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Naya Bazar, Khusibu, Kathmandu
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Prime College is located in Khusibun, Nayabazar, Kathmandu. The college is well-equipped, with beautifully decorated rooms and good facilities. It also takes pride in its successful students who have gone on to work in a variety of industries around the world. It has made a name for itself in the market as a source of exceptional talent.

Salient Features

1) Prime Clubs and Associations

Clubs provide students with a platform on which they can improve their talents while also being guided along their chosen route. Clubs at Prime College aim to improve students' self-esteem, personality, and quickness in preparation for the future and the labor market. These organizations are mostly concerned with the following issues:

  • Leadership and Personality Development
  • Organizational Skill
  • Team Work
  • Communication and Networking
  • Time management

Prime Cultural Club

The Prime Cultural Club was founded in 2003 to raise cultural awareness among students about the uniqueness and significance of our country's different traditions. The club's major goal is to expose young people to the diverse cultures and customs that help to shape Nepalese identity. The club hosts activities such as the Vintuna rally, Diversity Day (new initiation), Deusi vailo, Teacher's Day, Christmas Celebration, and others on various occasions.

Club 25 Prime Chapter

Club 25 Prime Chapter, founded in 2010, upholds the same ideals and standards as Club 25 Nepal. This club participates in a variety of events relating to student welfare, including a blood donation and awareness campaign. The main goal is to keep young people as regular blood donors through the Nepal Blood Donors Association. This club's major goal is to promote the importance of saving lives by giving blood. Every year, the club's major event focuses on blood donation activities.

Prime Sports Club

Prime Sports Club was founded in 2002 and is the oldest of the five clubs. The primary goal of this club is to support students' athletic abilities in a variety of sports. The club aids in the correct development of students' skills. It has aided students in improving their performance in sports at all levels, including national, inter-college, and intra-college competitions. The club hosts numerous events throughout the year, such as a futsal competition, a basketball competition, a Prime Gala (Sports Week), and so on.

Prime IT Club

Prime IT Club is the most prominent club, run by creative and tech-savvy students that are eager to learn about the latest technologies on the market and help students grasp them in a clear and straightforward manner. The club, which was founded in 2004, hosts a variety of workshops, seminars, and training programs. These activities eventually assist students in preparing for their future careers. Every year, the club hosts activities such as a UI/Creative Design Workshop, SQL Server Training, Wordpress Workshop, and an ICT Meetup.

Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club

Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club (EMC) is a group of purpose-driven individuals who believe in the power of leadership and its ability to effect social change. Prime EMC, which was founded on July 15, 2012, stands strong and proud as they collaborate to build entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and networking abilities. Prime EMC thrives to develop themselves while assisting others to succeed, following the philosophy "It's we constructing us." Graduation Ceremonies, Masters TOT on Business Ethics and CSR, Team Building Workshops and Seminars, and other events are all coordinated by Prime EMC.

2) Developing Your Skills

Prime College offers students a variety of possibilities to develop and refine the skills necessary for a successful future. Prime College aims to foster versatility in students through a variety of activities and training to enable them reach new heights. Prime seeks to provide students with specialized training and workshops to help them improve their "Hard" and "Soft" skills. Hard Skills are mostly related with technical knowledge and talents needed to do a given job. Soft talents, on the other hand, are typically intangible and are linked to non-technical abilities.

Some of the skills that the college provides to the students are –

  • Computer Proficiency Training
  • Job Preparation Training
  • SPM (Stock Market)
  • Personal Development Skill
  • Android
  • Python
  • PHP & Linux

3) Library

Prime College has a well-equipped library where students can come up with new ideas. We also have over 300 internship reports, over 450 fieldwork reports, and over 150 summer projects. The library at Prime College aids students in their academic areas as well as obtain extra enlightenment in a tranquil setting by providing them with a wide and comfortable place.

4) Computer Lab

Prime College's computer lab serves as a study station and a learning destination to assist students in achieving their goals of research, creativity, and execution. The computer lab serves as a great place for students to work on their projects, research, and presentations because it provides them with up-to-date and high-quality computing tools, gadgets, and software, as well as high-speed internet technology.

5) Digital Logic Lab

Students at Prime College have access to a digital logic lab where they may learn about digital computing and how circuits and hardware communicate within a computer.

6) Research Cell

In recognition of the critical relevance of research in academia, Prime College has formed a research cell that reports to the Academic Council of Prime College. It is responsible for doing the following tasks:

  • Taking action in the areas of management and information education in several functional domains.
  • Advising and assisting BBS, BBA, and BIM research projects and summer projects.
  • Faculty members are encouraged and enabled to improve their research skills and pursue a career in academic research.

7) Auditorium Hall

The auditorium hall is one of Prime College's most essential and central locations, serving as a venue for a variety of activities such as formal debates, guest lectures, presentations, workshops, and other events. Students at Prime College have access to a fully equipped theater with a sound system, display setup, and comfortable seating.

8) Cafeteria

Prime College's cafeteria offers a broad variety of meals and beverages at a reasonable price. It serves sanitary meals and functions as a meeting place for students from early in the morning to late in the afternoon. Students can choose from a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and refreshments to assist them recharge.

9) Value-added courses for Master’s program

Prime College seeks to provide students with training in both soft skills such as interpersonal skills and public speaking, as well as hard skills such as accountancy, marketing, and other business-related subjects. When students enter the labor market to pursue their profession, these abilities will be useful and will serve as a stepping stone on their journey to success.

The following are just a few of the courses that will be offered:

  • Accounting Boot Camp
  • Hands-on Stock Market Experience
  • Digital Marketing Workshop
  • Statistical Software for Data Analysis
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • A minimum of 2 guest lectures each semester from professional field related resource persons


Basketball Court, Parking Facility, etc.

Admission Guidelines

The following is a detailed description of the eligibility criteria for all the programs available at Prime as stated by the Tribhuvan University.

Bachelor Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT)

  1. Should have secured a minimum of second division (45%) in their +2 OR at least C (2.0 CGPA) in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12 by taking Physics and Mathematics of 100 marks.

Equivalent Degrees:

  • A level in Science (including Physics and Mathematics of 100 marks) and passed at least in D grade.
  • 3 years Diploma course in Engineering program from CTEVT with both Physics and Mathematics.

2. Should have passed the IOST Entrance Written-test conducted by TU [(Full marks:100, Pass marks: 40) English (25%), Mathematics (25%), Physics (25%) and Chemistry (25%)]

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) 

  1. Should have secured at least D+ (1.8 CGPA) in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12 OR a minimum of second division (45%) in their 10+2, PCL or equivalent program.

Equivalent Degree:

Successfully completed a twelve-year schooling or its equivalent from any university, board or institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.

2. Should have secured a minimum of 40 marks (pass marks) in the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT: Full marks: 100) conducted by FOM.

 Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS)

  1. Should have secured at least D+ (1.8 CGPA) in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12 OR a minimum of second division (45%) in their 10+2 or PCL.

  2. Pass a written test from College (Full Marks: 100, Pass Marks: 40)

Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) 

  1. Should have secured at least D+ (1.8 CGPA) in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12, or Minimum grade of 1.8 in total OR a minimum of second division (45%) in their 10+2 or PCL.

  2. Should have secured a minimum of 40 marks (pass marks) in the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT: Full marks: 100) conducted by FOM.

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)

  1. Secured at least 2 CGPA (not less than D+ in all subjects) or a minimum of second division in 10+2 or PCL.

  2. Secure pass marks [40 out of 100- English (40%), mathematics (50%), general knowledge (10%)] in the BCA Entrance Written Test conducted by TU. 

Bachelor in Business Management (BBM)

  1. Should have secured at least D+ (1.8 CGPA) in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12 OR a minimum of second division (45%) in their 10+2, PCL or equivalent program.

  2. Should have secured a minimum of 40 marks (pass marks) in the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT: Full marks: 100) conducted by FOM

Master in Business Studies (MBS)

  1. Should have a BBS or any other Bachelor’s degree from TU or another university recognized by TU.

  2. Should have secured a minimum of 40 marks (pass marks) in the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT: Full marks: 100) conducted by FOM.


Prime College has been awarding scholarships to students who have demonstrated their academic, athletic, and extracurricular achievements. MBS students who have previously pursued a professional career are also eligible for a work experience-based scholarship from Prime. Merit-based Scholarships are offered by the college to encourage students to achieve better academic outcomes.

In addition to the aforementioned programs, the college offers Bachelor's degree scholarships to students from low-income backgrounds.

Admission to Bachelors will begin immediately after the TU publishes the CMAT, IOST, and BCA results (BBS admission will open after the NEB publishes the +2 result), and admission to Masters will begin when the TU publishes the CMAT result.

Interested students are welcome to visit the college to receive necessary information regarding the academic programs from our Educational Experts from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on working days.


Students' needs are met by the college's provision of the best directive teachers, academics, specialists, and faculty members. Unlike other colleges, Prime College offers facilitators who provide students adequate room to establish their own goals, explore their hobbies, and ensure that their route is eminent with their uttermost guidance at every step when needed.

Prime's programs are unique in that they provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Prime is known around the country for its world-class academic programs as well as an increasing number of community and civic participation activities.

Similarly, Prime clubs are made up of active students. These five clubs encourage students to learn via experience by putting on their own activities. They help kids develop leadership skills, support them in receiving initiation, and improve their creativity and ingenuity. Prime Clubs have not only participated in events on campus but have also organized programs outside of campus.


Prime College aspires to become one of the leading educational institutions, where students not only develop intellectually but also gain knowledge with an impact enabling them to become a global citizen.


The Students

  • To provide students with dynamic, interactive and technologically driven educational environment where clear learning outcomes and constructive feedback is given throughout the student’s journey. The students will, thus, receive an Exciting, Stimulation, and Successful student experience.

The Teachers

  • To offer full freedom in terms of resources bringing out their true potential when delivering high quality teaching.

The Community

  • To inculcate high moral and ethical values among the students by motivating them to collaborate with industries and communities, making them responsible citizens and ultimately good human beings.

Message from the Principal

Narayan Prasad Sharma

Prime College extends its best wishes for your safety, good health, and happiness. At the backdrop of the COVID-19, we have to manage these tough times safely and successfully to realize our educational goals, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education and the College moves ahead retaining its leading role with its enviable reputation raising its inspirational, creative, and innovative status further up.   

Prime incorporates the new trends being adopted world-wide in education after the COVID 19 so that its graduates become the leaders and job creators rather than followers and job seekers in the future. For that matter, the College has plenty of support systems and Value-added programs to augment the all-round development of our students. Thus, the College will gain a new height of success, assuring everyone concerned for its educational service being of international standard in the days to come. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns about us. We are always committed to the welfare of our students, the future of Nepal.

Narayan Prasad Sharma