 
  •  Friday Talk Show 
  • Alumni cell 
  • Clubs / Cells & Societies (Readers Club, College Volunteers Club).
  •  Sports Club 
  • Organizer of TU BBA Cup 2018 
  • Educational Tours 
  • Business Club 
  • Managerial Skills Development(MSD) Cell 
  • Employability Skills Development(ESD) Cell 
  • Job Placement Cell 
  • Startup Cell 
  • Incubation Center 
  • Learning Lab 
  • Welcome, Fare-well & Orientation Program 
  •  Leadership Club 
  • IT Club / Society
  • Business Plan Competition 
  • Case Analysis Competition 
  • Professional Skills-based extra courses from 6 th Semester 
  • Exposure to various competitions & National and International events 
  • Personality Development Program workshops, seminars, presentation, etc. 
  • Knowledge Center
  • Various Sporty Actives, Physical faculties 
  • State - of – the – art, infrastructure, and faculties with A/C attached classrooms and Computer Labs, centrally located. 
  • Highly smart, inspiring & encourage faculty & Staff with dedicated Principal & Management.

Admission Guidelines

For +2 programs

There will be a written examination of 100 marks to be eligible for the enrollment in Class XI at Universal College. Out of 100 marks, 20 marks for English, 40 for Maths, 30 marks for Science and 10 marks for General Knowledge are allocated. The students have to secure 40% to be qualified in Science program. 

The students of Management and Humanities have also to face written examination of English, Maths and GK Only and 40% marks are required for admission. 


The students have to face an interview of 20 marks. The interview will be based on the courses which they have already passed. 

Guardians-Administration Interaction:

Interaction does not carry any marks but it will be an asset to maintain their higher degree of belonging and responsibility. Universal College encourages the parents and guardians in regular visiting the colleges throughout the academic year.

Time Slots of classes

  1. BBA-  morning shift, 7:00 to 12:30
  2. BBS-  morning shift, 6:15 to 10:30
  3. BA- morning shift, 6:15 to 10:30
  4. MA- morning shift, 6:15 to 9:40


Universal College provides merit/need based significant number of scholarships under several titles. Deserving students may get a detailed description of scholarship provision from the college administration. 

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UNIVERSAL College, Shantinagar, Kathmandu is an Educational institution of higher learning, established in 2054 BS.by a team of professionals from KMC Educational Network, UNIVERSAL Educational Foundation, and Florida Education Network Pvt. Ltd. It is committed to producing moral leaders who will champion the values of truth, justice, and peace. The standard of the College is substantiated by its outstanding results at all levels. 

This has been possible because the college, since its inception, boasts of a team of renowned faculty members acclaimed nationally in varied fields including finance, management, commerce, IT, research, and social sciences; many of whom have proved their worth through authorship, policy research, entrepreneurship, and so on to cite a few. The team of such experts is committed to transforming the students into those competent leaders who champion the values of truth, justice and peace at all walks of life in this promissory world. The standard of the team is further substantiated by the outstanding results of the students at all levels.

The College encourages every student to be a job creator rather than a job seeker and to play the role of being a successful designer of the future. At the end of their studies at UC, the graduating students are expected to enter the larger world with a life-long appetite for learning and the desire for making our world a better place. 

The College always tries to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values they need for tomorrow in the global job market. It also organizes various seminars, presentations, conferences, educational tours, signature events, project works, field visits, etc on a regular basis in order to make students proficient in the related field. Thus, UC deliverers an unparallel learning experience to its students that they have come to gain from other Schools and Colleges. Here, learning and thinking go side by side through consultation, explorations, discovery, and creativity. The bond of dedicated and well-experienced academicians and young avid minds is a milestone for their success. We do not define our students by their weaknesses but by their strengths. At our College, students are involved as leaders by giving them worthwhile leadership responsibilities, valuing their opinions, and helping them find their voice. The greatest gifts they will get from us as they go back to society are the tools of responsibilities and the wings of independence. Our educational community always strives for excellence by preparing students for learning beyond their College years and by encouraging them to think out of the box and assisting them to become life-long learners and as well as helping them to be self-directed, future-focused responsible and successful leaders and entrepreneurs.  

There is no doubt, you will feel very happy and satisfied with us.


To help students acquire and develop necessary knowledge, skills, values & leadership qualities relevant to the 21st century and beyond in diverse disciplines for their personal and professional growth.


The mission of the college is to attract industrious students from all backgrounds to serve a meritocratic Nepal; inspire them to be just and ethical citizens; train them to be wise and principled leaders, and help them become what they promise to be by developing positive attitudes towards thinking, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making by widening their horizons to think globally but still rooted in Nepal’s heritage, history, and culture. 

Core values

We have articulated six core values that guide our operational ethos and commitment to deliver unparallel support for our students.

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Development
  • Enrichment
  • Exploration 


The main objective is to impart quality education in fields of Science, Management, Humanities, Social Sciences, and IT and expand students’ intellectual and spiritual horizons, underscore the nobility of humanity’s never-ending search for truth, beauty, and compassion. The other objectives are to;

  • Prepare students to take-up middle-level managerial positions in the business sector.
  • Develop students’ skills in object-oriented Business, Social Sciences & IT Management fields and make them leaders, who are capable of understanding and solving practical business problems creatively.
  • Provide professional IT education with a blend of various IT fields such as design, development, and programming, digital marketing, and so on.
  • Prepare students to proceed onto postgraduate level study in Business Administration and Information Technology.
  • Provide life-long education & training that produces smart and skillful graduates, capable of sustaining individual career success within a global economy

Message from the Principal

Shiba Datta Gnawali

Thank you very much for choosing UNIVERSAL College and NEW SUMMIT College for your further study after +2/Secondary Education. Congratulations, now you are a member of our Colleges that focus on providing a homely atmosphere where students are encouraged and supported to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Education here is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with higher expectations. Today, the role of Colleges are not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower students to be life-long learners, critical and creative thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society, full of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, our Colleges are sincerely trying to unleash students’ explanatory vision; increase their imagination; broaden their horizons; sharpen their innovative ideas; foster their positive thinking; expand their hopes; develop their confidence and enhance their personality by applying a holistic approach in the teaching-learning activities for their personal and professional growth. We also urge our students to chase their intellectual curiosity by cultivating their talents, nurturing their creativity and innovation, and listening and responding to their interests and needs. Our students are also convinced to learn how to learn through regular seminars, workshops, presentations, case studies, project works, discussions, etc. The brighter students are free to excel and the less bright ones are also given every opportunity and support. The talents, skills, and acumen of each student are identified, nurtured, and encouraged so as to reach greater heights by turning learning into a combination of classroom study, research, and scientific discovery in the global context. Education at our Colleges, thus, revolves more around encouraging and inspiring the students to awaken their curiosity and their desire to learn. We also engage them in a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Here, their learning meets thinking and passion meets purpose to make them ready for tomorrow. 

At our Colleges, we educate young leaders who can make a difference in the world by focusing on real-world practice. Our vibrant Colleges are designed to develop skills knowledge and values and build relationships that last for a lifetime. Our courses are taught by smart faculty who are renowned scholars, industry experts, leading researchers, entrepreneurs, and instructors dedicated to their students. Learning at UNIVERSAL College and NEW SUMMIT College is the opportunity of a lifetime. The energy will immerse and inspire our students who are trailblazers from across the country. There is no doubt; we will support you throughout your journey in a collaborative and stimulating environment to help make your time here enriching and memorable for you and you’re family. Your destination is our obligation. 

As the Principal, my primary concern will be about the standard of the Colleges and the welfare of the students. We always operate from the paradigm that there is greatness in every home in every parent and in every student and seek to nurture and optimize that greatness. The whole team is committed to making our Colleges national exemplars in the fields of Management, Humanities and Social Science, and Information Technology. With full confidence, I assure you that we will leave no stone unturned to take you to your destination by turning your ideas into results. I, therefore, ask you for joining our Colleges for your further education and wish you all the best. Your feedback is the key to our success.

Dr. Shiba Datta Gnawali