Prime Global School

Khusibun, Nayabazaar,, Kathmandu




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Prime Global School (PGS) is a multicultural community in the Kathmandu Valley located at Khusibun, Nayabazaar, Kathmandu. The School is powered by Prime College under the Prime Educational Inc. came into operation from 2016 being associated with the world partners of Prime College. The ideals and philosophy of PGS together with its educational methodologies and processes are, therefore, tuned with the modern trends of education in international context. 

The school is serious to provide the educational foundation for its students so that they could develop themselves as responsible men and women with integrity and leadership qualities to become a part of an extraordinary network of people who later in their future can make a difference in the fast changing world.

The school tries to provide feasible opportunities to all: Children, parents and teachers to come together and make collective efforts to put forward a platform where the delivery of quality education to our students is possible. Prime Global School slightly differs from others in defining the quality education as it is usually perceived to be complying with the set curricular standards. But, to PGS it is also about attaining the three satisfactions where trio includes parents, children and teachers.

Prime Global School promotes child-centered learning, where importance is given to the all-round development of each individual child who can realize his/her inherent potentials. The school does not believe forcing education upon children but to make them want to learn and be the active partners in the learning experiences. Emphasis is therefore laid upon curricular and co-curricular activities which are linked with the students’ firsthand experience in the environment where they live. 

Looking into the outcome of the school’s performance over the past few years short history there appears ample evidence to support that the school is heading towards the right direction as envisaged at the time of its establishment.


Prime Global School is a multicultural community in the Kathmandu Valley, nurturing intentional learners who will become successful leaders in their chosen areas. The school encourages, in each student, a desire for learning, develop confidence and competence to pursue their dreams, and the commitment to serve as a compassionate global citizen.


Prime Global School envisions to be recognized for academic excellence, outstanding institutions of international standard and as a great place to work.


  • Excellence in everything
  • Respect for all
  • Honesty in all aspects of life
  • Service to the students, community and the nation
  • Teamwork always
  • Creativity in every endeavor
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