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Prime Global School, under the umbrella of Prime College, delivers quality education from Play Group to High School. The +2 wing provides courses in Science, Management, and Humanities. The school is located in Khusibun, Nayabazar. The schools have modern buildings equipped with fully furnished spacious classrooms and state-of-the-art amenities.

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  • Day Scholars
  • Basketball Court
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Salient Features

1. Student's Club

Prime Global School believes that the initiation from the student is very important in developing their behavior and personality. With the purpose of shaping the students to compete against the outer world, the school has seven different types of clubs in the school driven by the students themselves. These clubs are responsible to conduct various types of programs for the students related to their subject, interest, or surroundings. Every seven clubs have separate Mentors who guide the students and the clubs toward their goals.

There are seven clubs present in the school which are as follows:

Prime Cultural Club

Prime Cultural Club aims at raising cultural awareness among students by embracing and promoting the cultural values of each ethnic community of Nepal. Some of the programs done by this club are the Welcome Farewell Program, Vintuna Rally, Christmas Celebration, Teacher’s Day, Saraswati Puja, etc.,

Prime Awareness Club

The club performs various activities related to students’ welfare and runs community awareness campaigns addressing the issues and challenges of youth, society, and the environment. Some of the activities done by this club are Eco Hiking, Menstruation Survey, Donating money and cloth to Chepang Village and so on.

Prime School IT Club

This club aims to raise IT awareness by involving students and letting them share their ideas in the IT sector. Some of the activities done by this club are IT gaming.

Prime Science and Research Club

The Science and Research club emphasizes making students think more practically rather than theoretically. We believe that anything learned with fun will be more easily received than just book reading. We focus more on researching topics that will help us in our academics as well as in our professional life.

Prime Literary Club

Prime Literary club gets involved in the promotion of literary (English and Nepali) activities in the school. Some of the activities done by this club are Poem Competition, Essay Competition, Debate competition, and article selection for the magazine and they also help in the publication of Prime Projection Magazine every year.

Prime Sports Club

Prime Sports Club gets involved in all the activities related to sports such as Sports Galla, Basketball, TT, Futsal, etc. to make the students physically active during their school lives.

2. Value Added Course - Developing Your Skills

Prime Global School provides the students with innumerable opportunities which helps them grow and strengthen the skills required for a successful future. With a wide range of activities and training, Prime Global School strives to develop versatility among the students to help them propel them to new heights. Prime aspires to provide special training and workshops to students in order to boost their personal and professional skills. 

Some of the skills that Prime provides to the students are –

  • Pre– Engineering Class
  • Pre–Medical Class
  • Computer Science 50
  • CISCO IT Essentials
  • Accounting Package
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Stock Exchange
  • Visiting Lectures (Banking / Finance / Insurance)

Note – More Specialized Value-added Courses are available to all the streams.

3. Team of Faculties

There are full-time and part-time teachers who are qualified and experienced in their respective subjects. Several of them are the authors of books on their subject which are used as textbooks in several good colleges/schools in Nepal. Furthermore, the impressive overall results in Board Examinations also justify the good quality of the faculties.

4. Infrastructures and Facilities

The college consists of well-equipped physics, chemistry, biology, and computer labs for the students to have proper practical knowledge. A hygienic rooftop cafeteria where the students can enjoy their meal while observing great scenery. Prime also has a full-size basketball court for the students to play in their leisure time to keep their minds fresh. There is the provision of a Table tennis table for the students to play as well.

5. Co-curricular Programs

Co-curricular activities are considered as an integral part of the educational programs which help the overall personality development of students. Sporting activities, Cultural activities, quizzes, Presentations, Debating, Social Service, and so on are organized for the students by the students from different clubs. Besides the school organizes educational trips, field visits, and outside visits for concerned subject practical. Moreover, the college also provides guest lectures, workshops, and seminars that become beneficial to the students.

6. Evaluation and Semester System

The school adopts Semester System in order to accustom the students to the system of higher education. There are two semesters in a year and at the end of each semester, there will be a Semester Exam. All the subject teachers write the comments on each individual student, as the school strongly believes in Continuous Evaluation. For the purpose, the students are evaluated on Assignments (Journals), Unit Tests, Class Tests, Presentations and the Semester Examinations. The results of the exam are reported to parents in the Parents–Teachers meeting to be held at the school.

Admission Guidelines

Eligibility to Apply 

Students meeting the minimum qualifications requirement can apply for the particular course of their interest. 

Science (+2)

Students having passed SEE in regular examination or equivalent from a recognized institution/board, securing a minimum of GPA 2.0 and Grade C+ in Science and Mathematics and C+ in other subjects are eligible to apply. Optional Maths is compulsory.

Management (+2)

Students having passed SEE in regular examination or equivalent from a recognized institution/board, securing a minimum of GPA 1.6 and Grade D+ in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Nepali are eligible to apply.

Humanities (+2)

Students having passed SEE in regular examination or equivalent from a recognized institution/board, securing a minimum of GPA 2.0 and Grade D+ in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Nepali are eligible to apply.

Admission Procedure

Visit the college, where a dedicated team of Prime will provide in-depth counseling about the college and courses. 

After the counseling, if the students want to get enrolled in the college can obtain an application form from the reception

During the submission of the form, the students are required to provide the following documents:

  • -A copy of SEE Mark Sheet
  • -A copy of the School Leaving / Transfer Certificate
  • -3 Passport size photos
  • -A copy of the Character Certificate – SEE

Student's intake will be based on a highly competitive basis with two-stage screening evaluations:

There will be an Entrance Test (written examination) of 1.5 hours.

An applicant who passes the entrance test will have to go through one on one short Personal Interview along with parents/guardians


A student who successfully passes the Entrance and the Interview stages is eligible for admission and will be informed via telephone and/or email. The student will get admitted once the required fee is cleared.

Orientation and class commencement dates will be announced accordingly.


Grade (Aggregate CGPA) Scholarship at Registration and Monthly Fee
3.90 – 4.00 100% (on annual fee as well)
3.80 – 3.89 75%
3.60 – 3.79 50%
3.20 – 3.59 25%
3.19 - 2.40 15%

Depending upon the overall GPA of SEE, the school offers scholarships ranging from 30% to 100% of the monthly and registration fees.

The school also provides scholarships to students as recommended by the NEB / Municipality. 

In addition to the above schemes, the school also provides scholarships to students coming from weak socio-economic backgrounds. Students who are very good at co-curricular activities including sports will also get the scholarship.

Admission to class 11 (Management-morning, Humanities-morning, Science-day) will take place immediately after the publication of SEE results by the NEB. However, prospective students are welcome to the school to receive the necessary information regarding the academic programs from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm on working days.

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Prime College
Prime College
  • Naya Bazar, Khusibu, Kathmandu
Prime International School
Prime International School
  • Hattisar, Kathmandu

About Us

The courses offered in Prime Global School are blended with theory and practice that ensure maximum productivity and global competency in its students. Teaching and non-teaching staff at Prime offers full and ongoing support to make sure that the students achieve their ambition and grow into competitive and socially responsible graduates as envisioned by the schools.

Prime Global School follows a structural curriculum, with an adequate environment and materials for the growth of students. And the School offers Ten Plus Two (10+2) program with Science, Management, and Humanities orientation under the National Examination Board (NEB). Apart from the compulsory subjects, the following oriented subjects are offered at the school from different groups of options as given by the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) of Nepal. The students have to choose at least three subjects.

Management Oriented Program:

  • Compulsory Subject - Nepali, English, Social Studies / Math, Accountancy, and Economics.
  • IT-Based - Computer
  • Hospitality-Based - Hotel Management
  • Pure Management - Business Studies and Economics

Science Oriented Program 

  • Compulsory - Nepali, English, and Math.
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Humanities Oriented Program

  • Compulsory Subject - Nepali, English, and Social Studies / Math.
  • Rural Development
  • Sociology
  • Mass Communication

The school encourages and believes in open-minded philosophy. Students get the opportunity to build their lives and develop connections with the outside world and vast knowledge at their own pace and freedom through nature.

Prime Global School also emphasizes non-academic curricular programs by ensuring the cultivation of necessary life skills such as resilience, responsible, risk-taking, innovation, an entrepreneurial mindset, efficient teamwork and communication, and dynamic leadership.


Prime College aspires to become one of the leading educational institutions, where students not only develop intellectually but also gain knowledge with an impact enabling them to become global citizens.


- The Students:

To provide students with a dynamic, interactive, and technologically driven educational environment where clear learning outcomes and constructive feedback is given throughout the student’s journey

- The Teachers:

To offer full freedom in terms of resources bringing out their true potential when delivering high-quality teaching

- The Community

To inculcate high moral and ethical values among the students by motivating them to collaborate with industries and communities, making them responsible citizens and ultimately good human beings.

Message from the Executive Chairperson

Kiran Kumar Shrestha

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new students to Prime Global School. The faculties and staff of the school are eager to begin yet another enriching educational journey.

Our goal is to provide our students with educational possibilities by ensuring sound instructions through research-based learning strategies. The faculty and staff are undoubtedly concerned with the academic and overall growth of our students; we are also committed to creating an environment that fosters self-respect and respect for others. The core elements that Prime Global School boasts about is the superb faculty members and learning support, outstanding facilities and a lively range of co-curricular activities. I look forward to welcoming you to be an intricate part of PRIME family.

Kiran Kumar Shrestha
Executive Chairperson

Message from the Principal

Narayan Prasad Sharma

Respected Parents/Guardians and Friends,

Prime International School has enriched education culture with the spirit, enthusiasm, and talents of its both students and faculties. The school has a wide range of programs and activities to nurture and bring forth the talents and creative ideas of the young brains of Nepal within the national ethos and culture. Our students have outstanding achievements not only in higher studies in areas of science and management but also in being successful in their real-life situations after they enter the world of work. We believe that our graduates should be imaginative and creative, intellectually incisive, competitive and smart, behaviorally independent and self-reliant, physically fit having basic values of life. 

Thus, Prime is being guided by the ideals underlying in its motto – INITIATE, EXPLORE, INNOVATE – and is doing well to encourage its students for deeper learning than exam-based learning. I am therefore confident that we will be able to educate our graduates in such a way that they would be very successful in whichever area they will reach in the future.

Narayan Prasad Sharma